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29/06/07Posted by: Roy

Well, this is it, final stretch…this time tomorrow and I’ll be a married man.
So heres to me last day being single(ish).
A massive thank you to all the people wishing us well, and to all the people who have contributed in whatever way shape or form.
Thank you
From Roy & Babs

Thought for the day
“Tic, toc, tic, toc. RRRrrring, GAME OVER!”

– Roy

25/06/07Posted by: Roy

Yes, more rain, great huh? The river is ready for bursting, the back road to work is a river (at least 4inchs of rain!), bypass flooded and to top it all, our house is like a sponge at the moment.
We have;

  1. Water coming in from the windows, all ov em!
  2. Water coming in from back and front door
  3. and last but not least, coming from the ceiling upstairs

So I came home early from work, absolutely soaked, as I had to walk a mile from work to the major road-a-bout just in case Babs got stuck, stunk like a wet fish gawd it was horrible!
Spent most of the afternoon mopping up, and trying to seal most of the joins on the PVC window frames.
Had a splitting headache, probably due to walking in the rain (sure theres a song in there somewhere!), had a hot bath, got Caitlin to bed, and thats about it.
My wet, stinky day in a nut shell.

The weather stayed nice at Skegness yesterday at least. Caitlin loved every minute of it, she had a ride on the donkeys, had a go on a JCB digger (seriously), a carousel, the one-armed bandits (and she won which was nice), built a sand castle with her Uncle John and Grandad, had a bounce on the trampolines, oh the list goes on…
Anyway, heres a picture of her on her donkey ride, the donkey is called “Tiny” which was rather apt.

Thought for the day
“More #Rain, rain go away…#”

– Roy

23/06/07Posted by: Roy

To our special little daughter on her 3rd birthday,
Lots of love from Mummy & Daddy xx

Thought for the day
“Happy 3rd Birthday Caitlin”

– Roy

18/06/07Posted by: Roy

As promised, some of the flood pictures…
I know some of them theres more shrubbery in the way, but anyone who knows this area will know what I mean.
I will try to get some better ones soon…

Thought for the day
“#Rain, rain go away…#…Still!”

– Roy

16/06/07Posted by: Roy

Two days solid it has been raining. The river just down the road from us a swelled and burst it’s banks. Its the highest I have ever seen that river, it must have been easily 12ft deep at the moment when normally it’s only about 2-3ft deep at the most. I’m serious, parts of a neighboring village have been flooded whilst others have already been evacuated.
I’ll try to get some picture, but for now check out these at the BBC site.
Then the thunder and lightening came, along we more rain whilst I was at work, but luckily the Thunder didn’t last long.
Anywhooo, the download pages have been finally started and will be ready for launch soon.
The pages have been kept very, very basic for a reason, mainly because some of our users don’t have a super fast connection and still rely on the ol’ dial up (yes, I was surprised as much as you lot!!!).
So, with that the pages are simple, to the point and don’t have fancy flash menus, vast images or loads of pages to navigate.
XPRunnerNG will still be kept as a separate set of pages mainly because it’s our main project and we think it deserves it’s own page(s).
As you may have noticed, we have a new website on the friends section (to the right of this post), provided from “Azz” a top bloke who I work with, give it a nudge and drop him a line…

Thank god its the weekend, I absolutely shattered, running around sorting the last bits for the wedding, booking transport and stuff. I’m looking forward to getting married, but geez, I’ll be glad when the “shelling out money” stage has gone :o)

Thought for the day
“#Rain, rain go away…#”

– Roy

13/06/07Posted by: Roy

Almost there…
The wedding is growing ever closer, and yep I pappin me pants!
Maybe not as much as my brother who is my best man, and who has to make a lengthy speech :o)
I have to say, things are finally getting sorted which we thought it never would.
Caitlin’s dress is ready, and she looks beautiful in it.
A big thank you to Marie’s sister (sorry, I don’t know your name), who made the dress.

Due to time constraints, I am now only able to update text messages on a weekly if not fortnightly basis.
This is largely due to utilization. In simple terms there are other more important things I’m doing at the moment. So apologies to everyone and anyone who is sending messages to us and not seeing an immediate response.

Thought for the day
“Nearly game over!!!”

– Roy

08/06/07Posted by: Roy

Paris Hilton is back behind bars!!!
It may sound harsh, but she must pay for the crime she committed, thats all I’m saying on the matter, and thats that!

Well, I’ve finally sobered up from my stag night last night, and boy what a night.
The pictures will be online soon, just waiting to use up the rest of the film.
From what I remember, this is what I drank…
14 pints of beer
6 bottle vodka drinks
1 shot (called a “Blowjob”)
So, its no wonder I felt like crap this morning…
A big thanks to everyone who went, and a mention for Dave who wasn’t able to make it as he had a slight accident at work.
Next up, look at this image of my daughter and I…if you click on it a larger image will load, but do you notice anything…

Yup, thats right, the picture is made up of ASCii characters. You know numbers, letters and symbols.
Pretty cool huh?
If you want to create your own ASCii art, click here for your FREE software to do it.

Thought for the day

– Roy

08/06/07Posted by: Roy

What an absolute disgrace!
Paris Hilton is to be released early, because of a “Medical Issue”.
Boo Hoo, in other words the silly cow don’t like prison. Well tough, she shouldn’t have done the crime. How retarded is she? First she thinks shes done nothing wrong and that she was allowed to drive a car even though she had been banned, then she moans like a female dog, turns on the water works just to get out of doing porridge.
Typical, be a celebrity and you can get away with almost anything!

Rant over, and I’m off my soap box now…

Thought for the day
“Get Paris Hilton back in jail!!!”

– Roy

02/06/07Posted by: Roy

Things are going to slow down a bit on the site due to my wedding getting nearer and nearer. Plus this gives me time to put things into perspective about the site.
I’ve had so many plans and ideas with the site, and nothing seems to happen.
So, I have decided to think long and hard about what I want the site to do, and what I want to provide. This main news section is basically about what happens in my life, rather like my own blog.
Thing is, that all its ever done, thats why I feel it needs to change.
With that, I plan to sit down a re-think the whole job lot.

Other than that, theres pretty much nowt else to talk about, aprt from that my stag do is next week so expect photos of the jolly boys outing !!!

Thought for the day

– Roy