It’s all gooood!

‘Steady’ is the pace for the website now. New ideas and additions are ceasing for the moment. I’ve got lots of ‘current’ projects to keep me busy for a while on the site not to mention the sorting of disks to achieve that goal.

I’m very pleased overall with the speed the site has progressed and developed.
I must also mention and give a big thanks to ALL the visitors and more so to those who became members. One in particular has even become part of the ‘staff’ as a full time tester.

As most people have asked this, I am also in the process of writing a history about the whole ideas and motivations about the projects I’ve been involved in, regards Destiny Creations, RBCSoftware and RBCJ Hub. I have covered this several times over the years, usually via emails in reply to people’s questions, but never really covered in-depth about the entire concept, hopes and aspirations I wished to convey.
Here’s my chance as it were.

Other news this time round is a personal congratulations to Shelley and Ryan on the birth of their beautiful baby boy Leo, who was born 8lbs 4oz at 2:09pm on the 28th of August 2012. All the best to your tribe from ours xxx

More updates

More added to website today.
I’ve started to upload my art work, my music and some random files such as the games I’ve found from around the web.

Eventually (and once I’ve figured out how) I will be added my games section with all the shockwave flash games I’ve come across.

But for now, this chicken is off to bed, nitey nite

I’ve got headache!

I’m plodding on like a little trooper, I’ve got headache, I’m tired and I need a vacation!

Anyway, I have now opened a Support forum (

This is largly due to the overwhelming requests I get from people asking for help.
In there, there are topics for software, hardware, website and even mobile phone sections if your having problems.

I don’t claim to know everything, but rest assured, if I don’t know, I’ll know someone who will.
In order to use this free service, you will have to register on the forum itself.

Just thought I’d let everyone know…

P.S: If your interested in becoming a helper on this support forum, please email me:

As we continue…

So its snowing…again. Its a good job I’ve booked another holiday day off for Monday again…Yey me!

(Geez, I sound like that slack cow off of that stoopid American kid program now!)

My new Sky broadband should be activated as of the 12th, so no more crappy dongle problems.

Well, I’ve been really busy on the computer front…So far I’ve;

  • Sorted out 90+ CD-ROMs
  • Rigged in a complete wireless home network
  • Connected both PSPs to PS3 (Wireless Remote Play)
  • Started games site
  • Added Legacy to site (All old news etc)
  • Transferred a load of Audio cassettes to CD via PC
  • Started a new club mix…

So there you have it, I’ve been a busy bee…Please I’ve done a major upgrade to XPRunnerNG: Evolution, which should be online soon, along with a new and improved website.

I’ve still got alot to do, but I’m getting there.

Other news, a massive thank you to my Brother, who has very kindly bought me Overlord for the PS3 with expansion, so no doubt I’ll be otherwise engaged for a while!

My little babee has got her picture in the paper again, as part of the “new school starters”. It genuinely brought a tear to my eye, coz my ickle babee is growing up.

To change the conversation on its ass, I’m really annoyed the fact that Comodo Internet Suite (The one with everything, firewall, anti-virus etc) has took 1hr and 13 mins to update it’s database which was only updated 3 days prior to this.

What the hell?
You could blame a slow connection, however, I’m on a 7.2MB connection, so no that’s not it.
You could say their servers may have heavy traffic, yet again, no, as I have tried to update on several occasions through-out today and still the same.

Shame on you Comodo, and to think I recommended you…

Let it snow…

Guess what…?
Its snowing!!!
Guess what else?
I booked a holiday day…!
Guess what else?
I built a snowman with Babs and Caitlin…


OK!, it aint going to win any awards, but we had fun making it!
Not as much as Caitlin though!
(Ps. Sorry about the image quality, it was taken on my mobile!)

According to the news its set to get worse…great!!!

Oh well, I got my phoneline activated today, so all being well, a couple of days and I’ll be on a faster broadband package too, instead of this crappy dongle!

I suppose I should mention about the length of time I’ve been offline and why?
Well, tough! hahahaha
I’ve been spending most of my time weeding out errors and bugs from the next installment of XPRunnerNG: Evolution. Things are going great, but there are a few problems yet to be got rid of.

Also, I’ve been spending a few hours trying to sort out a friends website, with horrible results. Namely thing friggin’ thing won’t work right.

Still, check out the new gallery, should be somewhere on the front page. It shows the snow area where we live, and of course my daughter standing proud over her snowman.

Do the producers of Emmerdale know?

I saw an image on an “adult” website advert and I as I looked closer I thought the guy in the picture rathers looks like Marlon from Emmerdale.

For those of you not familiar with Emmerdale, I have included a picture of him in the picture.

(Of course the image has been “toned down” as the rest of the image was, erm, too “adult”)

Sorry about picture quality, I know its poor, but what you gonna do?

If I find anymore, I will let you know…!