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31/05/06 – Posted by: R.Jones

Birthday listings have been (finally) uploaded, so when its your birthday and if your a registered member, your name will be shown to wish you happy birthday. Cool huh???
A big thank you to Greywulf (Again) for helping me out with the coding…
As mentioned now, I am going to be taking a back seat for a while so I can get more site content ready for upload, also, taking advantage of not working on this site I can sort, archive and remove junk from my computer.
I will from time to time have some input, and reply to messages of course.
In the meantime please continue to come back and see what we have to offer…

– Roy

30/05/06 – Posted by: R.Jones

I will be taking a break from updating this site for a while, or at least some of the componants.
This is primarily so I can have more input on my Visual Basic work.
Also in the news, we have our first Beta tester, Gandalf.
Now Gandalf is a very good friend of mine and was a prime choice for debunking my work as he had done so on countless occassions before, and without him, some programs would have been distributed with critical flaws in them.
So welcome aboard Gandalf!!!
Apart from his main duties of testing software, he will have other duties within the site. He does not know this as yet :o)

– Roy

26/05/06 – Posted by: R.Jones

After having quite alot to drink at our local pub last night, its hardly suprising I havent updated anything!!!
However, as tonight is my “computer night” I will be doing some updating. I have got plans to finally upload IMon and my NotePad program, but I need testers for my programs.
At this stage I have only one tester…ME.
If your interested, sign up to be an RBCSoftware tester, details of this will follow shortly.

*** Updated ***
For more info on becoming a tester click here
– Roy

25/05/06 – Posted by: R.Jones

I have made a few changes, primarily to the admin features, so nothing that members can see or do anything with.
I did manage to find a glitch when updating member details, namly it wasnt saving them. This is now sorted, and apologies for any inconvenience

– Roy

24/05/06 – Posted by: R.Jones

Where do I start??? truth is I havent done anything to be fair…
For some strange reason Im getting slowly addicted to Big Brother 7.
Ooh the shame, still its quite entertaining when theyre not cutting the sound from live TV every 2 seconds!!! I know its only just started and theres around 12 weeks left (I think), but Pete to win!!!!

– Roy

23/05/06 – Posted by: R.Jones
Yey, I have finally written an admin page, so I can now edited my news pages at work.
I will be adding more, just as soon as I figure out some things.
I almost fell (again) to the powers of “Mambo” and “PostNuke”, now these two lovely little things are free with my provider, and make it easier to display content etc, but again I feel that it would flatten MY learning curve.
Rest assured, I will continue to develop the site myself by learning, and not succomb to the powers of “FREE” content managers.
I am also in the process of updating, compiling and “adding to” my forums provided by “PHPbb”…
Yeah, go on, have a go…I know what your thinking “all that moaning and groaning about learning curves and layouts and “FREE” content managers, and he goes an uses a “FREE” forum manager.”

Truth is, things like that are waaaaaay beyond my capabilities, so until I master the basics Im sticking to what I do know.
– Roy

19/05/06 – Posted by: R.Jones
I have not been well with one thing and another over the last couple of days, so the pages have not been updated as much as I would like.
I have done some browsing, but have tried to shy away from doing anything that would make me think :o)
Rest assured, I will be updating as soon as possible. I know the Visual Basic section isnt completed for which I do appologize most sincerely.
I have some other plans in the pipeline, but alas, maybe its just me, but I think to myself (#wotta wonderfull world…#) that all this maybe in vain.
Why do I think this?
Well judging by the site hits and other stats, there doesnt seem to be much interaction with people, maybe its the site, the layout etc I dont know.
Sure theres plenty of people visiting, but not joining in. I will endeavor to continue my research….

– Roy

16/05/06Posted by: R.Jones
As Monday draws to an end, and the drag that is Tuesday looms over, Im
sat here pondering “What next?”
For RBCS I mean. I have added some new things for users to add to their profile, such as their top ten links.
I am currently setting up/writing a page for members to
put a personal statment on there, you know the sort of stuff you WANT people to know, where you live (perhaps), what your interested in etc.
Well see how it pans out.
For now, Im in the process of updating and uploading my VB applications ready for download. As this is a one man show, its difficult to find the time to update all what I want to, maybe I will get a partner to do my evil bidding!!!
– Roy

08/05/06Posted by: R.Jones
Having finally recovered from my PC problem, I have now manage to get a photo gallery online, thanks to “Coppermine“.
Hopefully this will encourage members and guests to upload their contribution.
Although, I must stress that they are going to be monitered, and if abused I will put restrictions in place.
Hopefully, I will have some online when some work colleagues and myself went bowling in Rotherham, South Yorkshire (UK), oh theres some right mug shots believe me :o)
Also, all the news from April and before, have now been archived, so if you want to read up on previous news check out the “Archives”
– Roy

01/05/06Posted by: R.Jones
Oh dear what a terrible week, when it comes to my computer!!! Ive not had chance really to update anything as my computer has serverely crashed on me over the past week…Everything is ok now, and only minimal damage was caused, but it has caused a major delay in updating things.
Never mind, keeping positive, Im starting slowly but surly in updating and uploading the Visual Basic Section. Im working on roughly about 2 or 3 pages a day, which is not cracking but at least its a start.
I managed to rake out an old game I did some time ago, Simpsons one armed bandit. Its got its novelty value, but hey not bad for a newbie!!!
– Roy