November 2006 Archives

29/11/06 – Posted by: Roy

You may have noticed a change to the site, if not, you must be blind! :o)
I have started to “decorate” my site, seeing as I will be doing this at home too, may as well got the full hog.
I had a blast from the past today as I decided to re-install Diablo II and its expansion pack, Lord of Destruction.
I cant believe I still have my barbarian, level 99 (!?) on my system…So, mucho choppy choppy, for about five minutes until I got bored.
At the moment, I am soooooooooooooo tired, I cant even be bothered programming at the moment, and ideas/updates/recoding are taxing my brain!
I think I may take a rest from it all until after Christmas and try other things…
Ah well, there you go, thats it for today…..

– Roy

28/11/06 – Posted by: Roy

As this is my second bit of news today, (due to the first lot being written in the early hours of this morning!), its going to be short and sweet…
After all my attempts to sneak away from the idea of putting Christmas decorations up today, I have finally been persuaded(!) to get them all out of the attic tomorrow, whilst Caitlin is at nursery.
I have insisted though that we dont put them up until the 1st of December which is early enough in my eyes.
Anyways, I have finally manage to weed out a little problem with XPRunner…
When you connect to the internet it calculates how much you have down/uploaded, the problem was…
As you disconnect from the internet, the logical step is to write the current values to a temporary location, pull the old values from storage, add the two and save them, at least that was the plan.
As I say, now it is fixed, hooraa!
Thats your lot for today!!!
– Roy

28/11/06 – Posted by: Roy

It seems apparent to me now that everyone has gone mad. Not only do people go bonkers with Christmas lights and decorations, but they seem to get earlier every year.
Theres a place near where I live, and I dont know who they are but, they have had their lights and decs up for 6 days already. MAD
With this, my partner is harassing me to get all our xmas decorations from the attic, “oh joy” I thought!
Still, its the magic of Christmas for the kids I suppose, which is fair enough.
Other news, with the help of a very kind gent (namely Greywulf) I have managed to get an automated MYSQL backup script done, making it easier to recover from any…err…accidents and mishaps!
Thanks again Greywulf.

I see by our records we have a new member, so welcome aboard “Tempest” and many thanks in advance for your contributions.
Programming news, XPRunner has got its first 2 addins, a basic mediaplayer and an internet temporary file remover. These will be expanded upon as usual, but for now they are only available when you install the main XPRunner program, they will of course be coming available as a separate download.
Website news, I will be shortly “re-opening” the games section. After monitoring the average bandwidth usage and number of game hits, I think it will be safe for the moment.

Oh, before I go, I just want to say a massive thank you to “DragonSlayer” for a code snippet he found for me some time ago, sorry its been so long, but thank you once again.

– Roy

24/11/06 – Posted by: Roy

Man, what a crappy day, at least, travelling wise!
My moan for the day, was this moron in a big flashy Jag, cut right in front of us this evening. Not only was this guy a real prick (pardon me for swearing), not only that but after our horn gave him what for, he, YES HE, had the audacity to wave the middle finger at us. He was in the wrong, yet how does he think hes right?
Its morons like that, that end up surviving in a crash that they caused…
Anyway, moaning over…
Tomorrows another day.
I have added a few things in the “Fun stuff” section, not yet complete but its a start.
More images to the galleries have been added, one extra for the troll section and one, the only one for a new section on zombies. So feel free to have a butchers.

– Roy

23/11/06 – Posted by: Roy

I have a stinking cold…AGAIN! and so has my daughter.
Whenever shes gets it, I get it and vice versa. Oh well.
Soooo, sorry, I aint going to be writing a great deal, coz my head hurts, I got the sniffles and I feel like crap, and to make matters worse…Its nearly the weekend a yet again, another sober one.
– Roy

20/11/06 – Posted by: Roy

What a start to the week!
Skint, low on coal, not bought anything for Christmas yet and tired!
It seems no matter how early I go to bed, I always get up more knackered than the day before.
Due to the time of year, updates on XPRunner and most other programs are now, not going to be completed until early next year.
The timetable is as follows;

  • January 2007 – XPRunner Version 3.5
  • End of January 2007 – RBCSoftware Photo album
  • End of February 2007 – NotePadXP Version 4
  • End of June 2007 (with bits added in between) – VBOnline Section
  • Ongoing projects will be added/updated as and when.
  • Again, the reason for this is largely due to the fact that RBCSoftware is a “one man band” at the moment, because “Big” Deano is on holiday.
    Its also so it gives me a break and some thinking time to come up with some fresh ideas. All this and the fact I want to spend some quality time with my family and not be tied down to the computer all the time.
    The site will still get updated on a regular basis (or as regular as it normally gets!), just to let people know whats going off etc…

