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29/05/07Posted by: Roy

Oh rapture, Big Brother starts again tonight at 9 o’clock. Yet another session of nob jockeys, tarts, stupid and otherwise socially unaccepted people going live on (another) reality TV show.
My excitement can hardly contain itself as we prepared for more lashings of tripe in all media formats for the next month or so by this so called entertainment.
Yes, the riveting hour after hour of watching a cast of nobodies sleep…LIVE of course, we mustn’t forget that, and not forgetting the tantalizing delights of watching house mate Vs house mate in bouts of “slagging” each other off Jade Goody style.
As you can see, my sarcasm holds no boundaries…that and the fact I am over-joyed at the possibility and the bowel numbing anticipation of the cosy nights in watching this “cream of the crop” prime time TV…NOT!

Thought for the day
“Big Brother again, why channel 4???”

– Roy

22/05/07Posted by: Roy

It’s been my cousin’s wedding today, and although we didn’t merit an invite to the actual ceremony I wish him and his (now) wife all the best for the future.
I suppose the highlight (for me at least) was my uncles “transport” to the wedding, have a look…
Yep thats right, its a replica of an American squad car.
How cool was that?
They even had the lights flashing when they were on their way…

I decided to treat myself today too…
I got myself a Sony PSP and two games, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories and WWE Smackdown Vs. Raw 2007. Fantastic I gotta say, just one point…
I forgot to get a memory stick so I can’t save naff all.
I also got a Nintendo DS, but I’m taking that back tomorrow, coz its good (in one sense), but mostly crap in the other.
Ahhh well, I prefer Sony products anyway…

Thought for the day
“Congrats to Andy and Trish on their wedding day.”

– Roy

22/05/07Posted by: Roy

One of our regular visitors asked me today why I have included so many news sections on little Maddie. Truth is, I have a 2 year old daughter, and can’t even begin to think what it would be like without her. Again to make a point see yesterdays news.
I’m not even going to say anymore, because the more and more I get hounded with questions about why I put in this news section what I put, especially when it is something serious such as this, the more I think to myself that there is alot of insensitive people out there.
Now, there will be idiots who will post terrible things about people’s misfortune on various sites just to get a cheap laugh, and they are total dicks (sorry about the language).
Until they go through an ordeal such as this, those jerks wont even come close to understanding what Maddie and her parents are going through.
I am behind Maddie and her parents 110%, so to put it simply, to those idiots who either; keep questioning me “why?” I put on this site the things I do, or to the no hoper’s that get cheap and pointless thrills from people’s misfortunes I say this;
“One day, you are going to be in a situation which you can’t neither control or anticipate, when this happens I hope above all hopes that you get the worst whats coming to you.”
I know this is harsh, but I’m sick to death of these idiots and internet freaks that do this.

Thought for the day
“To the internet idiots I say, 10 million plus sperm, and 1 had to be you…Theres no justice!”

– Roy

22/05/07Posted by: Roy

Its seems our defenses are very effective against the SPAMMERS, which I’m more than happy about as I wrote our security script.
Development is under way for a new downloads section. The planned release date is August 2007. I am allowing for a lot of time to test, debug and tweak the section as it is solely down to myself to complete the project, due to some of our contributors being on holiday etc.
Other news, I’m receiving various emails regarding the promised “redeem” points section too.
Again this project is currently under development, but due to technical set backs this has been delayed.

Whilst still no news of little Maddie, I hope and prey still for her safe return to her family.
I’ve been checking any progress on the official Maddie website, and still get a little emotional each and every time I visit.
As a father myself, I don’t how I would cope if anything happened to Caitlin as I have mentioned previously, and as time progresses with no news, it makes it all the worse.
I do feel a genuine sadness and grief, and find myself clinging more to my daughter than ever before, as anyone certainly would.
I can’t help but think what little Maddie is going through too, I read somewhere that a sighting was reported by a tourist in which she heard a little girl say “When can I see mummy?”
That alone brought a tear to my eye, its hard to explain but I think most of the readers reading this will understand what I mean.
Anyway, heres hoping again that Maddie is found safe and sound. God bless.

