Fed up…as per…

I am so sick of being tired all day, resisting as much as I can not to “nap”, then when it gets to 9pm or so, feeling so tired I could sleep for a month, then “BOOM”, my brain fully engages in what ever it decides to, to prevent me from switching off and going to sleep.

We bought a new bed recently, and I haven’t even spent one night in it yet. I’m getting so effed of with it, its getting me down.

My brain wants to shutdown at the wrong times, and insist on keeping me awake when I should be sleeping.


I’ve tried sleep aids and they do feck all, I’ve tried drinking alcohol to make me pass out and that doesn’t seem to work (properly) either.
I’m fed up of it now, all I want to be able to do is switch off, go to a nice warm bed and go asleep without waking until morning (and not disturbing anybody else with (perhaps lol) snoring)….


Minor frustrations…

I’ve got to say, ocportal is very good at what it does, but by god, the learning curve is ‘effing’ doubled over!

The main site is coming on a treat and certainly this has to be the best version to date. Of course, as ever things may change and plans can inevitably go ‘tits up’.

Well, I’ve certainly a lot to consider, but for now I’m off to bed as I ache all over a d very tired. We had a family outings to Skegness and we’ve walked for what seems like miles, ate too much and very certain I played too much. Nite nite…

Blog time

A quick post just to say I haven’t forgot about you all, it’s just I’m just getting into night shift work and until I settle into routine, posts may be few and far between.
I’ll (of course) keep you updated with all the usual rants, updates etc, but for now, need to chill. It’s 3am, I’ve just finished all my “housework” and waiting for on the buses to come on…classic

Delays, delays and more delays…

Everytime I want to do something, it cocks up.

Firstly, the phoneline goes off.
It comes back on, yey!
I’m on my arse, as I am so poorly and unable to edit website.
I get well  again.
Phone line goes off again.
Phone line  gets restore.
Illness comes back, and I’m back on my arse again…

So b*lls to it, if this is an exceptionally frustrated, angry and shocking post, I really couldn’t give a flying monkeys testicle.

Anyway, seeing as the main topic of conversation seems to be the recent phoneline outages, I aint going to mention any names, but we all know who they are that did it.
Next time, I hope they manage to cut a wire wrong and get electrocuted, pikey b**t**ds.

Thats one less thing on my chest, which is more than can be said for all the mucus I’m spitting up, gross I know, but hey…like I said, I’m in a “dont care” mood.

I’ve just been reading about how Ian Huntley, the Soham Murderer, has had his throat cut and been taken to an outside hospital today (21 March 2010).
Is it me, or should they have left b**t**d to die, then take him out to some woodland area and burn him, as he did those poor girls, Holly and Jessica.
I know you shouldn’t wish negativity on another human being, but for what that guy did, dont get me started.

Anyway, I’m off now…suddenly decided I can’t be bothered :o)

Just kidding, just really tired…

Updates and various other crap!

Amongst other things, I have finally started uploading all the photos, that were previously on here, but somehow got lost!?!?

To view the new photo album visit http://rbcsoftware.me.uk/viewpics/.

Minor updates overall have been made with Fetch!
The error module is up and running, although a few new ideas will be incorporated in there soon. The module itself, maybe released under a ‘ware’ licence, for which I haven’t decided a name for it.
Custom ‘ware’ licences seem to be cropping up everywhere these days, so I thought ‘sod it, I’m gonna invent one’.
And so I shall god dammit!

For those not familiar with ‘ware’ licences, first, where have you been? and secondly, never heard of FREEware, SHAREware, SMILEware etc?

Anyways, family news, Babs has got 2(!) new jobs, granted, she will only be excepting the one, but hey, 2 JOBS!
Other, quite shocking news, is that the Jones’s household has their Christmas tree up.

Ba Humbug!

As the news is quite low, and I’m tired, and I have work in the morning, I’m going to bed.

Night night!

PS. Get ready for a new rant/grudge about “I’m a celebrity, get me out of here!”

I’ve got headache!

I’m plodding on like a little trooper, I’ve got headache, I’m tired and I need a vacation!

Anyway, I have now opened a Support forum (http://www.rbcsoftware.me.uk/support).

This is largly due to the overwhelming requests I get from people asking for help.
In there, there are topics for software, hardware, website and even mobile phone sections if your having problems.

I don’t claim to know everything, but rest assured, if I don’t know, I’ll know someone who will.
In order to use this free service, you will have to register on the forum itself.

Just thought I’d let everyone know…

P.S: If your interested in becoming a helper on this support forum, please email me: webmaster@rbcsoftware.me.uk