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28/01/07 – Posted by: Roy

I was flicking through some of my old photographs the other day, and found some weird images.
Basically, have you ever seen Most Haunted? well to put it simply, I have photographs with Orbs on them.
Yes, really, I have had the photos analysed and they appear not to be light anomalies. Anyway, make your own mind up.
I have some funny tales actually, about the house where I live which I may set up in a new section.
It’s funny though, regarding the orbs, they usually appear only on the photographs with Caitlin (my daughter) in them. There has been a few theories behind that, but nothing to substantiate it.

For now, I have some sad news, my daughter is turning into a Chav!!!

Ohh the agony of it all!…

– Roy

26/01/07 – Posted by: Roy

First up, a new idea I have had.
After seeing some old game shows of yester-year, I have decided to set up a page or two in tribute to these such classic, quality and fantastic TV programs.
Such things include Crystal Maze, Knightmare and cartoons such as Super Ted, Pole position and Hong Kong Phooey…
Keep tuned to find out more…

– Roy

25/01/07 – Posted by: Roy

Firstly, welcome back DJ Flight, who has recently returned from his trip to the U.S of A…
Hope you had a good time, and I hope your family are all doing well.

Next thing…IT’S SNOWING!!! well, nearly…hopefully we will have a thick covering tomorrow (or should I say today, it is 12:29am after all!)
It’ll be good fun to build a snowman with my daughter. It seems to be creeping up from the South and areas in London were white over yesterday morning, and the weather men say we’re gonna be hit by it today, yey…Keep tuned for pictures if it does, and a snap at our snowman. If we’re able to build one.
Quick XPRunnerNG update, it now supports/has 131 aliases…YEY!!!
The unfortunate thing is, I wrote an OCX control to show connection details to the internet eg: upload and download stats, and what type of connection your using etc. Well for some stupid reason the install program I use is playing silly beggars and refusing to register the controls, forcing me to run after install, a seperate program to do this. I have been in contact with the developer, nothing as yet.

Anywhooo, there seems to be much aggro at the moment in Devon. It seems a cargo ship had a major crack in the side of its hull causing it to take on water, now it’s on it’s side and partly submerged.
Considering the contents of some of the huge containers that have spilt into the sea, and some of them ending up on the beach, its attracted looters or “salvers”.
The thing is, these people can take/remove items from the beach providing;
They fill out paperwork to say what they’ve took and where and when they got it.
They must also provide a token payment for the items they remove. This is supposed to be a fair policy to both stock holders/insurers and the salvers apparently.
Well, one guy got a brand new, top of the range BMW motorbike…I’d love to see what payment he provided.
More importantly though, thousands of sea life and aquatic birds will die as a result of the oil polluting the sea…but it seems as no-one cares less about this issue. Obviously, excluded those nice people at places like the RSPCA etc.
What would you do???
Keep well away???
I’m not sure what I would do to be fair…

– Roy

24/01/07 – Posted by: Roy

I can’t do nothing listen to Neophyte Execute, yeah its an oldie, but still one of the best I think.
Not sure what the hell I’m talking about…
click here
XPRunnerNG news, 3 new aliases added, and better handling of the alias rountines
Response time to launch an app via alias compared to Start Menu (on my system at least) has improved by around (after rough calcualtions) 27%, which is a big improvement in my book.
I think, wether your used to the Startmenu or not, XPRunnerNG is a good little application that can help you in some way.
I’m suffering a writers block at the moment, due to having no news, hopefully there should be more tomorrow…

– Roy

19/01/07 – Posted by: Roy

XPRunnerNG needs you…
Why?, well
The way XPRunnerNG works is by utilizing aliases that are common within the Windows structure already. What I do is simply do a 3rd party “add to”.
By using XPRunnerNG, it adds more functionality to the standard Windows Run feature.
I need your help to add aliases to the ever expanding database.
All you have to do is provide the program you use, with the “default” installation path.
Eg: WinRar – “C:Program FilesWinRAR” etc
Full details of how to submit will be given on the XPRunnerNG pages, but for now if you could EMail me them.
Thanks in advance.
Also, as a point to mention, any person who contributes, either by a small donation or code etc will be mentioned, both within XPRunnerNG itself and the pages of XPRunnerNG.

– Roy

17/01/07 – Posted by: Roy

Well, well, well, it seems that Jade Goody is in the spotlight again, this time for the wrong reasons (mind you, has there been any other type?).
This time for bullying, Shilpha the Bollywood super star, alongside her boyfriend Jack, and her mum Jackie.
Here we go, I’m on my soap box now
A number of things to remember/consider;

  1. Do you remember when Jade herself was bullied in the Big Brother house, when she competed in there first time round?
  2. and how she was reduced to tears?
  3. She didn’t like how the other house mates “ganged” up against her?

