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29/02/08Posted by: Deano

*** Coming Soon(ish) ***

Planned For
New Live Mix Section May 2008
Visual Basic Tutorials June 2008
Visual Basic example code June 2008
Project: XPRunnerNG Online August 2008
Site relaunch December 2008
Project: OCX/DLL Componants On going
Project: Spooky On going
Project: Trinity On going
List Last Updated: Never

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Still very much Rethink(ing) in progress!

27/02/08Posted by: Roy

Ok, so we have just had a tremor, yes a TREMOR at 12:58am 27th February 2008 GMT

How odd!

At first I thought it was severe gale force winds, but then the whole house shuddered and my computer chair started wobbling.

I also have some wind chimes just on the inside of our back living room window and even they jangled.

Well freaky!

Link: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/7266136.stm

Thought for the day
Still very much Rethink(ing) in progress!

– Roy

26/02/08Posted by: Deano

Roy’s December 2007 mix is now available, and at the moment it is by request only as it has been decided that to do a streaming mix would totally max out bandwidth.

If you have already downloaded or got the CD and want additional covers or whatever, Roy has provided the covers for printing and/or download.

Track List

01) Basshunter Welcome to the rainbow
02) Basshunter Dota 2007 Remix
03) Basshunter Now your gone (Radio Edit)
04) X.T.C High All my life
05) Basshunter I can walk on water
06) Basshunter Ellinor (Huxx Cut)
07) Basshunter En Porrig Sommar
08) HardHeadz Hardhouse Generation
09) Basshunter Bass Machine
10) Basshunter Du gamla du fria
11) Paul Brugel Nothings gonna change my love for you
12) Basshunter Vs. DJ Tommy’ The true sound remix
13) DJ Duro Mamma Mia
14) Basshunter The Night
15) XTM Vs. Annia I believe in love
16) DJ Pavi Italian Hardstyle
17) DJ Joop The Future (Theme from Trance N.R.G 2007)
Total running time 1hr 07mins (approx)

Yes there are quite a lot of tracks done by Basshunter, but Roy assures me that this is justified because they are very good tunes!

Thought for the day
Still very much Rethink(ing) in progress!

– Deano

24/02/08Posted by: Deano

All the flash games (100+) have now been uploaded and are in the member menus ready to play.

So as I now kick back and relax to watch Kill Bill 2 with a can or two, I leave Roy watching Carry on again Doctor as he has just informed me, and wait for the night to draw to its end and crawl into bed!

Nite nite everyone, nite nite!

Thought for the day
Still very much Rethink(ing) in progress!

– Deano

22/02/08Posted by: Roy

*** Coming Soon ***

100+ Flash games

These will be added over a period of time, and also, yet again, my good friend Deano aka DJ Flight will be looking after things for a while.

As of late, there has been a degree of difficulty getting online due to tiredness, homelife and work etc.

With this in mind, I’m going to be taking a break and when I mean a break I don’t mean after a week or so I’ll be on here again, as seems to be the case.

So again, Deano will be sorting the site, adding news, updating stuff where ever possible.

He has had his instructions…


Thought for the day
Still very much Rethink(ing) in progress!

– Roy

20/02/08Posted by: Roy

How nice…

This was the scene this morning just as I was setting off to work.

Webs covered in frost…

Kinda spooky really.

Well, its official, I’m not leaving the company I work for, merely going back to the department I originally came from. So I’m still in a job!


Seeing as my (MY)SQL databases are giving me a whole heap of trouble, a poll that was going to put on here has not, unfortunately. Sorry Dave!

As soon as I can get the poll up and running I will let you know!

I’ve been asked to mention a big shout to Denny and all the Bedford boyz out on the raz this weekend, Fuzzi sends her love and wishes she was there!!!

So do I, to be fair…

Thought for the day
Still very much Rethink(ing) in progress!

– Roy

19/02/08Posted by: Roy

OK, tonight hasn’t quite gone to plan.

With Caitlin finding it hard to breathe because of her cold and Babs on the sofa nursing her cold, the updates for this evening are on hold, as I’m currently up and down stairs etc.

However, I do have enough time before I slip into dream land to tell you about some not so exciting stuff.

Believe me, if your an insomniac then this will get you right off to sleep.

So here goes;


  • XPRunnerNG has hit a major flaw and at this time is currently offline until resolved. This is largely to do with the core of the program and basically it means that’s whilst XPRunnerNG is running its zapping 70% of the CPU even when it’s supposed to be idle.
  • I’m losing my current job to be redeployed elsewhere. Where upon I will be bent over and screwed royally by the company I work for and get dumped into a department were only the lowest of the social lepers dare to roam
  • At this time, I shall have to put the news on hold as Caitlin is crying again…


Tat tar for now!!!

Thought for the day
Still very much Rethink(ing) in progress!

– Roy

18/02/08Posted by: Roy

You can now send and receive private messages in your accounts. I must stress that this is members only!!!

