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25/02/07 – Posted by: Roy

Whoa, I’ve just being going through some of my old tracks and I can’t believe that I still have them.

*** Re-Edited due to content ***

Afte thinking about some of the titles, I decided to edit them out. What I will say, is do a search for “DJ Coone” and you’ll see the type of tracks I’m talking about.
Now, even I didn’t know that I had these, but looking at the track names, I’m sure the DJ/Producer has some issues ;o)
Funny enough, they’re quite decent tracks, sort of bouncy techno with a few cheesy lyrics thrown in for good measure.
Anyway, I have decided to wipe 2 of my drives to make room for all my projects etc.
I was thinking of ripping one drive out, building a PC and having it for an arcade machine, with all the emulators on there etc.
Still, at this stage, I’m thinking I’m going to be making more work for myself and not actually getting round to any of it.
We’ll see…

Heres some pictures of our “Family” walk last Saturday. Notice my daughter with here blue “wellies”, who managed to find every puddle along our journey ;o)

– Roy

21/02/07 – Posted by: Roy

This is strange, twice now, the news section has gone AWOL. I have had to recover from a backup, vvvvery weird.
Hmmm I wonder.
Anyway, I’ve forgot now what I put in the previous posts, so all that is lost unfortunatly.
On a brighter note, XPRunnerNG now has a RAM Monitor, which is just a basic monitoring device.
I was thinking the other day whether to do an “overlay” system for Windows using XPRunnerNG.
At this moment in time is in the idea/mock development stages at the moment, but I will keep the site informed of all the usual changes, updates and progressions etc.

– Roy

19/02/07 – Posted by: Roy

My first day at work today…Yey!
Went well, I think. As it happens I’m writing this news from work, in the cyber cafe.
Posh huh?
Ah well, more news later as I have some important stuff to report about XPRunnerNG.

*** UPDATE ***
As promised earlier I have some news regarding XPRunnerNG. A new plugin has been developed to monitor RAM usage. Nothing new right?
You’re very true, but it gave me an idea of setting up a new style desktop. It’s a simple idea, but it may not work or I may not decide to go ahead with it.
Either way, everyone will be kept informed of future changes and updates for this idea.

– Roy

16/02/07 – Posted by: Roy

# Happy birthday to us
Happy birthday to us,
Happy birthday to uuuuh…us
Happy birthday to us! #

– Roy & Deano

15/02/07 – Posted by: Roy

Right people, this is it. The next few days are critical. Why?
Because after my one-sided argument with my service provider, I believe they will be cutting my access to the net. All I can say, is “READ YOUR CUSTOMER SERVICE EMAILS YOU MORONS!”
Total idiots…I will name and shame once I get back online me tinks…
So, it is RBCSoftware’s 1st birthday tomorrow, the 16th.
Yes, we have been going for this long. It’s hard to believe really considering.
So a massive thank you to all or members, visitors and contributors.

– Roy & Deano

14/02/07 – Posted by: Roy

Happy Valentines day…I hope you all remembered!!!
As I mentioned yesterday, I got the job I applied for.
Thank god.

As usual I aint going to mention the name of the place, but all I can say is that it’s a big place and I’m nervous but excited at the same time…
It’s a very good wage, which helps, so it doesn’t look like we’re having to scrimp and save every five minutes to get a loaf of bread, (believe me, I aint joking!!!).
Anywhooo, I don’t start until next Monday, so I’m making the most of my last days at home.
Today, my daughter and I decided to go on a walk around the fields and along the old railway lines, its about a mile and a half journey, and for a two year old she managed it!!!
Caitlin loved it, splashing in all the puddles with her wellies on bless her.
So got so excited when we went to see the horses too, I just wish I’d taken the camera.
Oh well, next time…
Well, early start on the morrow, so night night
– Roy

13/02/07 – Posted by: Roy

He shoots, he scores…
I got the job!!! I’m now employed, at last…
Nothing else to say, because I’m tired due to all the worries I had the night before, so off to bed for me….
– Roy

12/02/07 – Posted by: Roy

Well, it’s my job interview tomorrow, and I’m “bricking it” at the moment.
Just those default interview nerves I guess.
Providing I’m still connected to net I will keep you all informed…
Speaking of which, a certain internet provider’s customer service is crap!
I aint mentioning any names, but I’ve sent 3 emails now requesting details of my account, and to put it bluntly the gits having even sent a reply.
Now a number of items may have happened here;

  1. They haven’t received my email – I don’t see why, my email is from the same domain
  2. I haven’t received their email – Again, I don’t see why, my email is from the same domain, and I’ve check all my spam filters etc
  3. They haven’t even been bothered to send a reply – THE GITS!

In any case, I have basically decided they can kiss my rosy red ass, and I’ll terminate my contract out of shear frustration, irrespective of the consequences to myself.
Still, better the devil you know huh?
– Roy

10/02/07 – Posted by: Roy

Great, absolutely marvellous!
We got our wish, with the snow, and what happens? it bloody rains through the night.
No snow, no snowman, gone forget it, the dream is over!!!
Ok, so I’m a little overboard with the whole issue, but I like the snow, what can I say?

