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30/10/07Posted by: Roy
RBCSoftware now has an open appeal on behalf a work colleague, Amy.
Amy is looking for a new bloke.
More details will follow I’m sure, but for now, here is Amy’s picture.

Email here
P.S. No personal details are going to be transmitted by RBCSoftware, so don’t ask us. The only response you will get will be from Amy herself, if she wants to!

Top tune at the moment is Evanesence – My Immortal (Piano version), what a tune!!!

By the way, after updating this news (as off 10.57pm), I have already had a response to Amy, thanks Deano…!
His message is in the guestbook!

Thought for the day
Training nearly over, d’oh!
– Roy

28/10/07Posted by: Roy
Ouch my head!!!
After killing perhaps 70% of my kidneys and an unhealthy amount of brain cells due to beer, my head hurts more than enough to knock out a rampaging bull!.
Yep, it was Kieran’s birthday bash yesterday, and needless to say I have the photos!!!
I pretty much can’t remember anything after that, I’m sure I didn’t do anything too silly though (I hope!)
What’s worst, is that I’m back at work tomorrow, 9-5 shift again…Oh the joys!

Thought for the day
My head hurts!
– Roy

27/10/07Posted by: Roy
I stumbled (for want of a better word!) across this tid-bit and all I can say is…
“O-H M-Y G-O-D!”
View for yourself
Oh and by the way, apologizes for the swearing!!!

This guy seriously needs some counselling!!!
Now as you can see, this was pulled from YouTube, all I can say, is surly they must introduce stricter guidelines to stop these retards registering???
Now this guy is babbling on about Britney Spears (clearly), and how people are making fun of her “state of mind”, well to be fair, that’s human nature people.
We all do it, no matter what state of mind anyone is in, or race, gender, age etc, we all do it.
I know some people reading this will disagree, these people are in denial…SIMPLE.
And for the threat this guy made, about if people don’t leave her alone, they would have to go through him???
WTF, I bet people are bricking it as we speak.
And to this loser on the video,
“I’m sorry fella, you mention that Britany is going through a hard time right now, what makes her so special? People around the world go through worse, day in day out and still don’t drive wrecklessly with a child on board, or nearly drop the poor child.
The fact is, this woman needs treatment…FACT, she can’t have this with the pressures of having children, she is just another victim of the family Vs. Fame argument.
My response is, tough. If she can’t handle it, or choose to make the right decision (ei: family or fame) the bitch deserves what she gets.
For this joker I say, get back under the duvet you’re filming under, get a grip and perhaps seek counselling yourself.”

Now, I realize I may have said some things that people don’t agree with, or find offensive. Quite frankly I really don’t care, its my opinion and I’m entitled to it, just like the guy in the video (even if he does come across as a homosexual vigilantly (oooh scary))

Thought for the day
The weekend starts here!
– Roy

26/10/07Posted by: Roy
DJ Kez’s (AKA hewitt89) site is officially under way.
After trying different approaches, I have now decided to go with Drupal
The site should be fully online soon, once the addition of media etc is all uploaded to the domain..
For future reference though, heres the address;
DJ Kez
Just as a note to mention also, if anyone has wrote something on the guestbook and noticed it hasn’t appeared immediately on there, don’t worry. The posts get checked and verified by me first. You got to be careful you know!!!

Thought for the day
Nearly the weekend, again!
– Roy

22/10/07Posted by: Roy
Big Happy Birthday goes out to hewitt89 AKA Kieran, who celebrates his big 18th birthday today!
Happy birthday mate!!!
By the way…


Thought for the day
Nearly the weekend, again!
– Roy

22/10/07Posted by: Roy
First up, big shout to Smiggy and Jaz (Jasmine) who have just got engaged today. Congratulations!!!
Site news, DJ Kez (aka hewitt89) is to have a site of his very own shortly. Initial outlays have been put down, but the hardest choice is to go Mambo or Joomla. Tough choice…!
Knowing me, I’ll end up with something completely out of the ordinary. Anyway, keep coming back to get regular updates and things.
Next up, in the next couple of days I will be obtaining the Nokia n70. Yeah ok, its been out sometime, but its gotta be better than the Nokia 6680, right?
Started by training for the new department I will be in as of November 5th. I gotta admit, its gonna be a hard struggle to last on this department!!! Why? coz it is, and its poo!
I’m currently in the process of checking all my old backup photo disks to make sure that all the best ones go online. I still haven’t had the ones from my stag do developed yet!
I promise I will get around to it sooner or later though.

Ok, next on the agenda, I see from a number of posts in our guestbook that alot of people are saying “RBCSoftware, there ain’t no software on there”
Well, this is true, and I can only apologize. Having took a step back and looked at the site, I agree that the site doesn’t justify it’s name. I suppose I got carried away with things a never remembered to upload the software.
But that is no excuse. Over the next coming months and certainly into the new year you will start to notice that software will become available (By RBCSoftware), free for download.

RBCSoftware are currently looking for volunteers who have experience in the following areas;

  • HTML programming
  • Visual Basic 6+



  • Icon Artists


If you have experience in the fields and are interested in joining the RBCSoftware Team, please Email me.