    Since starting, I have had many doubts as to whether to carry it on or not. I think over the last couple of months or so, there has been a big push to help me decide. I have decided to keep it going, because at the end of the day, its all about learning and progressing further.
    So I hope you guys dont mind me hanging around for longer…
    Until the next time…

    – Roy

    18/11/06 – Posted by: Roy

    Its been a funny old week, what with arguing with countless people at 3 Mobile network about their “marketing” tactics and how they use an overseas call centre, the with BT for not providing enough resources for us to block the calls, its been fun.
    Still, the calls have finally stopped though…
    Well, the days are getting shorter and the cold weather is upon us, and we are really feeling the strain (as we do, every year) with the heating. Being a coal fire, and the fact our local authorities are doing sweet F.A to help its going to be a tough one!
    Still, could be worse as I always say…
    Anywhoo, I have had a request from one of our members to create a simple program for him, which I have done, soooo, if anyone else has anything for me to do, give us an email here, and give us some details. I will contact you for further details should I need them.
    – Roy

    15/11/06 – Posted by: Roy

    As you can see, I have recently joined “advertising market” and have introduced Google Adsense, and Bravenet affiliation program. Its a great way to get some money back from the website, to more in sorta thing.
    If you got your own website, why not give it a go???
    There is also a Google search available, just for added convenience.

    So whats your Christmas wish list? why not share it with others.
    click here to add your wish list and see what others are wanting from Santa Claus…
    – Roy

    10/11/06 – Posted by: Roy

    After wading through what seems like an eternity of webpages, I have had a very early spring clean!
    Also, after looking at the avatar section, I see more could be done to this, so expect more online soon (fingers crossed).
    As its 2:22am, and I am very tired, the news will be very short.
    In fact, thats it!
    – Roy

    10/11/06 – Posted by: Roy

    More images have been added to the gallery, and I am very pleased to say, that the full rendering of the troll is fantastic even if I do say so myself, which I do!.
    XPRunner is in full throttle now, heres whats been updated at the moment;

    1. Junk/useless items have been removed
    2. Mediaplayer has had a number of items re-worked to run smoother
    3. Volume control and “media progress bar” errors fixed
    4. Personal startup manager added, so hen XPRunner starts custom item will launch also
    5. A pie chart has been added to stats, that is color-coded to easily identify most used programs
    6. Glitch in options menu, when saving fixed
    7. Transparency issues fixed
    8. Optimized code to increase performance and reduce CPU usage
    9. Update engine updated, communication error between XPRunner and server fixed

    These new additions and updates will be ready sometime in December when the final build is released.
    Again, if anyone has any suggestions please email me with them.
    – Roy

    08/11/06 – Posted by: Roy

    At the moment my new addiction is Daz3D, an excellent 3D modelling program.
    To tell you the truth, I have had Daz3D downloaded for some months, but unfortunatly my onboard graphics card cant handle the program, however, a friend very kindly gave me a Radeon 9200, and it works a dream!!!
    I have uploaded my feeble attempts, which are now in the new section marked “gallery” on the navigation bar.
    More will (of course) be added soon, for download etc, I hope you like them!
    – Roy

    05/11/06 – Posted by: Roy

    I am currently tweaking the way XPRunner operates. The main reason for this is that I have found a glitch that makes XPRunner, clock processor usage. Basic tests indicate that there seems to be an infinate loop in one of the routines.
    I have also fixed a number of issues surrounding transparency issues.

    Projects aside, I hope you all had a great bon fire night, and that no one got hurt.
    Other news making it on to here today is the news surrounding Saddam Hussain.
    I aint gonna go into details though, you could just check out, ohh, lets see…about every news providing website around for more information.

    You may have noticed on our site a link called “Members EBay section”. If you have an EBay account and you have saved it in your profile for RBCSoftware, people can visit your EBay shop to see if your selling anything. Cool huh?

    – Roy

    01/11/06 – Posted by: Roy

    Cor Blimey, its nearly Christmas!
    As I was looking through some of my old (and I mean old) programs, I thought I may update one or two to put on here for download, I will of course keep you posted.
    Meanwhile, before anyone says anything, at the time of writing I have left the Halloween messages and images on the main page. These will be coming down shortly, so dont send messages…ok?
    I am going to put a basic message board on here so people can leave a little message, just to say hi, or whatever you feel like. Please think on though, anything nasty and vindictive will be removed. But I know I wont have to, because your all nice people :o)
    There maybe some disruption to the site over the coming weeks, as I am taking the login scripts back to the drawing board, as it were. Dont panic, it will only be a temporary thing.
    Overall, theres not a great deal to report, sorry.
    I hope you all had a good halloween, and if I dont post before, have a fun and safe bon fire night.

    – Roy