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25/06/08Posted by: Roy

Its a sad time here at RBCSoftware.

I will shortly be going offline until further notice.

This is largely due to the fact that my service will shortly be terminated as we are moving property, and at the moment no service has been set up at the new house.

This will give me chance to crack on with offline projects etc

I will try when and where ever possible to sneek the odd news bit in once in a while, but for now, in true stiff upper lipped-ness, and if Captain Lawrence Oates himself were still alive, I’m sure he would back me up on this;

“I’m going offline for a while, I maybe some time”

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13/06/08Posted by: Roy

To kick off, I’m chuffed to bits, as I have been asked to do a live 2 hour gabba set.

As usual this will be made available online, shortly after the event.

Second, I’ve manage to sort something out with my ISP & phone provider, and it looks like I will be remaining online until further notice.

Until something stupid happens!!!

I still plan on updating a load of things before I am forced to go offline, due to me moving etc.

As ever keep tuned for further updates ;o)

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04/06/08Posted by: Roy

What a weekend!

1st off, computer decides to die on me yet again, thanks to Windows XP.

Basically, it decided to freeze up, so I terminated all tasks and rebooted, then it says “Nope, aint loading coz theres a missing file!”

So I had to take the main hard drive out, take to my secondary computer and strip everything I wanted off it, the reinstall drive to main machine, delete partition, format partition and reinstall.

Once this was done, I had to fart about installing all the updates, patches and applications I had lost.

In short, it took a total of 5 hours.

Then, we goes for a walk in our local woods, after walking 2 maybe 2 and a half hours, we got home and my feet had loads of blisters on them!


Apart from that, I’m at work for 2 days, then off for 5. Not on holiday mind you, oh no. Babs (the other half ;o) ) is having an operation on her hand this Wednesday due to carpal tunnel syndrome, and she bricking it!

So, I’m at home to help with bits and bobs until she manages to get some use back in her hand.

Still, that’s it for now, off to beddy byes, early morning on the morrow, plus I’m knackered!

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04/06/08Posted by: Roy

A couple of beauties for you!!!

No pun intended, and certainly nothing rude!!!

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04/06/08Posted by: Simon

I have taken Moaning-gits offline at the moment as per request of Roy (aka webmaster), due to technical reasons.

Hopefully, this should be restored as soon as possible.

I’ve been asked to mention also, webmaster’s next live online mix, which is due to take place June 27th and will the biggest & longest set he has ever done online.

According to Roy, this is his last set for a while, as he is scheduled to move to his new house some time in August, which means his connection will cease at the end of June. So it’s sort of a farewell (for a while) event.

Please email webmaster@rbcsoftware.me.uk for further details.

Again, this is a first come first served due to limitations to connections allowed.

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