Whats the old saying?
“People in glass houses…”

Lets pick on those doing the bullying for a moment shall we…
Jo O’Meara
Had a vague stint in a pop group and now breeds dogs, choice or was she pushed from the lime light because she had “out-stayed” her welcome???

Regardless, shes hardly rates as a celebrity anyway

Jade Goody
The shear fact of what comes out her mouth is enough to put her down, but with this aside, she bullies even with the fact that she backs an anti-bullying organisation.
Good to hear they have remove her picture from the website!!!
Ultimatly, this person was made famous for getting her kebab belly out and stripping on live TV, and for being so stupid, she would have trouble passing junior school (against her age, not attacking actual kids that are the age they should be for the junior schools, does that make sense)

Jack (Jade’s boyfriend)
Same again, hardly a celebrity, and thick as shite to boot.
When BB asked the housemates to ask BB a question, Jack didn’t even know what an embryo was.
Enough said

Danielle Lloyd
How can she start? She got upset when Jade commented about her IQ (Yes, really). Need I remind everyone that she was made famous only for the negative things in her life.
When you consider that she was disqualified from the Miss Great Britain, how does it make her a celebrity.

It boils down to the fact that Shilpa is (still) a celebrity.
They are jealous, pure and simple…
She is still getting “the work”, which is more than can be said for these other washed up “celebs”.
Apart from Dirk of course, coz we like him. Hes from the A-Team, every kid wanted to be the A-Team right?!

I know, I said right at the begining, I wouldn’t get involved, but this type of thing makes me mad…

Just for a bit of fun, check out some of my “bored” sketches,
you know the stuff you do when your bored!!!
Yes, this is whats inside my head, wierd? Tell me about it!!!

– Roy

16/01/07 – Posted by: Roy

XPRunnerNG is almost ready for release.
A few minor tweaks are needed, which should be sorted within the next fews days or so.
A known issue has been fixed with the transparency settings when using Windows XP SP1. Again this has been fixed, and now works 100%
Unfortunatly, I must stress, as I have been emailed several times with questions about compatibilty with previous Windows versions, for the benefit of these emails heres a short FAQs for XPRunnerNG.

  1. Will XPRunnerNG work on Windows 9x & 2000?
    Whilst no support is provided for these versions of Windows, it is possible with Windows 2000/NT.
    Windows 9x will not support the way XPRunnerNG utilizes transparency settings within Windows
  2. I have recieved the test version of XPRunnerNG, why has the installation file size increased?
    This isn’t anything to do with code bloat or anything like that. The only reason the installation file has increased in size is because of the system files which are bundled with it.
    Eventually, I will create a reduced size installation file for users who know their system will support XPRunnerNG.
  3. The updater seems to hang or just freeze up, how come?
    Unfortunatly, the only answer I have for this is, site traffic. On the rare occassion, a firewall maybe the root of the problem. Please make sure, should you be using one, your firewall is not blocking XPRunnerNG’s access to the internet and that theres nothing else interferring.
    Other problems could be if you are using P2P (Peer-to-Peer) sharing tools, these can really slow things up!

Thats it for now, but when the new XPRunnerNG pages are up and running, the FAQs will be updated as required.

Other news,
Caitlin gets her own site!
Yes, its true. As some of you know (or may not know) I have been keeping a diary on how our family life has progressed since the birth of our daughter in 2004.
Well, two things really;
1st I want Caitlin to know, when shes old enough, what it was like when she was a child and the effects/impact she had on us.
The highs, the lows and the in betweens.
The thing is thats family life anyway, isn’t it?.
I’d like Caitlin to be able to read what I have written, so that perhaps some day it will better help her to understand the feelings she may face later on in life.

2nd I’m hoping that it will help adults understand too, the emotions that occur in parenthood, especially when they are new to it themselves.

I’m not claiming to be the best parent, nor am I making myself above my station, I’m merely sharing my experiences with others, and to make others realize that, if they have gone through similar, that they are not alone, as I/we once felt.

As always keep tuned for updates for this and everything that happens in the RBCSoftware world

– Roy

14/01/07 – Posted by: Roy

Jesus, I gotta tell you about this…
If you’ve got Sky TV, watch channel 151 (Zone Reality) for 2 reasons;
1st I watched today, a TV program about an event in America, held every so often. The show, well its called “Glutten Bowl”. Now what I saw was absolutly gross…
There are various rounds in which contestants have to eat as much as they can within a given time limit. Pretty straight forward huh?
Not quite, some of the things they had to consume were;

  1. Sticks of butter – The winner ate 8 sticks
  2. Raw Meat – The winner ate 20lbs
  3. Hamburgers (Take Away Style) – The winner ate 11
  4. A 15ft Sushi roll (With at least 2 1ft sections containing Wasabi) – The winner ate 4ft
  5. Hotdogs – The winner ate 51 hotdogs

Then there was the final, and this really made my stomach turn.
The contestants had to eat cow brains, the winner ate an amazing but sick 56lbs
Now we all know the stereo-typical outlook on Americans, being vastly over-weight, but these guys (or the majority) were big, so why risk your health doing this?
The worst thing is, when the contestants were being announced, they came out of the back like the wrestlers from the WWE. Dancing, waving at the crowds and doing funny poses.
I bet their mommas are proud!!!!

