I’m still here…

For the past couple of months, well, about six months to be precise, I have found it increasingly difficult to motivate myself to do anything across the whole of my domain.

Personal health has been one of the biggest factors causing this period of inactivity, but amongst that, I am suffering from a kind of depression I find difficult to talk about, as to some it would probably sound silly.
Nevertheless, it is this amongst a few other issues that are causing me to show very little interest at the moment.

So what will happen to RBCJ Hub?
To be honest, I have not yet thought deeply into it much, purely for the same reasons as above.
However, for the meantime, the pages of RBCJHub will remain open and active until such time I am able to give a clear and decisive action.

I hope that for the moment people will at least try and understand without prejudice and continue to visit for whatever reason you choose. As I have done today, I will try at some point(s) to keep you all updated, but for now, thanks for visiting…

~ The Creator

Well hello there…

Hello to everyone, and welcome to 2015.
I hope you all had a very happy Christmas and an even better new year.

For myself, it was busy but I enjoyed the festivities, and I must say I even managed not to get drunk at our new years eve party, which has got to be a first.

Over the last couple of months or so, I have been hard at work bringing the site upto speed with updates.
Over the Christmas period I had taken most “side” parts to the site offline. The blog being one, but also Chuckles n Such.
Having noticed a number of duplicated images, I shut the site down, removed all the images and have begun the time-consuming process of checking for duplicate images as well as preparing all the new images.
The site should hopefully be up and running again soon.

As for my personal health update, over the xmas season I had unfortunately managed to get the dreaded “lurg”.
A sickness bug is currently working its way around and sadly, it has affected my eldest child Caitlin and my youngest Jack and it would seem it was my turn shortly after. I felt so ill, headaches, hot and cold shivers, painful sinuses and bodily aches adding up to quite a miserable time.
Still, I’m on the mend and my only problem is now, is trying to stay awake!
I’m not sure if it’s the medication I’m on or just that the “staying at home” is becoming so tedious and “samey” it’s sending me into an endless spiral of tiredness.

Anyway, as I say I hope you all had a good Christmas time and I hope 2015 will bring you all you deserve and want.

All the best…

~ Roy



…to you all! All the best!

To all those who are sadly, no longer with us, and to all our brave lads and lasses overseas “thinking of you this Christmas time”

A special shout out to;
Babs – my wife, for putting up for me for another 12 months.
Caitlin – my special little daughter, love you to bits
Also, my brother Ian, mam and dad, my 2nd mam who is watching from heaven, all my other relatives an in-laws who are too numerous to mention, all my friends, again too numerous to mention.
It’s a privilege to know you all, love you all to bits.
Have a great Christmas xxxx

Bah Humbug(ish)

I seem to be having this conversation every
fking year! Read this post if you don’t
believe me: http://www.rbcsoftware.me.uk/?p=597
For (hopefully) the last time. In short, I do not regret Christmas,
for the traditional values, not for the hyped up commercial shit
that gets rammed down our throats!
Read more Bah Humbug(ish)


Yes, silence.
My online activities are being kept to a very extreme minimum. The reasons is I have a lot on my plate at the moment and certainly I don’t have the motivation at present.
I’m just a little stressed at the moment with a lot of things and I just need some time to work and think things through.
I’m having sleepless/restless nights and can’t seem to work out what the problem is. Personally I just think it’s an amalgamation of things with no predominant individual issue.
Certainly Facebook will have very limited to know posts, only what get piggy-backed through Twitter to this domain to Facebook.

I’m ok in myself, it maybe the weather that’s getting me down, I don’t know!

Anywhoo, I’m just thinking of the little things at the moment to get me through each day. I make it sound like I’m a manic depressive, but I’m not, just a little down perhaps.

On a slightly brighter note, I must say a massive thank you to all my friends, relatives and supporters of the site. Last month has shows well over 93,000 visits according to my hosting site stats (don’t ask me why the display at the bottom shows incorrect amounts, although this figure is a combined total from all sub-domains etc!!!)
But anyway a massive MASSIVE thank you to you all.

Other news, a good friend of mine Deano aka DJ Flight maybe settling down and living I’m Canada after he fell in love with the place, when he recently went over to visit his aunt (well to be fair, at time of writing, he’s still there)
Either way, Deano has assured me he will be having more of an input into the sites content and generally commenting on my blogs.
Whatever you choose to do mate, all the best!

If I don’t get a chance, have a very merry Christmas and a happy new year!

Blog time

A quick post just to say I haven’t forgot about you all, it’s just I’m just getting into night shift work and until I settle into routine, posts may be few and far between.
I’ll (of course) keep you updated with all the usual rants, updates etc, but for now, need to chill. It’s 3am, I’ve just finished all my “housework” and waiting for on the buses to come on…classic

Well, well, well

Where do I start?

A lot of things have happened since my last post.
1) My time with British Gas is now at an end, I have moved on to other climbs within support work. I’m glad to say I left on a very positive note and will be sad to leave the place, but I need to move on.

In addition to this, for people I worked with at British Gas I will be, shortly, posting a final message to you all.

2) I’ve just been doing some site related stuff and found that RBCSoftware – Learning by Design has just recently celebrated…wait for it…

Just over 2,000,000 unique visits (2,001,556 to be precise!) since the site was launched way back in 2007.
Now I know to some, that this amount within 3 years is quite feable, and to a degree I agree! I think overall it is quite an impressive amount for the input I put in.
So thank you one and all to all the people that keep visiting and to all those who have visited in the past.

Fetch! news now…
Things are hotting up in the Fetch! development with some cool new features in there. So far, the download its self is not available as I really do want this program to work 100% before general release. Also, there are a number of known bugs in the code which I am currently working around.
Now that I will be working 4 on 4 off shift patterns, it does give me the opportunity to work more on my projects and sites.

As with many things however, things get left by the wayside and I’m sorry to report that several aspects of my work has suffered as a result.
My DJ and download central projects are but two of these aspects that have been greatly effected, hopefully that will be put right.

Well, our boys are out of the world cup after losing 4-1 to Germany, to be fair should have been 4-2 (that bloody ref, and lines men are to blame!). Still, we have to admit that we were out played, but well done to England anyway.
I don’t normally watch football, as my previous rants may indicate the reasons why, but I still felt the urge to spur our team on, after all it is the World Cup!

Anywhoo, I’m off for the moment, gotta wake Babs up and take her out for lunch (before anyone asks, no shes not lazy, just recovering from a night shift!).

Bye for now!