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29/04/07Posted by: Roy

Another day off tomorrow, checking out some more wedding stuff. Yes, its getting ever closer.
June 30th…
The question is;
Am I nervous yet?
Answer…you betcha!
Anyway, coming soon is the new RBCSoftware Connection.
What is this? I hear you cry…or, maybe not.
Well all this is, is a sign post, which points the way to our products.
Once its up, you’ll see what I mean.

Thought for the day
“Do unto others, as they would have done unto you…then sod off before the police gets there!”
– Roy

27/04/07Posted by: Roy

I’ve just completed another (basic) bandit game. In short it has lots of themes, some game play and a whole heap of code & graphics.
It will be ready for download soon, when I have compiled the installation file etc.
Other than that, I’m sat here getting merrily drunk! I’ve got a 3 day weekend (thanks Liz) because I’m trying on my wedding suite etc on Monday, oh the joy! I hate trying things on in shops…
Before I forget, Kayleigh, I hope your well, don’t quite know whats happened to you, but get in touch.
I got another shout out to make to John AKA “Bambi” on his birthday, coming from Fuzzi and all the Royston park crew! All the best mate…
And Fuz, why don’t you just register on here??? Makes things easier chuck ;o)

Thought for the day
“Do unto others, as they would have done unto you…then sod off before the police gets there!”
– Roy

24/04/07Posted by: Roy

I’d just like to take this opportunity to explain something here.
I have had a number of emails asking me the same old rubbish…
Are you really a DJ?
Right, so pin back your lugs, and listen…
If you have not already read my section About me, I suggest you do so.
Secondly, yes I WAS a DJ, for a number of factors I have not continued down this career path.
Now normally I don’t ramble on and have a go at everyone and everything, but here I feel I have to point out a few things, because there is a little bit of stereo typing occurring here.
I’m a big guy, I ain’t thin and I ain’t afraid to say, but when I mention to people that I used to DJ and what I used to play, I get a few sniggers, a few laughs and a few sarcastic comments…why?
Because I’m big? I’m not trendy? I haven’t got a six pack or a string of women on my arm, or is it because I shouldn’t like the hardcore music, let alone listen to it???
The truth is, I played because of the music, I would love to be still doing it, but it was always about the money I made, and the music I played.
Look at some of the DJs now, DJ Billy Bunter, a hardcore legend from Helter Skelter, DJ Slipmatt (He has put on a few pounds, bless).
The point I’m trying to make here is to all the people who doubt, don’t stereo type people. If you don’t know me, ask the people that do and see what they tell you.
Never doubt, what you don’t know.

Anyway, rant over…phew

This is too funny, of course I have pixelated (some) bits out, but you get the general idea.

Thought for the day
“Who is to know what is possible, until you have attempted the impossible and succeeded”
– Roy

23/04/07Posted by: Roy

How pretty, this is what my site looks like as a graph.

Click here to get yours.

Thought for the day
“You’ve tried your best and failed miserably, lesson is never to try.” – (Homer Simpson)
– Roy

20/04/07Posted by: Roy

Well, I’ve spent most of the day in bed, I awoke this morning around 4.30, and puked.
Nice huh?
To make matters worse, this happened at least three more times.
After deciding I wasn’t fit to go to work, I phoned the docs, he had no appointments as usual, strange really, you have to book in advance to see a doctor. So how do you guarantee your gonna be ill in the first place???
I then phoned NHS direct as my stomach was really hurting and I was doubled over with stomach cramps…
They advised to rest in bed and drink plenty of fluids…well duh!!!
Anyway, I feel some what better, bit annoyed I’ve lost a days pay but, nothing I can do about that now.
Other news, I’ve started a new VB project earlier in the week, (yet) another bandit game, just something to work on as a distraction from XPRunnerNG, which, incidentally has some more features…
Check out XPRunnerNG’s site

