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28/04/08Posted by: Roy

XPRunnerNG 6 will soon be out and ready for download over at Download Central. Details of this and the updates can be found on the site also.

For reference, we have also removed the plugins and create a separate installation package to minimize download times.

One of the key significant changes is the shear downsize of XPRunnerNG. This is because we have stripped down certain features, such as;


  • Preset wallpaper – Now removed and has a separate installation package
  • Duplicate code – Again, checked, double checked and triple checked to minimize system load


We are currently planning a modular approach to the aliases also.

By calling the aliases from a library file it would make it easier for updates and reduce the operating code also.

This has been planned for the next major release of XPRunner code named: Evolution.

Keep tuned for updates, and as ever, feel free to drop us a line.

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23/04/08Posted by: Roy

Ok, layout change number 1.

As you can see, the news section or should I say the main content page has increased in size so everything doesn’t look as cramped.

With that in mind, once members login, they will have the usual member menus to the left of the screen.

Also, over the coming weeks, the member menus will be edited and any old material that hasn’t had a great deal of interest will be removed and placed into a new part of the site call “Legacy”.

As such, any content within the “Legacy” will have support, but very, very limited (by email only).

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22/04/08Posted by: Roy

Important changes coming soon from RBCSoftware!

The site is going to be split into various different sections and administered by an individual rather than me (most of the time).

These changes will be coming over the next few months, and won’t effect any existing members.

However, from time to time, login access maybe restricted (such as now (current time of writing)).

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16/04/08Posted by: Roy

The Download Central pages are now online, with the first 4 applications going live for download.

As you can see, there is not much work going into the main site at present due to the shear volume of work being pumped into the downloads site.

With that, my apologies, this should steadily even itself out over the coming months, but for now, keep braving the site, and we hope you still find us as entertaining as ever.

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08/04/08Posted by: Roy

Grrr! After a major flop with CMS (Content Management System) Joomla! I have decided to use an alternate CMS.


Because, Joomla! decided it would play silly beggers and screw up. It basically had a blonde moment and kept forgetting where the css templates were, and after “going under bonnet” of the CMS I found nothing.

So back to drawing board!

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07/04/08Posted by: Roy

What a week off!!!

It’s all been good for a change. First my 3rd Generation IPod Nano (FINALLY!) came, secondly I get my sports age down from 71 (starting) to 38 (On Wii Sports (Nintendo Wii)) and it was my birthday.


However, it’s not all good I’m afraid.

Babs has or should I say ‘going to be’ tested for Carpal Tunnel syndrome. As a result, she is on sick leave from work, which kinda leaves us up the proverbial creek without a paddle, canoe, life jacket or any other canoeing paraphernalia.

Still, got to laugh huh?

Anyways, the Download Centre is coming on a treat and the official release date will be the 30th April 2008.

Well, back to work tomorrow. Finally starting the 9-5 shift (cue Dolly Parton!)

Don’t know why though, but feel a bit nervous about it…weird.

That’s about it for today people, as I am know required to go to bed before 3am (well, 12am really!)

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04/04/08Posted by: Roy

Firstly, a massive thank you to everyone who tuned into my 2nd ever live mix all the tokens had gone so somebody out there must like what I do ;o)

The second mix should be available for download late May, once I’ve done all the tweaks etc.

This news comes along side some major work on the new download section of the site.

I have created a ‘sub’ site where all our downloads can be found with many more features.

Its still not 100%, but we are working late into the night/early morning trying to get this online.

So, with that, unfortunately the main RBCSoftware has not had many things (if any) done to it.


There should be some stuff online pretty soon, but for now, toodle pip.

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