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27/03/08Posted by: Roy

So now, I have a Nintendo Wii. A birthday present from my brother, so a massive thank you to Ian AKA Chaos Lord for it!

Other news, my PSP has started acting funny on me, granted, it maybe due to the fact my daughter got hold of it and accidentally split fruit shoot on it, oh the joy there then.

What makes me laugh, is the fact she has her own PSP :o/

Back to work tomorrow for one day then off for a week. How nice.

Thought for the day
Does anyone actually read this bit?!

27/03/08Posted by: Roy

OK, so I haven’t been online or indeed the site for a while. Sorry, just been bogged down with everything else at the moment.

I had to restore my main computer the other day too, which made matters worse!

It got to the point where I had to take the hard drive out of one computer, put it into another so I could copy everything across to a temporary folder. Sounds easy huh? well it was until you have to by pass Microsoft’s security features to access YOUR data.

I shouldn’t be moaning really, because to be fair, it didn’t take long to by pass and copy everything, just a pain in the ass really!

Anyway, things are sort of back up and running for the moment, and just putting the final touches to the newly installed (again!) Windows XP.

Main news at the moment is the fact I am moving shift patterns as from the 7th of April to 9am to 5pm. This is largely due to personal circumstances at home that I’d rather not discuss on here, but anyway, there we are.

Well, that’s it for now I’m afraid. I’m off to bed!

Thought for the day
Does anyone actually read this bit?!

21/03/08Posted by: Roy

Firstly, major oops!

All the news for March was listed as February. Not quite sure why, but hey, it’s fixed!

There’s going to be some new downloads available shortly, in the list so far;


  • Time Waster – A useful tool to tell you how much you could have could have earned at work if you weren’t messing around on your computer! (well useless really, but fun to some degree!)
  • Image Tagger – A useful tool to speed up creating basic thumbnail to image links
  • IMEI Info – A tool to check your mobile phones IMEI and give readable information as to what it means
  • MSGBOX Generator – A quick way to generate msgbox scripts for use with your Visual Basic projects
  • Password and Things Generator – A quick and fun way to generate passwords and silly names


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19/03/08Posted by: Roy

As the looming head of depression creeps in again!

Yep, that’s right, things are not running so smoothly in the RBCSoftware household…

Not at home, although that’s aren’t very well there either, but the site is in a terrible state.

What am I whining about?

Well, looking round the site, a whole heap of links in the ‘Friends’ section needs to be updated and cleaned out.

With this, I’m assigning Deano (Thanks in advance) to sort out the problems as I, will be concentrating more on home life and other projects to keep me out of trouble.

As for now, toodle pip!

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12/03/08Posted by: Roy

Great, I’ve just been hit with a fine, I ain’t saying much on it, but all I can say is great!, bloody great!

The worst thing is, I wasn’t responsible to get the fine!

Perhaps I may rant about it on The Peoples Rant, hmmm, perhaps I will!!!

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09/03/08Posted by: Roy

Hello all!

Firstly a massive thank you to Deano (AKA DJ Flight) for his early ‘birthday’ present.

Cheers matey

Secondly, yes I know I back online when I shouldn’t be.

The thing is, after working out bits and bobs of my life, my personal time online was fair exceeding my time with my wife which really sorta messed things a bit.

In short I have decided only to go online when she is at work or if we have mutually agreed that it is ok for me to go online.

Again, its difficult trying to get any ‘us’ time when your trying to balance a full time job each and our a daughter.

There are a few stresses at the moment regards work which are ultimately putting further strain, but hopefully this should be sorted as I move back down to the department I started in.

So, there you have it, this is was there has been so many gaps in me (Roy) doing any updates etc.

Anyway, this aside, I am currently setting up a side section (initially) for PSP owners.

In your browser, point to the address, and you will be able to access all the news and additional stuff such as;


  • Games saves At time of printing this is currently unavailable
  • Wallpapers
  • Music


for free, specifically for your Sony PSP.

The pages them selves have been written with the PSP in mind to keep load to a minimum, and again this is work in development so things will be added gradually.

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08/03/08Posted by: Deano
OK, this is freaking me out, so bad.

After sorting out my laptop and doing my routine “(re)install everything to the updated version”, I came across this, you probably recognize it from when you downloaded MSN messenger

What the hell is wrong with this women’s body?

Look at the length of her neck…

One freaky [Bleep]!

Yes I know, I’ve got issues…!

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04/03/08Posted by: Deano

Roy has another online live mix planned for the 28th of March 2008, unfortunately this time, it is “by invitation” only as previously his bandwidth went through the roof.

On that note, we were asked how we actually do an online mix.

How we do it in simple terms is this;

First, connect a pair of decks (our personal favourite the legendary Technic 1210s) to our mixer (and to be honest we’re in the market for a new one if anyone is selling one) and connect the whole schbang to the PC.

We use a specialized software kit that allows our computer to act as a server, enabling us to stream whatever is coming from the “input(s)”, live over the net and enables guests to connect directly to our PC and listen to the mix.

There you have it.

Of course, what I didn’t mention is the endless spagetti junction of wires needed to connect the whole thing together :o)

So, we have a limited number of guests that will be allowed to connect to us, again because of the shear number of people connecting last time, which caused us a great deal of stress and cost!!!

If you would like a VIP ticket email us here and we must stress that this is a first come, first served basis.

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03/03/08Posted by: Deano

Message for Roy;

“Pick up your mobile buddy!”

As a special (early) birthday present, I have upgraded your hosting account to the max, and I will be paying the extra every month!

Happy Birthday mate!

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Still very much Rethink(ing) in progress!

02/03/08Posted by: Deano

March! The time of erm, well March winds and none knows more about the winds than my good friend Roy.

No I don’t mean his flatulence problem! More that it is a time of, lack of sleep, frustration and general chaos.


Caitlin, Roy’s daughter doesn’t like the wind and so with this doesn’t sleep very well.

Useless information I know, but I’m really stuck for things to report as there is nothing to report.

Apart from the usual archiving of the news etc, nothing else springs to mind.

Perhaps there will be something to report tomorrow.

Thought for the day
Still very much Rethink(ing) in progress!