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31/12/06 – Posted by: Roy

Rather than sending out ecards and stuff, I’m going to wish the following people a Happy New year on this news section.
So here goes.
Most importantly Babs & Caitlin,
Mark, Katie, Josh, Dave, Lyns, JJ, Johnathon, David, Janet, Albert, Lynne, Alan, Marie, Michael, Kerry, Mam, Dad, Lesley, John, Lesley, Todd, Keeley, Niall, Pat, Norman, Janet, Geoff, Pam, Jane, Ian, Leanne, Joe, Lyn, Roy, Marina, Deano (DJ Flight), Marie, Danny, Gary, Lisa, Laura, Steve D, Leroy, Paul, John, Kelly, Julie, Andy, Carl, Deena, Jade, Claire, Jozeph, Marko, Mr Logan, Robin (Greywulf), Christa, Jessica, Jenny, Shane, John L, Les, Malc, Pete, Phil, Pat, Rob, Sonic, ALL RBCSoftware members, and anybody else I have forgot to mention.
I got to tell you this little story, its so funny…
Babs (my partner) was unsure what to get me for a Christmas prezzi, so I said to her I would look on EBay for an IPod. In the end, I got an MP3 player which looks almost like an IPod, has more features, and a hell of alot cheaper (£6.99 for main unit, £16.99 P&P from Hong Kong (Picture will be online shortly)), anywhoo, after we went out drinking on Boxing day, I was describing it to her..
Now being a little bit tipsy, she tried to explain to my brother when he came and picked us up, what it was, but what she came out with was unbelievable, she called it an I-Patch!!!
Oh how we laughed…I guess its a case of “you should have been there”, but it was funny at the time.

– Roy

29/12/06 – Posted by: Roy

After nights of hard work, XPRunnerNG is now at the standard the previous version was at. However, I’m holding back on releasing it for download as yet. The is primiarily so I can test it on other systems and in controlled situations. ‘Controlled tests’ if you will.
I am currently working on getting the VB section online, it is in the shape of a message board, provided by PHPbb, which some of you may have heard of.
It has the features and functions I wanted and seemed an ideal choice.
Its seems our family tradition to be ill for the new year too, my daughter has a bad cough, and cold (again), I have the cold and my partner is suffering from IBS. Theres always something aint there???
Anywhoo, thats all for now, apart from to say, if I don’t write again this side of the new year…

– Roy

25/12/06 – Posted by: Roy

It’s here, it’s gone for another year. I hope that each and every wish has come true, and you all got want you wanted from Santa, as I have done.
Nothing really to write about, as 1) I’m drunk, and 2) aprt from playing with Caitlin and her toys I have done nothing else. Just kicking back and enjoying the festivities.

Merry Christmas
– Roy

22/12/06 – Posted by: Roy

We have FINALLY finished all our Christmas shopping! Tomorrow we fight the hordes at the supermarket to get all the food in for the holidays, copious amounts of booze, and general artifacts of edible delectability.
Gandalf’s blog is online again, theres nothing on there at the moment, but give it time…
I havent got anything major to report today, as I have been wrapping prezzies this evening so there aint even anything to report from my various computer activities either. Oh well,
maybe by tomorrow night there will be something juicy!!!

3 more days to go
– Roy

21/12/06 – Posted by: Roy

Thanks to Greywulf we now have a name for my new cartoon alien, his name is Logan.
Thats about all the excitment I can take today, plus its 1am and I’m tired!!!

4 more days to go
– Roy

20/12/06 – Posted by: Roy

I don’t know whats wrong with me!!! My computer is going bonkers, and I can’t be arsed with it!
Normally, I would be on the case in a split second, but instead I decided to design another cartoon. Its no way near complete, but its a start.
I am struggling with a name though, so if you have any ideas, give us a mail
This is the image;
Speaking of my computer going bonkers, I must be too. After the fatal problems with my computer last week, you’d think I would have learned my lesson, right?
Wrong, I came to do some more work on XPRunner NG, and guess what??? One of the primary files was missing, DARN IT!
I did a full sweep of both my drives for deleted files, and nothing was picked up :o(
So AGAIN, I’m having to start from scratch. On the plus side though, most of the aliases where saved as a text file, yey!

5 more days to go
– Roy

19/12/06 – Posted by: Roy

All I’ve done today is do tests, the stupid ones and the not so stupid ones, I’ve even found out my true IQ…which is nice!
Check out my results and follow the links to complete your tests.
My tests & results.

6 more days to go
– Roy

18/12/06 – Posted by: Roy

Nearly finished my Christmas shopping, and I think we have just got to go food shopping next and stock up for the holidays.
I’m really getting into the swing of things now, can’t wait to see my daughter face of Christmas day. She is only 2 and a half, but I think she knows now that this time of year she gets loads of prezzies.
We gone overboard with her this year, as we did last year too, but hey she deserves it bless her.
Her Christmas party is (later) today at nursery, she’ll love that…
I’m well on my way to regenerating XPRunner (NG)…The NG merely means Next Generation.
It already has 71 built in aliases, and thats without even starting on the “common” programs…
Thats all for today or at least for now.

