31/12/07Posted by: Roy

It’s that time again to reflect whole heartedly on the year’s events. No doubt people will already be preparing the new year resolutions ready to be broken shortly after.

As for myself, yeah I got resolutions.


  • Get out of debt
  • Get out of debt
  • Get out of debt
  • Get out of debt
  • Get new job
  • Get out of debt

Oh, and to enjoy life more than the previous year, as always!

I plan on making 2008 a life changing year, making it better for my family and myself.

Can I do it?

Hope so!

I would like to personally thank every single person that has visited us over the year, and the contributions people have made to the cause has been absolutely fantastic.

So a massive, massive thank you, and by your efforts the site has had well over 520,000 hits this year, with a total of 125,279 in December alone.

Once again, thank you.

So for now chaps, have a safe, happy new year.

Thought for the day

– Roy

28/12/07Posted by: Roy

December’s Competition results:

Answer was: Secure Digital

The winner is: wheels_of_steel

Well done Andy!

New Competition open here

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– Roy

27/12/07Posted by: Roy

Well, emotions are running high in our household, can’t go into too much detail but all I can say rather sarcastically is “Happy New Year to us!”

It’s a long drawn out thing, I’ll get over…I’ll have to.

To make matters worse, it’s back to work tomorrow, oh the joy and elations!

Onto more happier rantings, over the Christmas period I/we or us acquired an XBox with 11 games at a very reasonable price (£35). Yeah, I know it ain’t a 360 and I always drag Microsoft down but hey Caitlin loves the Simpsons: Hit and Run game.

I’m also testing out my new PC Tablet I got from (don’t laugh) Netto.

It’s a lot better than my last one and is 100% more accurate that it too. Not bad at a snip price of 20 English pounds.

I’m back on the beer again having purchased too much for Christmas, then having some bought (thanks again dad!) so I’m writing this in a considerable state.

What the hell?!

Another nippy thing is my new singing, all dancing USB disco ball. See below…

PS. The image is quite big so be patient.

How cool?

I also got a rather nifty carry pack for a note book computer containing, USB extensions, USB mouse, 23-in-1 Card reader, USB hub and other useful artefacts one could use.

So, that’s the life and times of Roy boy over the festive season. I hope yours has been great and I’ll see you all in the new year…

Ohh by the way, I’m taking people advice (or rather Kayleigh’s!) to open up a chat board or forum. I’m gonna give it a trial and see what happens…


Thought for the day

– Roy

24/12/07Posted by: Roy

Before I forget, Merry Christmas to everyone!

Thought for the day

– Roy

22/12/07Posted by: Roy

Hey look!

It’s RoyBabsCaitlin Software

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– Roy

20/12/07Posted by: Roy

Must have been my turn to puke all over the place on Tuesday, dodgy takeaway!

Babs was the same, well, she wasn’t exactly sick, but felt it.

But I braved it and went to work, well, probably because I would have been sacked on the spot if I took any more time off for sickness!

Finally started the arduous task of updating all XPRunnerNG and its plugins, should be ready for upload in the new year…

Everyone ready for the big day then?

I aint even started Christmas shopping in fact, and some might say I’m leaving it to the last minute. Guess what, you’d be right, but got no choice.

I got to seeing the final instalment of “Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds End” the other day.

What a pile of crap! its an absolute insult to the previous 2 films. It WAS watch-able but very slack. Still, it killed an hour or two.

So that’s the news, other than Caitlin is addicted to “Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds End” on her PSP (Yes, that’s right she got her own PSP. Coz I’m fed up of her using mine all the time!), oh and not only that, “Wallace N Gromit: Curse of the Were-Rabbit” for the PS2. Mind you, I’m quite addicted to that.

Its seems however, that we are not the only ones to be addicted to games consoles at the moment. My brother bought an XBox 360 because he saw 1 (yes ONE) game he liked. Now he has spent, lets just say a fair amount of cash and time with his beloved console system to the point he needs counselling.

And he has the cheek to get on at me, tsk!

Thought for the day
I give up!

– Roy

16/12/07Posted by: Roy

Today, all I have being doing is mainly recovering from the last couple of nights. Unfortunately Caitlin had a bad night being sick all over the place. She’s a lot better now, in fact some might say she’s back to her old self, which is great.