Thought for the day
“The greatest mistake you can make in life is to be continually fearing you will make one.”

— Elbert Hubbard (1856-1915), The Note Book”
– Roy

15/05/07Posted by: Roy

It seems as though my messaging service has been getting spammed left right and centre. I’m not talking about the SMS, but rather the “Write Msg” service on the top menus.
Rest assured these people are being tracked down and reported to their provider, subsequently, their IP addresses have been blocked by our new security script.
Further security measures are being introduced in the coming months so some parts of the system will notes be updated as quick as we are working mostly on the security side of things.

Thought for the day
“Be happy in all that you do, and content with the things you don’t”
– Roy

15/05/07Posted by: Roy

A friend of mine said I was “sad” for posting “Our hearts and best wishes go out to Maddie and her parents” earlier this month, regarding missing 3 year old ‘Maddie’ in Portugal.
Well, because it was the parents that left Maddie and her two twin brothers alone in a hotel block whilst they go for a drink/meal, it was their fault.
The fact is, yes thats true, but at this time, efforts should be concentrated toward finding Maddie safe and sound, than to be pointing the finger.
So, to Mad Onion, I agree with what your saying, totally. The fact is I would never even contemplate leaving my 3 year old alone, no matter how “close” I was to the hotel room, but my point was really to share a thought, and to wish the safe return of the little girl.
Other news, there will be some minor updates with the members profile section soon, keep tuned in for more on that later.
The downloads section will also be offline shortly due to a re-think in layout and a mass update.

Thought for the day
“Do you live to work, or work to live?”
– Roy

08/05/07Posted by: Roy

I saw this which made me chuckle. As I was board I decided to use Google search for Maps, fine so far.
I then thought “sod it”, out of curiosity, I decided to get the directions from my home to Area51.
Check out the results…

With the technology behind Google you’d think people would have common sense to fly and not swim…

Thought for the day
“It is still never the truth, even if you say a lie twice.”
– Roy

08/05/07Posted by: Roy

The main item today is that of a wish for the safe return of “Maddie” the little girl abducted from her hotel room in Portugal.
For the full story click here.
My daughter is the same age, I can’t help but think what we would be like if that (god forbid) ever happened to my partner and I.
Our hearts and best wishes go to Maddie and her family, and we wish a safe the speedy return of the beloved daughter.

Thought for the day
“Maddie and her family”
– Roy & Babs

07/05/07Posted by: Roy

“I’m going out for a while, I maybe some time…”
Yes, its true, I’m gonna be offline within the next coming weeks as my provider says they are not a charity and refuse to give me another month free!
Short story, I’ve been getting broadband free for the last 5 months, I’ll leave it there, wink wink.
I will try and update when ever and where ever I can. So if this be the last post for a while, until we meet again, toodle pip.

Thought for the day
“Trying is the first step towards failure” – Homer Simpson
– Roy

03/05/07Posted by: Roy

We have our first txt msg on the site, thanks Fuzzi, I knew you wouldn’t let us down :o)
Its the WEEKEND!!!, shout goes to all the Old Skool Barnsley “ravin” crews, sorry I can’t be out with ya tonight, I’ll make it up to you guys soon…
Quick message to Deano aka DJ Flight whos playing live tonight, everyone in Doncaster, South Yorkshire get this guy a drink :o)
Anyone out in Sheffield tonight, big up from Dan and Chez see you around.
I aint got a clue who half of these people are, but thanks for emailing in!

Thought for the day
– Roy

03/05/07Posted by: Roy

Well, what a rubbish week I’m having. At work at least, then its sales that are a problem. I promote as much as I can, and low and behold I still can’t sell nowt. Last week, I could sell anything. Still thats the way it goes I guess.
I’m currently designing a very basic site, well page if you like. This is for my bandit game, I wanna try and keep it simple for navigation purposes.
Nothing grant or over the top, just something simple as I say.
I think I’m going to do this with all our software rather than having it all crammed into one place, so we’ll see how that develops.

Thought for the day
“You’re damned if you do, and you’re damned if you don’t!!!” – Bart Simpson
– Roy