Chuckles ‘n’ Such v2 development starts

September 6, 2016

After much deliberation,  CnS is to be developed separately from RBCJ Hub v2

RBCJ Hub v1 retires

August 30, 2016

We have to move with the times, and RBCJ Hub v1 (powered by OCPortal) had to change.

RBCJ Hub v2 officially launches

August 30, 2016

Exciting time lay ahead, well, being the optimistic…

Official launch of “MyMusic” website

May 31, 2016

All my work, in one place. I’m no musician, not do I seek to be. It’s just me having fun, doing what I do.

RBCSoftware becomes RBCJ Hub

June 11, 2012

Ahhh, the memories… Named after; Roy, Babs, Caitlin and Jack Myself, my wife, our 1st child and last but not least our 2nd child.

RBCSoftware now has an online presence

February 14, 2004

Having purchased my first domain and hosting package, I wrote the entire site in Notepad, using PHP & MYSQL.

Destiny Creations became RBCSoftware

June 15, 2001

Rather fitting and more appropriate, Destiny Creations became RBCSoftware. Rightly so as it meant; Roy, Babs, Caitlin Myself, my wife, and our first child.

Destiny Creations founded

May 1, 1997

Created as part of my programmer persona when I started developing Windows applications.