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27/05/08Posted by: Simon

Moaning-Gits if finally here!!!

Also making into the main news, RBCSoftware has officially clocked;

1,202,910 Unique hits since it’s launch back in 2006, as of April 30th 2008.

Stats taken from Host provider’s Webalizer, not from hits counter (top right of the screen), as these stats are from late 2007 onwards

So from all here at RBCSoftware, a massive, MASSIVE thank you.

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20/05/08Posted by: Simon

Please break me in gently, I’m new to all this.

At the moment, Roy has no internet connection and Deano is on holidays in the U.S of A, so it’s been left down to me to cover the events as it happens.

To be perfectly honest there isn’t anything according to Roy, other than a new website is to be launched in conjunction with RBCSoftware, called moaning-gits!

After a brief introduction into this site, Roy assures me that this should be up and running, and yours truly has been named as the administrator for this little venture.

I’m sure with this in mind, that we’re going to get along just fine. I hope. Please !?

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13/05/08Posted by: Roy

Gotta get me one of these…

Click here to find out what it is.

But for the European guys ‘n’ gals amongst us, this little beauty will set you back 2,799 Euros from

Still, I can dream…

Yep, its that time again, where news is pretty thin on the ground, largely due to no work being carried out on the ‘sites’.

Will be able to report back more tomorrow, because for now I am tired and need sleep.

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10/05/08Posted by: Roy

OK, lots to report.

First up, my wife has been diagnosed with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, which is a bit of a kick in the nuts really, but not much we can really do about it.

Second, RBCSoftware now has it very own landing page, where you can click into a variety of things we offer.

At this moment in time, it’s literally a one-man band as my administrators have currently sodded off on holiday and left me with all the work.

Anyway, thirdly…

My March Live Mix recording has been delayed for download due to a few technical problems (boo hiss, and all that).

Thats really all there is.

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Does anyone actually read this bit?!

02/05/08Posted by: Roy

Major “OOPS!”

A big apology for all the members trying to access the games.

Like a plonker, I removed the link from the members menus. This has now been restored.

Great news, now you can add your Facebook profile address to your RBCSoftware profile. Just click edit my profile and add the URL to your Facebook profile.

Thought for the day
Does anyone actually read this bit?!

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