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25/08/06 – Posted by: Deano

Once again the site has had a slight update. The background image has been replaced with a anew graphic designed by Roy himself using Terragen. I think is starting to look a little better and more focused on what it was set out to do.
I dont think Roy will mind me saying but, alot of people make the mistake of trying to jam lots into a website which makes it look cramped and, well cheesy.
I guess Roy will be making more additions soon but as yet I havent heard anything from him (subtle hint there).
As for now, logging in is still the same but with the site havent a drastic alteration some parts maybe unavailble. This is not intentional, its just it may have been overlooked.
More soon…
– Deano

19/08/06 – Posted by: Roy

I am going to be taking a break from the site for now as I have some (freelance) work to do, quite urgently! Im sure Deano will take good care of you all in my absence and by all means should anyone like to drop me a line or have a query, please feel free.
Bye for now
– Roy

13/08/06 – Posted by: Deano

As you can see, the site has had a slight change in layout. We have added a graphic to the right hand menu bar to add a little bit of consistancy. I believe Roy is currently working on some more avatars which should be ready for upload very soon. Personally I am just checking the site for bugs and glitches so I can report back and improve the site. My rant over for now.
– Deano

07/08/06 – Posted by: Deano

As this is my first news addition, I would like to introduce myself…
My name is Dean (or my friends call me Deano), and I first met Roy at a gig, DJing in Doncaster, South Yorkshire (United Kingdom). Since then we have remained good friends and worked on several projects together.
I personally have been a professional web developer for the past 4 years now and as per Roys request, I have taken on the role of content/site administrator.
Now perhaps you may be wondering why, being a professional web developer, why it is not I that has designed the site, well, its a vaild question and to explain in short, Roy wanted to learn how to do it himself, which is fair (and commendable in my eyes), and with work etc I wouldnt be able to maintain the site fully anyway.
Now I wouldnt be any sort of a friend if I didnt have any pointers along the way (“thanks” – Roy) but I will be working very much in the background as it were.
Thank you very much for listening to my rant, and perhaps we will speak soon.

– Deano

07/08/06 – Posted by: R.Jones
Part 2

My Blog! is now fully functional and available at
Everyone is of course welcome to do the same or just comment on what I have previously written.
Registration is required, but as ever, it is free. This is basically to protect the service from unwanted “Anon” posts.
As always, have fun, bye for now…

– Roy

Part 1

I have just finished uploading all the new pics, so take a butchers at my gallery(s)…
Soon members will have quick access to gallery via the member tool bar, but for now goto;
Other Stuff > RBCSoftware Photo Gallery.

Things are really taking shape now and I do hope that I can continue with this project for many months, if not years to come.
Again, a big thank you to people who contribute, wish us well or just generally visit the site.
More news to come later

– Roy

04/08/06 – Posted by: R.Jones

I have decided now to have my own blog, this is purely so I can keep my “site” news seperate from my “everyday” news, the link is located in the left hand side colum, labelled “Roys Blog” (cool huh?)
At present I am making preparations to change the site (as you may or may not know), aided by the ever lovely Dean, he will be contributing more to the site in the months to come.
The site really appears to be taking off, I caught a glimpse this lunchtime at the site stats and was quite shocked…The site has already had over 55,000 hits in 4 days. I do realise that all these are not unique hits, but still the site is getting some usage which I am very pleased about.

I have introduced a “Share your…” section were you can share anything you like and explain why, have a butchers, its located on the left navigation bar, called “Share your…”
– Roy