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29/01/08Posted by: Roy

Oh what a fun day!

So I sets up a contract phone (in my name) for my wife. The phone came today, swift efficient service. “My!”, I thought, “Babs will be pleased!”

She has the phone 3 hours and decides she don’t want it. Great.

Phoned up provider to ask if I could exchange the phone, which I can but have to cancel the contract.

Bye bye phone, this has got to be an all time record, even for me, for the shortest I’ve ever had a phone in my possession.

Still it was good while it lasted.

Its nice to see so many lovely people logged in all at once, thanks for making it and don’t forget, ‘spread the love’.

Thought for the day
Still very much Rethink(ing) in progress!

– Roy

28/01/08Posted by: Roy

I’ve had a great response from my last news. So far I have 36 CDs of my live mix to send out, some even overseas. Thank to everyone who has shown an interest.

Well, I’ve finally settled my phone bill, so I don’t have to worry about getting cut off for another month or so!

Did anyone catch the image showing on the BBC website about the alledged “figure” seen on a rock face on Mars?


Check it out here

It is a bit strange, but surely we can be the only ones in this universe?

I think it would be pretty ignorant of the human race to think so.

Thought for the day
Still very much Rethink(ing) in progress!

– Roy

22/01/08Posted by: Roy
I’m shortly going to be releasing my first live mix on audio CD!

Anyone interested in a Free CD should email me here;


People who do register their interest will be contacted personally as I only have a small number of disks available (hey even though they are free the disks still cost me ya’know!).

This was a live ‘net mix I did back in December 2007 that I’ve finally encoded…!

Please check in the Terms & Conditions under ‘FREE CDs’ for further information.

Thought for the day
Still very much Rethink(ing) in progress!

– Roy

21/01/08Posted by: Roy
*** Important Information ***

Member information is stored to a central database which uses MYSQL. This information is password protected, but I must impress upon the fact that any information you put on this website is at your own discretion.

This site does not trade this information with ANYONE, but it is important to realize that personal information can be used against you.

Please, please, please do not give out sensitive personal details online let alone RBCSoftware.

RBCSoftware will never ask you to confirm, check or provide details such as password etc via email or otherwise.

Stay safe, and if you do have any email(s) stating that they are from RBCSoftware, asking you to confirm personal information should contact us immediately at;


Other news, they’re back…

The floods

No it’s not a plug for new cheesy film, I wish it were. I’m talking about heavy rain, localized flooding and the misery that comes with it.

Even this morning I have ‘filmed’ on my mobile phone our local river on the verges of bursting it banks. I will be putting these online shortly so you can see the extent of the flooding.

Thought for the day
Still very much Rethink(ing) in progress!

– Roy

20/01/08Posted by: Roy
Things are still being developed and altered, but I have decided to “open” back up RBCSoftware to members.

Some of the ‘old’ items on the site have now been moved to a ‘legacy’ page, so users can still access them, but have been moved because hits have been less than 1,000 in the last month.

Other changes will be notified as they happen.

Thanks again for all your continued support.

Thought for the day
Still very much Rethink(ing) in progress!

– Roy

15/01/08Posted by: Roy
What an eventful evening…

I’ve just downloaded all 894.65MB (*.iso) of Visual Studio 2008 (including MSDN libraries) completely free from Microsoft. Yey!

Oh the excitement never stops in our house!

Also got a nice little bargain from EBay, namely Grand Theft Auto: Vice City for the PC, at a very reasonable £6.14.

As for moving house we have been finally told (thanks to me phoning up the housing association) that we are expected to get our property in….wait for it…August, yeah that’s right freaking August. Still gives us more time to save some coinage ready for the big move.

Thought for the day
Still Rethink(ing) in progress!

– Roy

13/01/08Posted by: Roy
Started mucking about with Drupal again, but missed my simple site layout.

Whilst reverting back to the “old” look, I weeded out a couple of glitches too, namely that the page won’t load twice when you visit for the first time.

A number of things will be added shortly to the site, but for now member services have been disabled.

I’ve not been very well over the weekend so things have gone at a very slow pace…

Anyway, I’m off for an early night tonight.

Thought for the day
Rethink in progress!

– Roy

11/01/08Posted by: Roy
The site is going through a serious rethink, and with this most of the member services have been disabled.

Sorry for any inconvenience.

Thought for the day
Rethink in progress!

– Roy

08/01/08Posted by: Roy
OK, so, we have a new project lined up…It’s called “Clean up website and make more attractive”.

Cool name huh?

Over the course of 2007 the site has gathered junk that needs to be shed, and so with this in mind, I’ve started the complexed task of removing stuff that shouldn’t be.

I have been thinking about using something like Joomla or Mambo to display the site.

This came about whilst chatting to a friend and colleague at work today.

Basically, I thought the site could do with “jazzing up”, but feared that it wouldn’t have the compatibility I require for my pages.

So with this, I thought ‘Look, all what I’ve worked for and have learnt would mean nothing if I didn’t stick with the development of the site’.

Meaning, the site ‘is’ as it is because of the research and work I have done, why throw that away to use someone else’s work.

So with that, I’m sticking too it, and hopefully things should turn out for the best.

A big thank you to all the users of the site by the way, for all the kind feedback I have received over 2007.

Thought for the day

– Roy

01/01/08Posted by: Roy

Thought for the day
Back to the slog of work!

– Roy