To send a private message to a user simply click a member’s profile and go right to the bottom of the profile and you will see a section ready to send your personal private message.

Also as a member, you have the power to delete them of course!

To view your message(s) simply click ‘My Messages’ from the members menus on the left hand after you’ve logged in.

As always, this is all my own code done through trial and error, so if bits don’t work please report it.

Thought for the day
Still very much Rethink(ing) in progress!

– Roy

16/02/08Posted by: Roy

It’s our birthday today. Yep that’s right, we’ve been going for 2 years exactly.


Thought for the day
Still very much Rethink(ing) in progress!

– Roy

14/02/08Posted by: Roy

We are currently trailing an online RPG game called Dragon Knight.

Initially, the code has been uploaded and works to a degree. To the degree that when you buy weapons or armour, it deducts the money, but resets to the original amount you had. Although it saves the amount it should be with the deducts.

Hell, if thats gotta make sense, I don’t wanna be sober!

(Little quip there from Red Dwarf)

More news later…after I finish work that is!

Thought for the day
Still very much Rethink(ing) in progress!

– Roy

08/02/08Posted by: Roy

XPRunenrNG has now been taken offline as of now.

The main reason for doing this is the fact I want the official pages to a more simple and user friendly, rather than using the original blog system (wordpress), which did work, but the overall design meant users having to navigate through countless menus to get to want they wanted.

Major updates are planned for XPRunnerNG also, with better security as they will be features that may require computer admins to have more control on what unauthorized users can see or edit within the program.

Also, major changes are planned for the Trinity part of the domain. For people not familiar with Trinity, this is my contribution to the music scene. They won’t win awards but I had fun composing and listening them.

Thought for the day
Still very much Rethink(ing) in progress!

– Roy

06/02/08Posted by: Roy

Ok, for people who have noticed that the site has been online, offline on a number of occasions (a there have been a few, you little tinkers!), this is largely due to improvements to the site.

Did I not promise I would, hmmm…

The main concentration is working around the graphical layout and optimizing and stabilizing the code.

Some of you may already have notice that your preset avatars have gone, well this is again largely to do with the fact I default everyone to test certain admin scripts.

Most of the work on these have been completed, but I’m just toying with the upload feature of the site.

Expect more update coming soon, and hopefully a fresh layout. Fingers crossed!

Thought for the day
Still very much Rethink(ing) in progress!

– Roy

04/02/08Posted by: Roy

What an interesting day!

Spent a good 40 or so minutes off the phones today at work…Why?

Because we were evacuated because of a fire. Normally I would love the time of the phones, unfortunately it was bloody freezing outside. Although the funny thing was, after we were told to go into the building, well into the restaurant, they didn’t realize that you couldn’t actually fit 300+ people into a room about the same size as a school hall.

Still, could be worse.

Had one comical moment, had a guy phone in to ask how much credit is on his prepayment electricity meter, explained to him that he needs to look at his meter and press the button ( d’oh ). Then he calls me useless and that I’m not doing my job and making it difficult for him.

Well, sorry Mr Dumbass, if you don’t know how to check you meter for credit, or you had better manners than that of a rabid hamster I would have been able to help you and talk you through it!!!

But instead he was a muppet and ended the call!

I do so love the moments where I feel superior over stupid people!

Other news, thanks Spencer for pointing out the error in the fckeditor module.

As mentioned I do know about the glitch, and the part which causes problems is the fact that the php part that executes to save in the sql db does not require the strip/add slashes function, but even when it in the code or not it still screws up.

So, with that I am working on a script which will eventually replace the fckeditor.

Well, thats my domain(s) registered for another 2 years too!

My god I have been busy!

Thought for the day
Still very much Rethink(ing) in progress!

– Roy

03/02/08Posted by: Roy

The forums have gone, yep, I did it!, I killed it!

The response was great though, I was averaging at least 3-4 new members a day.

Unfortunately, these were spammers!

Hence why the forums have gone bye bye.

Members can now upload their own avatars!

After painstakingly testing the upload script (and practically kicking the hell out of my bandwidth quota) I finally got it working.

So now all members can upload their own online presence thanks to, well, me!

Be warned however, these will be monitored to make sure no funny business is going on!

Anything found to be pornographic will be immediately (copied ;o) ) removed.

Thought for the day
Still very much Rethink(ing) in progress!

– Roy

02/02/08Posted by: Roy

Ah so the challenge is laid before me by the cruel hand of spammers!

Yep my very own forum has been brutally attacked with spam. Needless to say it has been quickly removed and the offending users have been banished to 7th circle of hell.
And reported to their ISP!

As I have already been told on numerous occasions, some of the games are reported error 404 – Document not found.

I am aware of this and I am looking to resolve this shortly.

Sorry Rob, I know how much you love the Simpsons.

I must mention;



Happy birthday mate all the best from Roy, Babs & Caitlin.

Thought for the day
Still very much Rethink(ing) in progress!

– Roy