Here I am again…

I’ve slowly started getting back into my domain again.
I’ve started by blowing the dust of my Ubuntu system, giving it a good clean and update and then started to look at my domain.

Anybody who knows me will tend to realize I am quite a quiet person, who will very rarely share personal thoughts or go into detail about the things that affect me.
Needless to say, this is one of those times again, where I have had to pull myself out off a spell of depression.
I dare say I am not fully out of it, and it is probably one of the longest periods of depression I have faced to date.
I’m not going to go into mega amounts of detail, and I will stress that this and previous posts are not a cry out for help, it’s not a sympathy vote, it is merely the way I cope with things, a release if you will.
Never the less, hopefully, I will be engaging more with the domain and I may end up picking up old software projects and see if I can’t give it a new lease of life.

Right now, I am looking at my site and thinking “does that need to be there”.
I’ve said it before, countless times that the site lacks direction and purpose.

I have too many things on the go and I’m finding it impossible to do it all. From additions to updates I am failing.

So whilst the site itself may seem a little redundant and very little changes, behind the scenes I am tackling the tough decisions of what to keep and what to axe.
The main reason I have that many things on the go with the domain is purely because I like the software. It may sound strange, but I like to learn new things, so installing new software to try out and learn is mainly the reason I do it in the first place.

So, the plan is, is to cut down on the crap, shave down what I’ll keep and stick to some sort of order that is manageable and not critically time-consuming.

As always to the people who regularly visit or contact me, thank you.

All in good time

This new pace of work life is going to take it’s toll as far as site & software development goes. That’s just life unfortunately.

I have, sort of, planned my time around my family (as they will always come first), so updates may be thin on the ground until we can weed out bits and pieces.
I mainly update and develop of an evening or when it’s feasible to do so, ie when Jack is asleep on his day naps etc, but as tiredness is my main enemy sometimes the best laid plans are disrupted by the dreaded zzz factor :0)

Anyway, at least if there is a gap between updates there would be more content in single posts instead of multiple little posts.

Speaking of the zzz factor, it’s ganged up on me now, so nite nite. x0/


I’m currently developing a “portal” to all things related to what I do or enjoy.
I’m using a totally new and very much alien CMS (Content Management System), so I’m still learning at the moment and getting a grip with all the new features and functions.

I’ve already added some sections like ‘image of the day’ and ‘quizzes’ but there’s more to come.
Eventually, a downloads section will be there with all my legacy software which I’ve wrote over the years.
I really do have some big plans which I really do hope, takes off.
Thanks for visiting as usual and thanks for your support.

Back to work tomorrow…

Back to work tomorrow ūüôĀ
Late shift ūüôĀ
My god, shoot me now, roll next weekend, three days off!
Hope weather lasts,planning a barby!

Unfortunatly, at the moment there is nothing really I can report. I have spent far too many many hours download apps to my new Iphone.
A with anything I do, I shall reporting back on some of the better apps out there, and will be providing screen shots, now I know how to do it on the Iphone itself.
One of the best apps I’ve come across is aging booth. It take a photo, and makes the person in it age.

For example;

Yeah, the first pic is pretty freaky on its own, without the aid of aging software…!

I’m back…

No, I’ve not been on holiday or anything like that.
We have had no phone line for the last 10 days.

Apparently¬†some “travellers” decided to steal some wiring, that knocked out 1600 homes of their phone line.
That was the initial rumour anyway, personally I really¬†don’t¬†give a toss how it happened, just the fact I’m glad we’re back on.

So¬†that’s¬†it, we’ve been offline and I¬†haven’t¬†had chance to update the site or anything.

Work I have been able to get on with is my software project, Fetch!
The bad news is, a pre-alpha version was being worked on, to be released early April.
However, due to a few problems here and there, this looks as though this is going to be delayed slightly.
To make matters worse, with not being online, I have now got to catch up and a number of tasks, to the point I can’t remember in which order to do them in.

You may have noticed now I have a support request page, in other words, if you are having any problems with software (not just our own), hardware or just a general issue with your system, you can request a support ticket.
This enables me to track requests in a logical order and still provide answers you need that I can resolve online rather than visiting your home (for those people was I go to their homes and resolve issues etc)

So, if you have a problem, just pop it on a support ticket (At the top of the site, marked “Support Request” (What could be¬†simpler?)), and I’ll see to it as soon as I can.

More later…



Download central has something to offer, and¬†there’s¬†more to come.
Visit here.

Things are still a little bit “all over the place” but generally speaking the site is up and running.
Shortly, I will be compiling latest builds of my software, and applying updates ASAP.

