Work starts again…

Work starts again…

Well, for a number of months now, I’ve been lying to myself regards the site. I’ve posted many updates saying that things are in development, are going to be ready by a certain date and god knows what else.

Truth is, the one thing I have never lied about is how hectic my life is. Call it an excuse or just plain bad time management skills, but I never seem to be able to start or finish my projects.

I have aimed for so many targets but failed miserably to achieve any of them.

At this point, I am at a loss as to what I should do.

Do I pack in and close the hub forever?

Do I continue to make myself unrealistic goals and plod on?

Or do I take time out to really think about what I want out of this domain and set clear and precise targets and goals?

I know some people out there would rather me pack it all in, and to be fair, to a degree I would agree. But, I would miss not having my online presence.

So, in short, in 2018 I will not be posting irrelevant release dates of any projects until I am absolutely 100% sure I am able confirm that the projects are completed to a standard I am happy with. With this in mind, the site may go very quiet with perhaps some posts that I may feel the need to write.

So there it is. Until the next time, see you soon.

PS, thanks for everyone who has supported in whatever ways you have.


Site updates…

Site updates…

A batch of upcoming updates will take place from around 9am GMT, Thursday the 27th of July.

Unfortunately, there is no timescale given as to when the site will reopen, but it is expected to be Saturday, 29th of July.

Apologies for any inconvenience caused.


New Pub quiz update

by Roy Jones
New Pub quiz update

The new pub quiz site is coming on nicely. 

I’ve finished migrating the previous incantation and all it’s data last night, so now I’m concentrating on overall layout etc. 

Then, fingers crossed, we can start the fun! 

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