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29/03/07 – Posted by: Roy

After recent events, as you can see, nothing has been updated. However, after looking at my site on my local drive I thought I could do with a really big clean up.
I’m estimating, after doing my calculations, that I have around 36% of wasted space on the hosting.
Over the coming weeks you will see items dropped from the site, items removed or further security in place.
Well I believe the site could run smoother, and faster…Simple as that.
As always keep coming back to check the progress and perhaps make suggestion etc, as usual…
Other news, after swearing and cursing because my Samsung E720 decided it wasn’t going to work anymore, I arranged for a replacement phone, in this case a Samsung D500. I know this model is outdated but I feel its the most flexible of all the Samsung phones at this moment in time.
Anyway, I digress, after receiving my D500 and sat happily entering all my contacts etc, I decided what the hell and tried to turn on my E720.
Guess what?
Yep, thats right it worked…Still never mind…

– Roy

14/03/07 – Posted by: Roy

It is with great sadness that I write today.
My partner’s mum, my 2nd mum, passed away today suddenly and unexpected.
I would just like to say that this remarkable woman will be greatly missed, and nothing will fill this empty void that has been left.
From your daughter, son-in-law and your grand-daughter, we would like to say;
“Words cannot express the loss that we are feeling right now. Good night and god bless, to a very special and dear person.”
Love always…
– Roy, Babs and Caitlin

11/03/07 – Posted by: Roy

Well, well, well. After finding my “OLD” notepad project I decided to start a new one, adding more features than previous versions and hopefully better functionality.
More on that as it happens of course, but rest assured there will be more on XPRunnerNG too.
Not a great deal to report unfortunately, other than I have now got a 6 Mega Pixel digital camera to take more photos with. It’s a Samsung and it whoops the ass off my other camera, so expect more snaps etc.

– Roy

02/03/07 – Posted by: Roy

This is my result from doing the “What super hero are you” quiz.
How odd…

Your results:
You are Green Lantern

Green Lantern
Iron Man
The Flash
Wonder Woman
Hot-headed. You have strong
will power and a good imagination.

Click here to take the Superhero Personality Test

– Roy

02/03/07 – Posted by: Roy

We’re down for a short time for site updates.
Until further notice, the main navigation bar will be disabled.
Registered Users may log in the usual way, but services will be limited.

Thank you.

– Roy

02/03/07 – Posted by: Roy

Second week at my new work, and I’m liking it. Bit crappy sort of mid-week as I had really bad man flu, totally out of action :o)
Anyway, programming news…
XPRunnerNG has been passed to work on Vista, unfortunately I haven’t tested it myself, as I am running on XP but I’m trusting the guy who told me it works, Falkald_369.
For the record though, unless I have tested it and seen it working under a different operating system I cannot offer support for that platform.

XPRunnerNG goes through some strict criteria and tests, so with that in mind how can I adhere to this is I haven’t tested it???…you get the idea.
Speaking of which, I recently noticed that my system had a major memory leak resulting from one of the plugins, namely RAM Monitor. This has now been fixed and no more problems should arise.

Making it into the “weird” news this week, I bought 320 tea bags so my daughter and I could have a “monkey” soft toy as seen on TV. If you aint got a clue what I’m on about, I will post a picture on here to show you what I mean.
A message for my trainer (where I work) if you’re reading this, I’m half way to solving that little task you set me…

I’ve finally turned my PC into a full-blown media centre…
I have now “rigged” in;

  1. A Playstation 2 – So I can sample music from my favourite games as well as play them
  2. DVB Box – Now I can watch and record digital TV/Radio
  3. USB Hub – Mainly so I can plug my USB fan in when it gets too hot
  4. Sony Walkman – So I can backup my audio tapes from yester-year
  5. Gemini Turntable – So I can backup my vinyls from yester-year
  6. Various Emulators + ROMS – Because, if you can, its a must

All this, and its rigged into a modified Philips F3538 sound processor which connects to my main hi-fi which filters through to one bass cannon and two 400watt speakers.
Pretty cool huh???
I’m still re-jigging everything though to get the most harmonic way that the equipment can work with each other.
Perhaps, I’m being too geeky huh? but if you can, you should ;o)
– Roy

01/03/07 – Posted by: Roy

Hi there, just a quick message. I haven’t been on lately due to illness, but hopefully, I should be back online this weekend…
– Roy