– Roy

09/02/07 – Posted by: Roy

Its finally here, the snow is at long last here!
Ok, so I maybe going over the top, but hey, I love snow…
Of course pictures will follow, and as I have already mentioned, I promised my daughter I would build our first snowman together, so pictures will be online soon.
Well, I’ve had a brand spanking new hair cut, got my stuff together for my job interview and quite positive, ready for next week. I (fingers crossed) could be working again…Yey!!!
Anyway, until then I will continue to moan and develop software ;o)
Other news making it today, XPRunnerNG has had quite a response. Already it has had over 330 downloads to date. So people out there are using it!!!
I think that’s the hardest point, once you’ve created your software, how do you advertise it or make it known to potential user?
It’s a difficult question which to be fair, I can’t answer. In my case its been word of mouth and luck really. I don’t claim to be the best software developer or web programmer. I do what I do in my spare time and learn from what I do, which works for me :o)

I’m not a negative person, but, over the last couple of days, certain things have been bugging me, so with that, I’m going to create a page or two about the things that really get to me and annoy me.
It’s sort of my way of venting my rage and putting out the feelers to see if anyone feels the same.
Keep tuned.
– Roy

08/02/07 – Posted by: Roy

Its been snowing…Yey!
But as you can see from the pictures I took, it relatively poor compared to other parts of the country…

Forecasters have promised theres more on the way…Yippee!

– Roy

07/02/07 – Posted by: Roy

Well, I’m sat here waiting for the snow!!! Posed and ready to spring into action a build me a snowman. Sad, but hell, I’m in pretty much a weird state at the moment.
Pretty soon, I’m going to be offline for a while, nothing major just taking a break from all this developing lark I’m up to.
I suppose its to give my body a break too, all the late nights I’m having can’t be good, right?
I’m averaging about 3.00am at going to bed every night, and that even when it’s my turn to get up early.
Man I need a job!
I’m sick of being at home, its not that I don’t want to be with Babs or Caitlin, just the intolerable, endless days of nothingness. I want to get back into “a good hard days graft, then come home knackered, but relieved to be home” kind of life.
Still until then, I’m keep moaning and applying for jobs.
I even applied for a crematorium technician’s post the week before last, didn’t get it though…in a way I’m glad. I didn’t think about it at first, but its like my partner mention, the work would entail dealing with all age groups, not just adults and elderly people, with that, I don’t think I would have been able to cope.
– Roy

05/02/07 – Posted by: Roy

I’m sorry, but I start the news with an article I can only describe as being stooooopid!
Full Story here
A brief idea of what its about, a man has been caught speeding at 70mph, whilst having a shave. Another source said he was caught weaving in and out of traffic.
My comment…simple, its arseholes like this that end up causing fatal accidents, and they walk away from it while the innocent are killed.
For a stunt like this he should have been banned from driving, then it would have been his own fault if he lost his job!
Anyway, its forecast snow for Thursday, I hope!
If there is any, I will be taking some snaps don’t you worry…I’ve even promised to my daughter that we will build her very first snowman.
If off to bed now, its 2am and I’m very tired….almost to the point of falling asleep at my compu………zzzzzZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

– Roy

05/02/07 – Posted by: Roy

Unfortunately, there’s still not much to report. I’ve been to the doctors regarding a lump I found at the top of my left leg. As human nature automatically assumes the worst of a situation, I was no different. The doctor wasn’t 100% sure of what it was, he could only offer two suggestions, and because of this, he has requested an appointment at the hospital to conduct an ultrasonic test of the area to see what it could be.
The other thing I had to see the doctor about was a mole on my back, which I had to get checked out, as you’re supposed to. With a sign of relief, the doctor confirmed it was a harmless skin tag.

XPRunnerNG continues to go from strength to strength, and now has a “custom path” section, enabling users to create quick and simple shortcuts to folders most commonly used by an individual, which can be launched from the menu of XPRunnerNG
To support this, a new plugin has been made available to work alongside XPRunnerNG to make creating folder shortcuts easier.
Click here for more information.
– Roy

04/02/07 – Posted by: Roy

I can’t really report much today, I have been on a bit of a “downer” over he last couple of days because of health issues. I’m not going to say much here now until I know whats going off, when I see my GP tomorrow afternoon.
All I can say, it has made me panic to the point of being scared.
Anyway, I will report back any findings tomorrow.

– Roy

02/02/07 – Posted by: Roy

How strange…!
You may have noticed when you guys visited the site, a popup would appear from Bravenet Exchange, advertising another website.
Well, this was primarily to drive the site to a wider audience, but after finding out the other day from a friend that someone had used Bravenet’s Exchange program to promote a porn site.
I aint going to mention the name, but it involved grannies of all things -cringe!-
Clearly this broke more than one rule with Bravenet, I decide from now on to boycott certain Bravenet features, purely for this reason.
At the end of the day, this site is meant for all, and I can’t have popups appearing baring naked ladies, grannies or otherwise.
Anyway, enough on that matter…
As you can see, the XPRunnerNG link is now active. At this point, certain features are disabled as it is not fully operational.
I did this mainly to get feedback on the layout etc.
Shortly, a full version of XPRunnerNG will be available for download to all and not just testers.

A massive thank you by the way goes to everyone who has contributed to XPRunnerNG thus far.

– Roy

01/02/07 – Posted by: Roy

Firstly, I would like to have my say on all the crap about celebrity Big Brother.
Congratulations to Shilpa Shetty on winning of course, but, would she have really won if none of the crap had happened???
Now don’t get me wrong, she deserved to win like anyone else would have, but it seems to me, that perhaps she may not have won if people didn’t feel sorry for her.
That’s my opinion, I’m entitled to it, so there…
– Roy