7 more days to go
– Roy

16/12/06 – Posted by: Roy

What a nightmare!
The other day, I lost it, and I mean lost it. Lost it all, my projects, my pictures everything.
What the hell are you talking about? I here you cry.
Or maybe not
Basically, thanks to (it seems) AOL, my computer completely knackered up, to the point I had to flatten the hard drive and reinstall Windows. Before people start saying “you should have backed up you work”, I know I should, but both my burners (CD and DVD) have been playing up.
So I lost everything.
But, not being a defeatest, everything will continue.
At the moment though, there is no support for XPRunner or anything else for that matter.
After taking “time-out” to think about things, have a cry etc I have decided to redo all of XPRunner. The old version will be available for download, but again, no support can be given, and no updates will be provided. So being the optimist I am, XPRunner will return bigger and better than ever….hopefully.

So with all that out of the way, a massive apology for everyone who has tried to contact me, and who haven’t had a response. I will be catching up with all the emails shortly.

9 more days to go
– Roy

14/12/06 – Posted by: Roy

Not a great deal to report today. The only exciting thing I have done is win a brand new Thomas the tank engine playset for my daughter, off EBay, she’ll love it.
Mind you, she loves;

  1. Mr Bean – Animated series
  2. Lazy Town (favourite of the favourites)
  3. Simpsons
  4. Peppa Pig
  5. Scooby doo

so picking presents this year for Caitlin will be easier than expected!!!
A friend of the site (Greywulf) has come up with an interesting ideaof “deconstructing you”, you can check it out here. Have a go at designing your own.
Heres mine;

I also discovered a test that determines how male/female your brain is (?!?!)
The results are shocking, take a look at mine;

Strange, very strange!

11 more days to go
– Roy

13/12/06 – Posted by: Roy

After deciding for what seems like forever, I have finally picked my prezzy for Christmas from my partner. It’s Mortal Kombat Armageddon, now to be fair, I’ve been a passionate follower of MK since it started way back in the 90’s. But even I didn’t know about this new release until shopping on Littlewoods Online. Now whilst on one hand, it seems like “just another MK title”, it picks up from where MK Deception left off. Now MK Deception was cool, it had an in-built adventure/story mode, “chess” style Kombat, puzzle fighter, ay it is good. But this installment has that (or similar) AND over 60 player fighters (allegedly!).
Anywhoo, either your a MK fan or not, its down to what you think.
Well, off to bed now, because I’m absolutly knackered! My daughter decided it was time to play at 2am this morning, and after struggling with her for about 20 minutes, she decided it was playtime again at 3am. Little monkey!!!.

12 more days to go
– Roy

09/12/06 – Posted by: Roy

Cor blimey, what a day. I have (finally) noticed a simple feature to add and removed slashes when using certain characters and trying to save them in a MYSQL table.
Now you are going to think I’m a complete amateur, but I don’t mind admitting I didn’t know.
Anywhoo, thats been sorted out, the other thing I’ve been doing, is checking out the Lazy Town website. Why?, because Sportacus is my daughter’s hero it seems, and to be honest I think that the whole idea of Lazytown is a very, very good idea.
Now the guy that plays him, (Magnus Scheving) is an Icelandic fitness fanatic (and ) committed to helping kids and parents understand the importance of healthy eating and exercise.
And to be honest the blokes a shear genius, even my 2year old daughter loves to dance to the upbeat songs featured in the hit TV series.
So I take my hat off to the bloke…well done.
This news was done in the early hours of Monday morning, so expect more drivel tomorrow night.
As promised, more drivel…!
I thought I take a break from all the programming, updating profiles, surfing the net in general and kick back with “Wallace and Gromit’s Zoo Project” game. After I finally found my joypad and got started with the game, I’m already stuck on the second level, I’m losing my touch me tinks.
Anyway, I then thought “why don’t I get some more ROMs for my emulators” and I found this cool site Rom Bay where you can get all those old favorites you used to play, please remember though, legally you are only entitled to download the ROMs you already own as a game.
Actually, is there a decent PS2 emulators out??? although, I never get chance to play on my PS2, and when I do get the chance, I can’t be bothered to go on it!!!
I’ve got about 40 or so games, and only about 12 I’ve completed, the ones I’m trying to do are;