2nd Theres a show on there (with usually Johnathon Frakes, the guy who plays Ryker in Star Trek: Next Generation, or that women from Species (Sorry, I don’t know her name)) about Urban Myths. First they run through what the myth is about, then they give evidence to support wether the myth is actually true or false. Pretty cool really.

– Roy

13/01/07 – Posted by: Roy

I need help, which film is this quote from???
[Black Guy]
“What the f**k you trying to say?, damn mutha f**ker!”
“Mutha f**king bullsh*t, if we dead, what the f**k are we doing in the funeral home, with y’ow crazy ass huh?”

[Nutcase Bloke]
“Thissss…aint no funeral home…it aint…the Teledome neither…welcome to hell…!”

I heard it on a live mix cd (UHF – Tomorrow’s World Tour) and I’ve been racking my brains all week with it…
Apologies for the implied language, but hey, I didn’t write the film script!!! ;o)

Let me know, and you never know, I may put a prize on for whoever finds out first ;o)

– Roy

12/01/07 – Posted by: Roy

Oh dear, oh dear…!
Apologies to the people who tried to login last night and couldn’t…
Basically, what happened, I installed Joomla!.
Nothing untoward there, but after deciding I didn’t want to use it, I removed it and all of its settings etc from the database.
Well, after that sessions weren’t able to be logged in the default temporary directory meaning that anyone trying to login, couldn’t. This even included me, so I couldn’t update anything without having to go into the hosting control panel and not my own.
Ahh well, I suppose the most bizzare thing was that the problem sorted it self out…Weird

The main thing is that we’re back, up and running and services resumed…

– Roy

09/01/07 – Posted by: Roy

All I’ve been doing over the last couple of days is, firstly, recovering from an almighty hang-over, but not only that, I have been trying to find some new tunes for my mp3 player…
A good one, (but this is an aquired taste) is;
DJ Skinhead – Gabba
A freaky one I managed to find (and apparently its of the techno genre) is a track called Seemann (2006 mix) – by Lolita
Now before people start jumping the gun, this is what appeared in the IDTags, although I suspect this aint the real title. Especially when it aint nothing to do with techno or even techno sounding, more a Eurovision song contest entry from Germany or such like.
Anyway, more tracksl

  1. DJ Quicksilver – I have a dream
  2. Frank Zander – Da Da Da (I oldie, but funny to listen to!!!)
  3. Riot Nation – Abba Gabba
  4. DJ Happyman – Hey Jude
  5. Hocus Pocus – Heres Johnny
  6. Riot Nation – Techno F**king Hardcore
  7. DJ Clown Vs. DJ Skinhead – Terror Remix (Speedcore)

Well, thats the hardcore side of my new tracks…
More soon…
And heres more…

  1. Rob Zombie – I am the one
  2. Rob Zombie – Let the bodies hit the floor
  3. Rob Zombie – Hell Yeah
  4. Rob Zombie – Theme song from “House of 1000 corpes”
  5. Nightwish – Wishmaster
  6. Nightwish – Bless the Child
  7. Atomic Kitten – Eternal Flame For the missus you understand!

– Roy

06/01/07 – Posted by: Roy

Gawd, I’m really annoyed today!
Firstly, I would like to point out that;
1) I do not like living on social security benefits
2) Hate all forms of dealing with the social security
And heres why…
Babs was due to have a payment from the social security on Thursday, when it was late she gave them a ring.
They quickly started pointing the finger at “someone” making a cock-up on the payments, so they were delayed.
We were then told that a payment would be recieved by giro cheque on Friday or Saturday.
Having being told this before by these people, I recommended to Babs to give them a ring on Friday to confirm this would be going ahead.
Result, couldn’t get through.
Anyway, Saturday and still no money, so it goes to prove that these people say anything to get you off the phone, and as it was the weekend, nobody would be able to contact them until Monday.

