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25/09/06 – Posted by: Roy

I have returned!

Amongst other things, the main news I have is that yours truly is getting married!
My partner and I have finally set a date of Saturday, 30th June 2007.
(About time! – DJ Flight)

Now…I have been working late into the night, aided by copious amounts of coffee or alcohol trying to get XPRunner looking something like.

We are now developing version 2.16, the reason why its had a massive jump in versions is the shear amount of debugging we have done. I would imagine around 80% of the code actually works error free, the rest is new stuff we have put in, but are currently testing.

The main reason for the delay was a major bug in the “XP styling” code, it simply would just not work…!

This now being fixed, we can move onto the rest of the code to see if we can tweak it to run faster.

I would like to personally thank Deano for not only managing the site etc, but for also testing XPRunner too.

At the moment we have about 6 people testing XPRunner, if you would like to test XPRunner too, we are always on the look out so please contact us here

In other news, our very own member, Gandalf has taken advantage of my offer of a free blog!

At the moment, he is still getting to grips with the control panel for the blog! but fingers crossed there should be some posts on there shortly.
The address is

– Roy

01/09/06 – Posted by: Roy


As a sign of respect, I have placed a candle on this page to remember all those individuals and their families
affected by the events on that sad day.

May love and peace be with you always.

– RBCSoftware Team

“Bless thy children as they make their way home,

and give comfort to those left behind…”


– Roy

01/09/06 – Posted by: Deano

XPRunner is now online for download, the webpages to support this application has taken a slight set back as the FTP program we use has (which is strange) managed to remove the pages from our local drive.

We did manage to salvage some pages from a backup, but they are of only a “testing” quality, so please bare with us.

Nothing more really to report…The site has no major changes and everything is “business as usual”.

We (hopefully) should have more soon…

– Deano

01/09/06 – Posted by: Deano

We are about to launch the first release of XPRunner, a utility designed as a replacement for the standard Windows(tm) Run (accessed by WIN+R).

We are still weeding out bugs and glitches but over all it works fine and supports around 57 alias IDs.

Roy is currently working on the downloads and all the webpages for XPRunner, which should be online soon.

This is the first biggest release for RBCSoftware and we hope to make a success of it, but we cant do that without you lot, the users.

More as it comes.

– Deano