  1. Resident Evil: Outbreak
  2. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
  3. Grand Turismo 4
  4. Eye Toy

14 more days to go
– Roy

09/12/06 – Posted by: Roy

Ahhh, not long now!!!, I think I’m finally starting to get into the Christmas spirit.
Just spending time with my family and watching my daughter unwrap all her presents will make it all worth while.
Another XPRunner addin is available, again it is aimed at the “techy” people out there.
It is a simple Ping utility with “save results” feature.
It aint going to win any awards, but at least its there for people benefit.
Over the last couple of days I have been sorting my music collection, and I forgot about some of the great tracks I have, check these out, does anyone remember them (only for the “ravers”);

  1. Charlie Low Noise and Mental Theo – Hardcore Feelings
  2. Charlie Low Noise and Mental Theo – Forever Young 2001
  3. DJ VAnUX mix – Speedcore Shockwave Strike DOA
  4. DJ Nitro Vs. DJ Rush – Hardcore Classic
  5. Scott Brown Feat. Gillian Tennent – Everytime I close my eyes
  6. Bang Bros – Put your a** in the air
  7. Bang Bros – Wie alt bist du?

Oh the list could go on forever…
And before anyone starts bad mouthing ravers past and present, why bother? I am pretty sure theres music in your own collection you don’t like to come to light. Besides, I love all types of music, its just my main preference is Techno, Hardcore, Gabba and so on.

At the moment, I’m in the processes of creating an online shopping centre for our products and funky stuff. Keep tuned for any updates as things will be online (hopefully) in the new year.

16 more days to go
– Roy

08/12/06 – Posted by: Roy

I have just complete the fastest project ever, well it was a small one anyway. Its a new addin for XPRunner, basically it will download a (text based) file from the net, ie. *.php, *.htm etc then it will strip all the tags for you to nosy and play around with. It also gives you the option the to save the results.
Pretty cool, huh?
Took me about an hour to complete…
It will be available in the next XPRunner update package.
Right now though, Christmas is getting me down a little bit. Im not a “bah humbug” sorta bloke, but getting stressed with the lack of money!
Not only that, our debt management guys who we pay to sort out the mess of our debts has decided to say (and pardon my French) Piss off!
So, this leaves us with a problem, a big problem. But hey ho, could be worse right?
But on saying that, I have just bought two prezzies from, which is nice, mainly because I got two brand new items at less high street retail price. So like I said, nice!.

17 more days to go
– Roy

07/12/06 – Posted by: Roy

Man, I am really fed up with this cold, its nearly gone finally, but now I go the frickin’ tickley cough again!
Caitlin is nearly over it all too, and she is having a better nights sleep of late.
And the heart-burn, jesus…it feels like my heart is…well, burning, d’oh
Site news, I have ONLY just managed to find a bug that could have potentially wrecked the site.
The exact nature of the problem I ain’t going to divulge, but what I can say is that is was something to do with how people register. Again this has now been fixed, so don’t fret.

Not long now until the fat, beared git drops off presents to all you good boys and girls, then its the new year, when you all start complaining how much Christmas cost you, making false resolutions…just like me…

18 more days to go
– Roy

05/12/06 – Posted by: Roy

I have finally started Christmas shopping, yey!
Still no where near finished though, its so hard trying to think what to get for people these days.
Oh, before I forget, I have been ask to give a Happy Christmas to all the people I used to go “ravin'” with, so from Deano “DJ FLight” and myself, a big Happy Christmas to;
Smiggy, Beth, Shaz, Mad Onion, Cap, Mase, Lisa, Rich, Tez, Andy, Shelly, Brian, MC Pulse, DJ Darkside, Mikey, Liz, Baz, Kelly and Mitch.
Phew, I think thats everyone…
Anywhooo, 20 more days to go, I can honestly say, I don’t feel very Christmassy yet, maybe I will closer to the time.
My daughter is looking forward to it, which is the main thing I feel, Christmas (aside from the traditional stuff) is basically for kids anyway.
More about getting drunk for the adults!!!
Site news, the basic ecard script is online, but I am tweaking/adding and re-writing chucks as I go.
Its not bad for my first REAL PHP script I suppose, it ain’t gonna win any awards but hey…
Check it out here.

20 more days to go
– Roy

01/12/06 – Posted by: Roy

Is everyone getting excited yet?
My daughter is…!
I havent even started ANY Christmas shopping yet, and time is ticking. Its the same every year for us.
Still, at least the site is upto date in a fashion.
I have now added a free Nokia mobile phone unlocking page that has been provided by NokiaFX (Thanks guys!), so you can, err, well unlock your phone!
This is only available to Members by the way, sorry, but thats the way it is…

I have had a bit of a re-jig with member menus, nothing to much, just to make it easier to navigate really. As always, keep coming back because more stuff is added daily.
A new section has been opened up in our downloads section.
This is, the “Must have software and links”
It contains either the website link to get the recommended software, or has the software internally on RBCSoftwares domain.
Of course more will be added as and when I can…

24 more days to go
– Roy