Being as frustrated and annoyed with the fact they lied, and they knew they are telling porkies, Babs is going to phone them on Monday and let rip at them.
The only problem is this…They can say what they want, purly because if you tell them they are bascially talking out of their ass, you get the phone call terminated with the excuse we are breaching their human rights to be spoken to properly.
Well, my response, they have breached our (human) rights, as the goverment has not provided suitable means for a family of three to one of the basic human needs. In other words, we had no money to provide warmth…
Like I said, I hate living on hand outs, I hate the stigma of being on benefits, but when you’re a law abiding citizen and you get dumped on by your own goverment, it is no wonder why most people abuse goverment staff out of frustration!
My rant over, how was your day???

– Roy

06/01/07 – Posted by: Roy

Firstly, I saw this picture of Caitlin, and I could’t resist, heres a peek of when I cut her hair…aint she cute?

As promised, heres a look at my mp3 player. Yeah so it aint an Ipod, but it plays movies, has a radio (which you can record from (although its illegal)), voice recorder, reads *.txt files AND has games, it aint bad, especially for £6.99 (+ £16.99 P&P)

Other rubbish making it to the news today is, of course, Celebrity Big Brother.
It seems I am doomed to watch it…Or at least listen to it in the background as Babs watches it.
Its still crap, but the point I want to make, is this. Not only are the scrapping the bottom of the barrel for ideas, they have now decided to get the “Goody” family in the house for fun and frolicks.
When I say “Goodys”, I mean Jade “I’m not fick” Goody, her boyfriend, her mum and anyone else they could get!!!
Oh the shame, will it ever end???
Clearly not!

XPRunnerNG news…
The core program now has 110 aliases with still more flooding in. It is definatly looking a better version than its previous installments, so all in all, I’m rather glad my computer died (he says rubbing his machine, and preying it won’t happen again.)
– Roy

03/01/07 – Posted by: Roy

It’s Back – Celebrity Big Brother
Pardon my French, but what an absolute pile of shite!
A bunch so-called “celebrities” living in isolation for x-amount of weeks…
Lets just break it down shall we…?
The meaning of Celebrities in BB house.
“People who have not had media attention for some time, and are hoping to revive what little of the ‘celebrity’ status they have left.
Either claiming that they are ‘intelligent’ or have a ‘sensitive’ side, etc, etc”.

Lets also look at the “celebrities”

Jermaine Jackson Will undoubtedly make referances to his brother’s “innocence”, may also ponder about making a career come back in singing.
Danielle Lloyd The former Miss Great Britain, stripped of her crown for (alledgedly) bunking up with one of the judges! Will end up quoting rubbish, flashing her bits and acting all ‘fik’ for sympathy!.
Ken Russell An eccentric old fart who admires Pete Burns, is also famous for Directing (basically) porn films! Won’t last long, but don’t worry, nobody really knows who he is anyway.
Jo O’Meara From S-Club, some celebrity, she now breeds dogs, if I’m not very much mistaken.
Leo Sayer Jesus Christ!, this guy will basically be like Peter Andre when he was in “I’m a celebrity, get me out of here!”, always singing, then decides hes going to make a come back – Sad
Shilpa Shetty Pass, a Bollywood film star by all accounts.
Carole Malone Yes, the gobby cow from Celebrity Fit Club. Is it me, or does it seem as though shes desperate for money??? What is she going to appear in next? ‘Celebrity Love Island’, ‘Celebrity I’m poor give me money’ or the acclaimed ‘Celebrity Do me a favour and buy my record!’
Donny Tourette His entrance said it all, waving the ‘v sign’ and telling people to f**k off, total ‘ace hole’. For those of you unfamiliar with the retard, hes in a band (if you can call it that) called “Towers of London” . No matter how patriotic you called it, hes still an arse…
Ian Watkins From the former group Steps, has also (it seems) had a bit of an acting career. Yeah, whatever…
Cleo Rocas Made famous for getting her baps out on TV alongside the comedian Kenny Everett. Almost certain it will happen again in the BB house -cringe-
Dirk Benedict Now this is who my money would be on. ‘Face’ from ‘The A-Team’, arrived at the BB house in style…The A-Team trademark van. Now hes a celeb!

Result: Absolute crap viewing for the next, however long its on for!!!
Oh well.

– Roy

01/01/07 – Posted by: Roy

My resolutions

  1. Drink less alcohol
  2. Get into less debt
  3. Reduce current debt
  4. Concentrate more on “the family”
  5. Stop arguing
  6. Stop talking drivel in my news section (like that’ll happen :o) – DJ Flight)

I have been informed about a flaw within XPRunnerNG, however, I can barley see my monitor, let alone type.I’ve had a few toooo many cans…
Rest assured, I will sort out the problem..
Current users, do not use the “Admin” feeature, it causes the system to reboot abonormaly…
Apologies for the typing, I’m drunk and loving every minute!)

I can’t help but notice that my adverts have gone mental.
Why?, well, they’re still showing (at the time of writing) adverts for “Get your Christmas presents here”…
Strange, but very true
– Roy