What a load of old shite!

Ok, so there I was, picking up some chocolate for Babs, when I passed the magazine rack in our local shop.
I saw something that made me chuckle
On the front of this one magazine was Jordan, AGAIN!
Basically, now she is saying shes been raped.

Now, of course rape is a very serious allegation, but theres something that doesn’t quite ring right, and although I haven’t read the article in full, this is what I ponder.
1st – Jordan’s popularity since splitting from Pete has dropped, is this an attempt to make people feel sorry for her, and bring people back on her side?
2nd – If the the alledged rape happened years ago, as a “teen” trauma, why hasn’t this come to light before? I mean, how many shows has Jordan been on where she has “bared” all? (as it were).

For example, she appeared on the Frank Skinner show some years ago, when she had all the issues with Dane Bowers, and as, with all the media hype got tagged  as “thick!”, she tried to prove that she wasn’t.

All in all, I really hope that this news is all fake, as I wouldn’t wish it on anyone one, and with that, this whole situation of Jordan Vs. Peter is all shite!.
Let personal lives be personal, its now starting to get a little bit pathetic!