Initial Statement released: 11th July 2012

A massive thank you for your visit

RBCSoftware has ‘officially’ been retired.
If your my friend on Facebook or Twitter you’ll probably already know the story behind the changes.

Firstly, due to an error on my part, my hosting (with my previous provider) had expired, as a result 6 years of work and blogs gone to the four winds.
Not being the one to suffer in defeat at not being able to get anything back from my provider, I have switched providers and subsequently I have a new domain name.

At the moment, if you’ve come here from ‘rbcsoftware.me.uk’ you will be redirected automatically to the new domain (rbcj-hub.co.uk) and don’t need to do anything.

So, if you’re one of the 3 million hits RBCSoftware.me.uk received over its 6 year life, then a huge thank you from me personally.

So what happens now?
Well, as everything has been lost, I am indeed starting from scratch. A pity and a real shame but I’m not dwelling on the past, only looking forward to the future. It has also given me a chance to ‘redo’ everything and sort things as they should have originally been.

Whats going to be available?
Step by step everything that was available before will be put back, Eg: my art work, blog and my software. Eventually I want some things in place which I’ve got on my mind at the moment, that’s all I’m saying at the moment, so please keep tuned.

I am but one man, and a family one at that, so updates may fluctuate, I apologize in advance of this, but I’m no miracle worker :o)

Why this new domain, rbcj-hub?
Well, as most of you know, RBCSoftware was named so because of my family and myself.

Since the birth of our 2nd child, Jack, I wanted to incorporate his name into the domain, unfortunately RBCJSoftware didn’t seem to ‘hit the spot’, so rbcj-hub was chosen so anything and everything related to what I/we do is in one central place, the hub.

So for now, I’m off to plan a lot of things that are on my mind.
Thank you one and all for being involved and taking the ‘time out’ to visit my little online presence.

Kindest Regards


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