What is the world coming to…?

by Roy Jones
What is the world coming to…?

In a world full of corruption, hate and greed, this world is turning to absolute shit!

It has to be said.

If it’s not greedy companies or individuals it’s a war based on someone’s religious or political beliefs.

The latest atrocities in Spain today (17th of August, 2017) dubbed the latest terror attacks in Europe, where innocent people of all ages, out shopping or enjoying their holidays were ran down by (quite frankly) a mad man in a truck.

We see escalations between Russia and the US, North Korea and the US, China and India and lots more where a potential war could break out, and not just a conventional war, but wars where the possibility of it going nuclear are far greater than that of yesteryear.

I fear for not only for humans in this present day, but for our children’s tomorrow. What future could possibly become at a time when every country seems to be at loggerheads with each other over things that seem so little in comparison to the value of life.

Who am I? I’m a nobody, with little more than an insignificant opinion in the dark. Scarily enough, the actual powers that be, who are supposed to be protecting us, are doing nothing more than leading us to destruction. Whos continuing greed and self interest at furthering their influence over the millions they are supposed to represent are killing life as we know it. And we are powerless!

Our lives are watched, scrutinised and judged without us knowing it, and we carry on regardless, totally oblivious that we’re being brainwashed through media, religion and politics.

Where does it all end?

Will it end?


Hospital joys…

Hospital joys…

Well, I’m sat here in hospital.
Not for me, for Babs. The time has finally come for her CT scan on her heart.
Like most people, I don’t like hospitals, more so when its for someone close to me. I just hope everything is OK.