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27/09/07Posted by: Roy
Oh man, what a day…
Went out last night and got absolutly bladdered, no other word for it.
So it comes to today at work and I really, REALLY couldn’t last the full day. Every call I took I was running the risk of puking over my station.
Anyway, I came home, went to bed and woke up 7 hours later and here I am.
I’ve been in some states in my time, but my god this is the worst by far. What makes me wonder though, if I had a dodgy pint or something, but I’ve drank more on previous occassions and felt “right as rain” the following day.
Anyway, cut to the chase I’ve got to work three and a half hours back on Saturday, which I don’t mind I suppose…

Thought for the day

– Roy

24/09/07Posted by: Roy

So, my computer dies again on me the other day, after learning my lesson several times before, I had all my valuable data on a seperate drive. It’s still a pain in the rear though, as I had to re-install, firstly Windows, then all the other programs I have had on board.

Oh the joys!!!
Anyway, its all up and running, but for how long is anybodies guess!
Pssst, Dave (AKA Gandalf), if your watching this, look at my high score on the billiards game !!!

Nah nah!!!
Whilst all users will be able to log in, some features will be disabled until further notice.
A more in depth explantion will be given later.
Thank you for your support in this matter.

Thought for the day
“So tired, so over worked, so under appreciated!”

– Roy

17/09/07Posted by: Roy
As I have previous mentioned, I/we maybe moving from these premises, and if that be the case then I will be offline until all my services and equipment can be transported to the new house.
If I do get the chance, I will be making “minor” updates from work.
I have noticed a small glitch in the “Edit my profile section”, namely that a MYSQL syntax is the root of all evil. Strangely enough, its not from my coding!
So, I do know there is a problem, I do know how to fix it, but until then please stick with me on this one.
One of our moderators, “Kayleigh”, has designed some cool new graphics for the site, which I hope to be put on here quite soon.
I do need to edit some aspects of them, but it should be quite soon…I hope
So a massive thank you to Kayleigh for all her hard work.

Thought for the day
“Back to work, boo hoo! 4 day work week though! Yey!”

– Roy

15/09/07Posted by: Roy
So Gatecrasher is at Sheffield next week, and god damn it I ain’t got no money to go (I would swear, but I know minors visit the site).
Still, I may get to go another time.
[webmaster sobs into his keyboard]
I have finally manage to figure out an “easier” way for members and non members to click a username to view that person profile.
I could have done it the traditional why, but hey I thought I’d do it MY WAY!
Also the members section now has an “About me” section where existing members can write a little bit about themselves for other users of this site to gain a better idea of who that person is.
Of course, this is purely optional and up to the member.
The only thing I would say is that anything deemed not appropriate will be removed by admin.
Well, its the weekend and I’m glad of it. Not planning on doing anything major just chilling spending time with my family.
Some images for ya…

This one reminds me of Sue Pollard (The dumb one from Hi-De-Hi).

A quick shot of myself, totally hammered the night I went out with my bro (Ian).

Caitlin’s hamster – Hoggle.

Caitlin on JoJo (I think), a donkey at Cleethorpes.

I took this picture on the way to work, I thought she was asleep. Clearly not.

Thought for the day
“Its time to PARTY!”

– Roy

12/09/07Posted by: Roy
I have just managed to get hold of a CD DJ mix station, so I’m planning on doing a few mixes for download. Just waiting to set everything up first, because my computer has that many wires coming out of every port, plug and everything else, you wouldn’t believe.
Anyway, this all depends if we are to stay at this property. We have an interview next week with a housing developer via a housing association in order to get moved out of this property.
So, this maybe upside down for a while if we are to move.

A vital update for XPRunnerNG is now ready for download, for more information check out XPRunner’s Official Page.
XPRunnerNG is now taking a backseat for a while, because I am spending more time developing the site and starting other projects that have been way delayed.

I’m off out tonight, hitting the town as a “farewell” gesture to Lisa, who I’ve had the pleasure of working with, so Lisa if you’re reading this…
It’s been an absolute pleasure working with you, thanks for all your help and friendship. Good luck and all the best in your new career.

Thought for the day
“I need another job!”

– Roy

10/09/07Posted by: Roy
New flash games added and now appear in the members menu.
Sorry, short and sweet post, coz I got work tomorrow and I’m completely shattered!

Thought for the day
“Yawn, very, very tired.”

– Roy

06/09/07Posted by: Roy
Thought I’d have a blast at doing some “glyphs” and stuff. Below is an example of what I have come up with so far, what you think?
I know it needs more work etc etc

I have some more flash games to add to member menus, which should be done in a couple of days or so. It may even be tonight, you never know.

Thought for the day
“Yawn…so very tired.”

– Roy

06/09/07Posted by: Roy
The site now has a section for registered users to write their own news for the site.
For registered user simply log in and select “Create My News” menu under the main RBCSoftware logo.
It also utilizes something called fckeditor which enables users to format their text without needing to know one scrap of html syntax. Pretty cool huh?
Of course, you guys have probably already seen this type of stuff on forums and blogs and such things. If you haven’t, where have you been???

Another movie for you, it is of paranormal activity.
Word of advice, concentrate closely on the rocking chair.

Thought for the day
“Brrrr, its getting colder”

– Roy

02/09/07Posted by: Roy
Ok, you’ve probably seen it by now, but just for fun here it is in all its glory, the Cadbury’s drumming gorilla

Thought for the day
“Brrrr, its getting colder”

– Roy

02/09/07Posted by: Roy
Hurrah, Big Brother 8 has finally finished…Brian emerged the winner, lets see him slip away into the “celebrity” scrap heap after about 2 or 3 months!.
Still, at least there will be more “celebrity” reality shows over the next few months…yey
Now in case your reading this, thinking I like these types of shows, I am being REALLY sarcastic!
Sure I watch the first and the last installment of these types of media, but its usually under protest.

Anyway, that aside, its time for me to do something constructive and worth while…programming. A number of glitches have been spotted in XPRunnerNG (Thanks Dave AKA Gandalf the Grey), so I’m off to fix them ready for the version 5 BETA release of the program.

Some funny images for ya…

Me portrayed as a Simpsons character.

How ironic.

So true.

So simple, its gotta be right, right?.

Thought for the day
“Another step closer to Christmas”

– Roy