April 2006 Archives

20/04/06 – Posted by: R.Jones
Well, as you can see the entire site has changed, thanks to a very nice man Greywulf.
With his help, this site now uses tables and not frames/iframes as it once did. I’m impressed with the feel of the site so far, and can only look forward to the things to come.
Theres still alot of work to be done, but, this is an ongoing project of mine, so I’m gonna stick with it :o)
All the best for now, it is getting late as I type this, so I’m off to bed now….
– Roy

05/04/06Posted by: R.Jones
3 new flash games have been added for registered users to play…you know the type you play on your lunch break at work.
Anywhoo, its my birthday tomorrow, so chances are I won’t be doing alot of updating, but alot of drinking :o)
At the moment I’m tinkering with the php code for registered members to "redeem" the points they have earned, at this stage I’m unsure as to what they can trade for, but hey, I’ll get there.
Still trying to figure out how people can click on a member to view their details. Confusing, but hey I’ve only been doing php 3 weeks…
– Roy

29/03/06 – Posted by: R.Jones
RBCSoftware Powered by "Drupal" is no more…
After spending almost 7 hours trying to configure Drupal, I said to myself at work today, ‘No Roy, learn the hard way, get rid of Drupal and start from the ground up’. So I did, I do feel better for it though.
Its nice having a ‘What You See Is What You Get’ interface, all pretty colors and themes, the layout imaculate, but wheres the "real" learning curve?
So, its back to the basic layout, which to be fair, I think its simplicity works well, what do you think?
– Roy

28/03/06 – Posted by: R.Jones
Quite a bit happened since the last post. The content really hasn’t changed as yet, I have been developing a ‘Login/out’ and ‘update user details’ scripts. Gawd its tough. But I think I’ve managed it. Again, I’m looking for the script to work first before I beautify it, and I know, I really shouldn’t do this as people will see the site and think ‘poor’, but I would like for people to see the different stages as the site develops…So keep tuned.
Thanks for viewing.
– Roy

07/03/06 – Posted by: R.Jones
I have deliberatly not updated the news, as…there is nothing much to report I’m afraid.
With all those late nights and early mornings taking it toll I havent managed to much done.
I’ve changed the "news" layout but thats about it.
I’m just in the processes of sorting out a lot os *.pps files out (Powerpoint presentations), you know, the ones that get passed round work etc, well, they’ll soon be on here also.
For now, Adios!!!
– Roy

28/02/06 – Posted by: R.Jones
Well, I finally got my broadband modem. Yippee!, However, with all the trouble I had getting the thing to work!!!
Anywhooo, after discussing this site to a work colleague, he suggested to give the site a complete overhaul and write it in PHP.
Great, the only trouble, my domain/host requires me to spend more pennies to get the site PHP active.
Oh well, alls fair in love, war and web design.
Sooo, when I get around to it, I will be doing things in PHP, which should be nice :o/
Well, its 12.39am so I’m off to beddy byes now, early start on the morra and all that.
– Roy

22/02/06 – Posted by: R.Jones
I have updated most of the links, in the respect that "if it aint there, it will be shortly" message will be displayed.
Unfortunatly, I only have a 56K dialup services at the mo, so any big files are ‘pending’ until my ISP sends me my brand spanking new broadband modem…yippee!
– Roy

19/02/06 – Posted by: R.Jones
After racking my brains for the last couple of days, I have finally found a guestbook script that even I can understand.
So its now online and can be found on the under "Guestbook" (d’oh).
Hopefully more things will get online soon, so keep chooned…
– Roy

18/02/06 – Posted by: R.Jones
Hello and welcome to the new home of RBCSoftware.
Now firstly, I would like to thank everyone who has helped so far in getting this thing online.
Now the whole purpose of this site is for "Learning".
What I mean by this is, whilst on one hand Visual Basic is second nature, my weak point is web design, html code, php etc, you know the stuff I mean.
Well this is my pet project if you will, a learning process. So if some things seem strange or it looks out of place, or whatever it may be, please bare with me.
Of course, anyone wishing to teach an old dawg new tricks, and take on the challenge of learning me PHP or advanced html then that would be great.
Thanks in advance
– Roy