Sadly, a number of the UK population are in moderate to serious debt and often find it difficult to get help or have useful tools in order to best mange their finances.

Project Debt Free is a freeware application to help you manage your incoming and outgoing expenditure forms, which creditors and/or debt management programs require you to fill out.

The application has been created to help simply the creation of such forms, and whilst most creditors/DM (debt management) companies will require you to fill their own out, it serves as good starting point to get yourself on the road to financial recovery.


  • Allows two profiles to be added to the account (ie for yourself and your partner)
  • Allows entry of detailed information about your debt, who its with, how much you owe etc
  • Most debt management programs will work out your expenditure on a weekly basis to be more accurate, this software will allow you to enter your income on whatever the intervals you get paid (ie monthly, fortnightly or weekly) and break it down on a weekly figure
  • Allows you to export your financial report to HTML which you can open up and print direct through your internet browser
  • Allows updates direct from to maintain a comprehensive list of Creditors (debt collectors etc)
  • Moneybox feature allows you to keep a track of loose money you have saved
  • Tells you in real-time if you are under or over your outgoing threshold so you can see where you may need to make adjustments to your expenditures
  • Keep track of priority bills such as you telephone, rent, council tax, CCJs and more with it’s easy entry system
  • Backup your records to protect you from the unexpected
  • …more features to come

The software itself is by no means a substitute for professional debt advice, and I would strongly urge anyone if financial difficulties/hardship to contact their local Citizen’s Advice Bureau (C.A.B) or

If would appreciate any feedback, recommendations and feature requests as well as any of those pesky errors that sometimes occur, at the end of the day, I am but one man, so I need all the help I can get to make sure that the software runs as smoothly as possible.

Current Version:

Download “Project: Debt Free V1.3.1” – Downloaded 5 times – 971 KB

Version: v1.3 Size: 971 KB Type: zip Author: Roy Jones Posted Date: March 7, 2017 Download Count: 5 Short Description:

March 2017 - v1.3.1
* Bug Fixes:-
Error when opening file with security option enabled [Fixed]

March 2017 - v1.3
* Additions:-
Save & Open all user data from one handy compressed file
New menus items, such as a convenient shortcut to Windows(tm) calculator
Additional layer of client file security

* Bug Fixes:-
Debtors file not being saved/updated or backed up [Fixed]
When saving zip error (file already open) [Fixed]
Error when closing application down and no client file loaded [Fixed]

* Updated:-
Rewritten save data for Priority debt listings, now reads from file rather than registry
Restore from archive(s) improved
GUI improvements

Archive Versions:

Download “Project: Debt Free V1.2” – Downloaded 6 times – 971 KB

Version: 1.2 Size: 971 KB Type: zip Author: Roy Jones Posted Date: February 27, 2017 Download Count: 6 Short Description:

* Additions:-
Advanced Weekly budget calculator now able to add additional income
Advanced Weekly budget calculator now able to add outgoings from priority debts list
Tags added for brief on-screen explanation when hovering over buttons etc.
Add total debt term for individual debts
Scratchpad for quick and easy notes
Archives with Restore feature

* Bug Fixes:-
Error loading settings causing application to unexpectedly terminate on start-up [Fixed]
Application locks when exiting using window close button in Advanced Weekly Budget Calculator [Fixed]
When editing household bills, if you hit "cancel", the record is completely removed [Fixed]
Debtors file note being saved/updated or backed up [Fixed]

* Updated:-
Small UI changes and updates
Formatting changes when exporting Advanced Weekly Budget results. Now easier to understand



Missing in action!!!
Version: 1.1
Size: N/A
Type: .zip
Author: Roy
Posted Date: N/A
Download Count: N/A

Download “Project: Debt Free v1.1” – Downloaded 8 times – 896 KB

Version: 1.1 Size: 896 KB Type: zip Author: Roy Jones Posted Date: December 17, 2016 Download Count: 8 Short Description:

* Additions:-
Import household bill(s) into Advanced Weekly budget calculator
Save User settings to file rather than using registry (security)
Backup of all user files (automated and manual)
Application lock feature
Settings tab added

* Bug Fixes:-
Saving outgoing items in Advanced Weekly Budget Planner  [Fixed]
Error whereby "with DMP" always defaults to "No" when debt file loaded [Fixed]
When editing a debt, the weekly figure keeps decreasing to "0.01" [Fixed]
Editing creditor list duplicates or fails to save  [Fixed]
Corrupt saving when application unexpectedly ends [Fixed]
Incorrect calculation within income weekly figures [Fixed]

* Updated:-
Improved debt calculations when adding new debts
Improved layout
Better information included into Advanced Weekly budget calculator
Condensed menus:-
Menu items that where used as settings have now been removed.