October 2006 Archives

26/10/06 – Posted by: Roy

At this moment in time, I am contemplating removing the Blog! service.
Hits have been frequent, but there are only 2 members. Which in my eyes is a waste of resources.
I will leave it for another month or so, but if no interest is being shown, the only deasible option is to remove the feature and free up some space on the server and databases.
XPRunner news, the pages for XPRunner are looking a little too “basic” and “stale” at the moment.
I will be updating these soon, with all the information you could wish to have.
On the programming side of XPRunner, the project is going very well.
I have found a couple of glitches that have spotted in the last couple of days.

  • Transparency does not work on main window.
  • When “mapping” the stats, the pie chart does not have any indication of what stat is for what slice of the pie chart.
  • We are currently work on version 3, which hopefully should be released by the end of this year.
    I will be setting up a special page where people can make suggestions of what we should/could include in the program.

    – Roy

    25/10/06 – Posted by: Roy

    Its been 5 days since I last updated the news, to be honest, the drinking session I had didnt help matters!!!
    I vow never to drink alcohol again…or at least theres some more available!
    I have done a few minor tweaks on the site, namely graphics and the layout.
    Other than that, theres nothing else to report…sorry.

    – Roy

    20/10/06 – Posted by: Roy

    As I sit here chillin, getting suitably drunk, my mind has gone totally blank of what to write.
    The only thing I can think of is that its soon to be our (my partner and I), 5th anniversary together.
    We are also planning our wedding for next year, finally!!!!
    Sorry, but there aint nothing else I can think to write, maybe its the alcohol…

    – Roy

    13/10/06 – Posted by: Roy

    I dont seemed to be getting much done in the way of this website.
    My apologies, but my time at the moment is taken up too much with XPRunner.
    That, the fact Caitlin has got a touch of cold…
    Speaking of Caitlin, see has started nursery this week, and she loves it.
    Which is great for us, gives us a break for two and a half hours, 3 days a week…
    Anyway, with that and helping my bro move house, being tired all the time and just plain
    busy doing other things, its hard to find the time to do anything else.

    XPRunner is coming on a real treat, I have added a few more features, which should be revealed soon.
    For now, I think I will tweak, edited or wreck, call it what you will, this site some more!!!

    – Roy