I have managed to test, however, some new software for my mobile, Nokia N70, called Photowings. It’s so cool, heres a pic I did literally moments ago…

Not exactly very high on the flattery stakes, granted, but a nice little program for creating those cherished moments you long to bribe people with… Mwuah ha ha ha ha ha…

I have been playing about with some other software for the Nokia, but this was about the best so far.

Other news, Rhydian gets beat in the X-Factor, the fact that Same Difference didn’t get it either is great. I don’t dislike them, its just the female out of the group is so made of cheese. Not only that, but they are both so childish. I think they should have grown up a bit!

I aint going to discuss it further, because it makes my head hurt!

Thought for the day
Holy crap, nearly Christmas and still nothing bought!

– Roy

12/12/07Posted by: Roy

Ok, it’s official, I’m sick of Christmas songs!

Now before anyone starts saying “bah humbug” and all that crap, let me explain why…

  • The song “Driving home for Christmas must have been played in our car now 40+ times, the guy singing it must have driving home now for the last 5 weeks so far, wheres he coming from Australia?
  • At work they insist on playing Christmas songs so loud its as though they’re trying to make us remember what time of the year it is, and since the shops and retailers have been reminding us of this fact since September, I really don’t think it is necessary
  • The fact that each and every year, they bring out a different Christmas CD, with the same songs but just in a different order and different packaging, with, I hasten to add, a very original name (Sarcasm creeps in!) such as “Ultimate Christmas Party” or “Hits of Christmas”. Although, by rights, I have never known “Silent Night” EVER, been known as a ‘hit’
  • Why are some songs, such as “Power of Love” (not the Jennifer Rush one) or “It’ll be lonely this Christmas”, to name just two, why are they Christmassy songs?, they are depressing!

    What about if I did a song entitled “I came down your chimney and slashed your momma with a carving knife and stole your kids presents on Christmas day”, would this be a Christmassy song because I mentioned Christmas?

Now I feel better, rant over, and bed time for me!

Thought for the day
Turn that bloody wireless down!

– Roy

10/12/07Posted by: Roy

Yes, I’m back!

Firstly, a big thank you to Big Deano for manning the helm and keeping things in order.

Major news a the moment is the fact I am officially on an investigation at work for absence. Great!

Despite every absence being legitimate and accounted for, it is standard practice to have an investigation once you have had 4 strikes, no matter who you are.

Sooo, just when we think everything is going well with our lives, this is the second thing that has gone wrong (first being the fact we all may not have jobs for much longer anyway). Apparently it comes in threes, so lets see what else can go wrong (although, message to the big man upstairs, I ain’t jinxing it!).

Other news, mu second mix has been completed, its a mixture of dance & happy hardcore rolled into one. The only question is at this point is do I make it available for download, or CD request only?

Who knows? but keep tuned!

As you can see, its nearly Christmas, and I haven’t bought a thing for anyone as yet. Anyone else the same? or have you all been goody two shoes and bought everything as well as wrapped them all up?

Thought for the day
Holy crap!

– Roy

03/12/07Posted by: Roy

So, after getting somewhere in life, new home, new car, my wife’s new job, the company I work for maybe losing the contract which leaves me practically on my backside. Why?

Because I work for a contact centre, which is outsourced. They have to renew their contract with the client, and after the number of years they have had the contract, the client may not be renewing it.
Result = try and redeploy 1,800 staff and/or make some redundancies…yey, just what we need.

So without delay, I’ve registered on Monster.co.uk with my CV, looked on the Job centre Plus website and prayed like hell…


Thought for the day
Holy crap!

– Roy

02/12/07Posted by: Roy

So we been shopping…for a new car.

Heres what we bought

Only 18 months old…excellent little running too…

Right, after carefull consideration, I am currently planning a page dedicated to everything that I hate.

1) I can,

2) I want to see if anyone feels the same…

Thought for the day

– Roy

01/12/07Posted by: Deano

A message from Roy…

“As a special treat, I have found some freeware software to enhance your desktop…Yes, your very own Christmas lights…

Click on the image to get a better idea it is a bit grainy, but you get the idea…

The download link is here

You can customize it, including custom screensavers…which is nice!

Second bit of software is the legendary snowball fight.

You can download that, here


Thought for the day

– Big Deano