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27/07/07Posted by: Roy

The workload that needs to be uploaded is increasing quite rapidly now, new updates, new downloads and new games, yet still now sign of a new connection.
I’m thinking now that it may be a couple of months before I’m back online whihch is tough, but thats the break I got at the moment.
To all the people that have emailed me and are still waiting for a response, my apologies. I don’t have that much time online at work in order to answer them.
Other than that, I will update as much as possible at work.

Thought for the day
“Nearly the weekend”

– Roy

19/07/07Posted by: Roy

Everything seems to be annoying at the moment, work especially…
Have no internet to take my minds of things dont help, nor does the rigures of the everyday routine.
Still, got to laugh huh?

Thought for the day
“Oh the frustration”

– Roy

17/07/07Posted by: Roy

Still no internet, and still no sign of any resolution as yet and STILL having to update the site using works connection which is very unstable to say the least.
I’m hoping that after selling the stuff I don’t use or need any more that I can get enough to pay for a better connection. Yeah I could pay for it out of my wage, but that aint fair to pay for something out of something that is for my family and I, right?
Irrespective, thats what I’m doing now anyway…
Not that its going to be ready for download when first planned, but XPRunnerNG and its new toolbox facility has been vastly remodelled and has some new features. Now that all the code is implimented, I’m now working towards the design, feel and usability of XPRunnerNG and its expansions.

Thought for the day
“BooHoo, still no internet!”

– Roy

17/07/07Posted by: Roy

Short and sweet this post…
I no longer have net access at home until further notice
Long story short, AOL have terminated my account. Yes my own fault but hey, at least now I can join a better broadband provider where their own browser doesn’t have endless amounts of popups, adverts and other nasty things they say they protected you from.
So yes, I’m using the connection at work to update things for the moment, so updates will literally be few and fair between.
More soon, hopefully.

Thought for the day
“Oh the shame, the heart ache!”

– Roy

14/07/07Posted by: Roy

Lets start with some useless information shall we?
Firstly, I would have posted yesterday. but with it being Friday the 13th and all that, I decided to post today.
As members may be already aware, the member menus have altered and some new things put in.
Time for a shameless marketing plug none members will have to register to find out what these are ;o)
However, none members and returning none members will notice some new items add to the basic menus too, have a click and see what you think…
Seeing as its 2am, I’m off to bed, coz I’m really tired. More updates to follow…

Thought for the day
“Its the weekend, yey!”

– Roy

10/07/07Posted by: Roy

Third day back at work and I’m already fed up and bored. Not of the job itself, just the tedious job of getting up early slogging it out at work then getting home falling to sleep in chair then waking up to go to bed to do the same thing again the day after.
Thats life I guess…
I have already booked another holiday, but its not scheduled until the end of August :o(
As you can see the site has a new background, which I think looks quite funky as it happens. Other things will be happening around the site too, so keep tuned in for more.

I suppose I better get all the images and stuff back online too, such as the galleries etc.
I was going to work on them being on a separate “site” if you will, to make things easier to navigate, but alas, I may change my mind (again).

Thought for the day
“Bored, so very bored…”

– Roy

06/07/07Posted by: Roy

Well, my holiday is nearly over. Got nothing done, as usual!
Had a lot of projects to complete which none have been, but hey thats life…
Over the last couple of days I’ve been sorting through all the wedding photos, and there must be nearly 300 of them, from different friends and family.
So thanks guys (Carl, Sandra, Dad, Albert and anyone else…).
Can’t get used to this wedding ring, now don’t get me wrong, I have wore a ring through out my relationship with Babs, but never like this one…It’s bulky!
I ain’t risking sleeping with it on just in case I crush it.
Off to bed now me thinks, very tired and my turn to get up with Caitlin in the morning.
Yes, when I’m on holiday we take it in turns to get up with her so each of us can have a lay in.

Thought for the day
“Come back sunshine all is forgiven!”

– Roy

02/07/07Posted by: Roy

Where do I start?
Obvious point, our wedding day…
The weather held off which is always good, we had a few drops of rain but couldn’t complain.
Everyone looked fantastic, none more so that the bride of course. Everything went without a hitch and a good day was had by all.
Both Mr & (now) Mrs Jones would like to say a very big thank you to everyone involved in making this day the most special and memorable day of our lives.
Pictures will be online soon, I’m just waiting for all the pics to come in from everyone etc.

Thought for the day
“The married life…”

– Roy