Thought for the day
“If life is one big highway, I need a tow!”
– Roy

13/04/07Posted by: Roy

The weekend is nearly here, yay!!! but it still means a day at work to go…BOOO!!!
Anyway, having a pretty good day at work today, sales wise, I just thought I’d chill with a can of beer, and write some new scripts.
Didn’t work though as I was talking to an old work mate on MSN for a good hour or two (thanks Laura!)
Off to bed soon, coz I am slightly tired, plus there is no new news as yet. Looking at how things stand at the moment, the main news will only occur at the weekend when I have more time, during the week is when most of the drivel will come ;o)
Nitey nite for now…

Thought for the day
“If bread always lands butter side down, throw the thing down first, then butter it!!!!!!!!!!!”
– Roy

12/04/07Posted by: Roy

My Nokia 6280 finally arrived, and what a phone.
Now my opinion is based on the functionality, user friendliness, software stability and many more things.
I have to say, all things considered, the phone is cracking. However the user friendly part does struggle, as the phone has so many features and functions some people may have difficulties getting to grips with it at first as I did.
Still, I’m off to play some more with it now (does that sound a bit dodgy??? does to me), uploading more tunes, applications and games etc…
Bye for now.

– Roy

08/04/07Posted by: Roy

Well, I’m not impressed, as such. I like my Samsung D500, but, I have got a better deal on a Nokia 6280. So, now I have got one of those, and I’ve even broke my own record for the number of mobile phones acquired within a in two week span, which now stands at 2.
Making the total number of mobile phones I have had within a 4 year period to 46.
Well, you’ve got to keep up with technology, right???
Other news…
A few minor updates to XPRunnerNG has been made. Namely to one of its plugins DrvCap, which can now support/monitor 2 drives at once.
At the moment, there is a problem with the notes plugin. We have noticed a glitch when the program is being loaded.
Because of how every RBCSoftware program loads into memory and how it converts standard display to XP style display, some users may experience certain difficulties in loading the notes program and may have to click several times to get the program to run.
This is because the manifest file within the RBCSoftware application gets corrupted between load/unload procedures, making the app…well stupid, and not run correctly next boot.
The problem has been addressed by several users and is being looked into.

– Roy

06/04/07Posted by: Roy

#Happy birthday, to me, happy birthday to me…#
The time is, 12:04am, and I’m totally hammered…
I’m also running out of beer…damn…bed soon then!

Bloody hell…
I have got to mention a big shout out to Fuzzi for remembering my birthday, and a big “Hello” to the “Diztruxshun” & “Uprising” crew, especially to JD Walker who is one sexy bloke.
Thanks Fuzzi, nowt like advertising that you like the guy huh?
– Roy

05/04/07Posted by: Roy

A very big and special thank you to;
and everyone else that set up my birthday surprise at work today, and also to the people who have wished me all the best, signed or sent me a card.
Thank guys!!!

Well, I’m a fully qualified (!?!?) G.E.C.S.A!
Basically, I’ve successfully completed my training, and I would just like to say a big WELL DONE to every other guy ‘n’ gal in my training group who has also got to this stage…
Weird really, only seems like yesterday everyone was shying around talking to other group members, now, we can’t shut anyone up!!!
All I can say is;
Rachael, Karen, Warren and all the other floor walkers, get ready, I’m still gonna have my hand up for help :o)
Other news…there aint none….
Ohhh wait, congratulations to Kayleigh who has finally received her laptop!!!

Kayleigh, by the way, I have a business opportunity for ya! Get back to me A.S.A.P
– Roy

03/04/07Posted by: Roy

Well, as another birthday creeps up, I ain’t got a clue what I would like, what I want to do or anything. Not really in birthdays…sorta.
I like the celebrating, but not the getting old bit ;o)
Anywhooo, I’m just working on the next update for XPRunnerNG which is plan for release early May. The date has been set back a bit due to recent events, and the fact I’m always tired from work etc. But I’m confident it will be on time.
– Roy

01/04/07Posted by: Roy

Members may have noticed that the menus have changed. This is because I have noticed that there seems to be a number of members that are under 18.
Really that shouldn’t have made a difference, but due to some of the mature fun stuff I have decided to (for now) remove the content.
The games for the members are now online. Bout time too!!!!!
By the way, see my monkey…

Pssst..We have some more Avatars uploaded!!!
– Roy