Thought for the day
Me and my gunky eye…!
– Roy

19/10/07Posted by: Roy
Happy Birthday Deano…!

Thought for the day
My body is sooooo knackered
– Roy

18/10/07Posted by: Roy
Right, ok, so now I have got conjunctivitis, as well as a cough & sore throat, cold and insect bites. My body is ready for the knackers yard I swear!
So I’m off work again, for two days! and only two days, that’s what I say! if it ain’t cleared up by then tough!!!

Thought for the day
My body is sooooo knackered
– Roy

17/10/07Posted by: Roy
What a week, and it ain’t even over…
So far, there has been major issues about my shifts at work. Being messed about from pillar to post, and just as I was about to hand in my notice we are then told that the shifts changes don’t apply to us.
Then my host won’t allow me to have the £1.00 upgrade offer and I have to pay £12+ to upgrade to business+ account.
So, what’s next? My nan always said ‘it’ comes in threes…!
Oh well.
A new project has been under way now for the last couple of days, which is joint between myself and a member ‘hewitt89’. This project is called Trinity and can be found at here.
Its not fully online at the moment, there are a few things that need tweaking/adding etc.
More news on this in the coming weeks.

Thought for the day
Why can companies you work for never get anything right?
– Roy

09/10/07Posted by: Roy
Welcome to our newest member ‘kinkyrachel’…
Now, I don’t know if anyone else has been watching this series on Channel 4 called “Meet the Natives”
It’s about a group of natives (d’oh) from a place called Tanna, who believe our Prince Philip is the key to their prophecy and will reunite Tanna and England. Well anyway, the natives actually come to the UK and spend a week with what Channel 4 describe as Working class, middle class and high class people. I must say, for Channel 4, this was quite and interesting series.
One of the key elements was the difference in which these guys live in respect of our own. The civilization is based around love, peace and unity and one of the major things the natives wanted to impress upon the English people is that we should live the same way, and couldn’t see how we live the way we live without peace, love and unity.
Like I said, it was a refreshing change for me to actually watch something on C4 which didn’t relate to a bunch of retards screaming at each other over storing food under the bed (like Big Brother!!!)

Thought for the day
Tough choice, pay bills or not pay bills?!?!?!
– Roy

09/10/07Posted by: Roy
Registered user may have noticed by now that we not only have a new photo album (photos to be online shortly) but we also have a guest book. I ain’t gonna teach you how to suck eggs, you know what they’re for, and I would appreciate any comments, feedback etc, yadda yadda…

Thought for the day
You get what you pay for in life, MAN, I’ve been robbed!
– Roy

07/10/07Posted by: Roy
Ah dear, my first rant today is that of X Factor…
Why, oh, why do people always go on the show thinking they can sing when clearly they can’t and they pledge their performance to their dead parents, grand parents, pet dog and hamster???
Are they after a vote of sympathy?
‘Oh let me into next round because my budgie would be so proud’
‘I’ve gotta do this because its what my sister’s niece, twice removed cousin’s uncle wants me to do’
I would really love someone to come on and say they don’t care less if they get through, because they are doing it for a bet and that they would stay loyal to their council job sweeping roads.
Now that would be something to watch!
Anyway, that’s that!
Now then, my daughter is now addicted to Harry Potter and keeps reciting ‘wyngardian levioso’ or however the thing is spelt (the levitation spell). No this is quite funny, but after watching the film almost 20 times in the last three days, insanity would inevitably creep in. Still, she takes after me, coz I love the Harry Potter films…
Note to self, must read last book
Another note to self, get a life…!

Thought for the day

– Roy

05/10/07Posted by: Roy
Firstly, it would have been Janet’s (My 2nd mum) birthday as of the 3rd of October, but unfortunately I have only been able to get online to update the notes today.
So Happy Birthday Janet.
Now, being of the nature that I hate all things Microsoft excluding Visual Basic :o) , I have only just noticed that the layout of the site gets distorted slightly. If you notice, when any user is logged in all the details of that user should be central, well guess what, it ain’t in Internet Explorer. I have check the code and the tags are in the right place, I mean, why would Firefox (the best damn browser available) get it right and IE get is wrong???
Also, when selecting some of the games when users are logged in IE gets confused and loads the wrong one, even though, again Firefox gets it right AND there is nothing wrong with the code either.
Oh well, anyway, I very much doubt I’ll be online tonight as Caitlin is stopping at her granddads tonight and we have the house to ourselves…YEAH, FREEDOM!.

Thought for the day

– Roy

01/10/07Posted by: Roy
Right, so now I’ve taken out the popup code for Bravenet. 2 reasons why this has been done
, main one being ‘it does me ‘ead in having popups!!!’
Secondly, traffic generated by Bravenet is laughable, so therefore removed.
Other than that, no news I’m afraid.
Oh, as promised, this is the result of an application I was on about last month, about creating cool waves and rain on images and saving them as a *.gif or *.avi.
What do you think?

Thought for the day
“Another day, another day deeper in debt!”

– Roy