Some of my music tracks are on there, and believe me, there is some pure cheese on there. But hey, I aint ashamed of nothing I’ve done (although, fair enough, I should be! ;o) )

A lot of the time this evening has been initially getting Download Central (DC) up and running again, but I will be getting as much of the other stuff done before any interruptions with my broadband service (as previously mentioned in other posts).

As always, please, please, please keep coming back for regular updates, to all or any of our pages.

Night, night, god bless :o)

– Roy

New Year, New Start, New headaches!

Well, the holidays have now passed, and before I forget.
“Happy New Year!”

Its surprising, but with all the hype about the new year, new starts and things, I still don’t feel very positive at the moment.

I guess I’m a little bit down about going back to work, and have that 9 til 5 grind down time.
Still, despite this negativity, there is something good.

The last post was, shall we say, very short as I was totally annoyed at my computer.
For no reason what so ever, my backup hard drives decided that they would refuse to work.
OK, one I could cope with, but the main backup was all my VB work.

At first, I thought it was a Trojan, such as the fake antivirus software that seems to be cropping up in full force lately.
After a full scan, registry sweep the works, there was nothing!

I was on the brink of defeat when a friend made me aware of something called Get Data Back by Runtime.
Basically, it is a piece of software designed at recovering files even if the disk has been formatted, fdisk or partitioned.
I must say, I have used some recovery tools in my time, but this is the greatest.
I recovered all working files, and even some photos I thought I’d lost from way back.

After having some luck with this software, I decided to go full hog on my external USB drive (which used to be the main hard drive from my recently deceased Time computer, stripped out and slapped into an IDE USB Hard drive caddy).
After over 24hrs of scanning, indexing and compiling, I had recovered more photos of when Caitlin was very young, and even some old skool projects in VB.
Well worth the wait!

So if you ever get stuck because you deleted a file or had to reinstall Windows, don’t panic, you can recover files.
Granted, it does cost around $60 to buy the full program…but its worth every cent (or penny, as I would think!)

Anyways, I’m going.
Got to go to bed, although chances of me being able to sleep is next to none!

I’m back, from, erm, being nowhere

Ah, where have I been, what have I been doing…?

Quite honestly, I’ve been sod all and quite literally the same with where I’ve been.
I’ve been taking things easy of late, being a “good boy” going to bed early on a school night etc.

Truth is, I’ve been in one of those moods where I can’t be arsed with much. The site, the software and pretty much everything else I do.

No, its not all doom and gloom, just a break from the norm.

I have been to see Paranormal activity, which I must admit is a bit of an anti-climax, and not as scary as the reviews say. Still watchable I guess.
I think the thing that blew it for me is when the Ouija board set on fire. Still worth a peek I guess.

Halloween was kinda fun. Babs and I took Caitlin trick or treating, keep chooned for when the photo galleries go back online.
I decided I would get dressed up this year, as a zombie. Bout right for me!
Hes a quick sneaky peek…

hall-1-2009hall-3-2009hall-2-2009Yup, pretty freaky (even without the makeup).
It was a good night, despite certain people thinking I’d been beaten up, hahahaha. I guess in the dark, it looked like that.

Fetch! news appears to be quite light on the ground at the moment as all the previous versions of XPRunnerNG, the ones you’ve all been testing for the last couple of years has been ripped to shreds. But this time on traditional pen and paper, working on trying to optimize the code for faster execution.

Of course, closer to the time of the first release (which is some time off yet) I will be needing all Windows 7 users to test compatibility for me, as yet I aint got a system running it at the moment. So give us a shout if your one of those people running the new Microsoft OS.

I would also like to say congrats to Babs, who has just received a call earlier today to say she got the job she applied for.

Read more I’m back, from, erm, being nowhere

Mobile Update…

Well, time has been long, and communications have been non-existent.
This is due to the fact I really haven’t been arsed to do anything, purely because My wife, Caitlin and myself have been too knackered to do much!
Put politely!

Anywhoo, as Orange have very kindly upgraded my tariff at no extra cost, (I now have 500MB web access anytime, as opposed to before when I could only do it after 6pm and weekends) I am accessing my sites via my mobile.
But as always, load times on mobiles, PDAs etc take forever, and can become quite costly. So, because I’m such a nice guy, I have found some clever chaps over at who can help me optimize my sites and make them operate quite smoothly, with minimum effort on mobile/cell phones using browsers such as; Opera Mini etc.

The downloads site will carry this, as it will soon be promoting some of the best software for mobile devices. As yet, however, the site is down for maintenance, as some weeks ago the database corrupted, and essentially I lost everything. On that note, what puzzles me, is why even the friggin’ backups failed to import correctly into MYSQL databases (shaking fist) curse you!

The time that I have had to do as I please, has been spent constructively testing new software.
The major of these, is Virtual DJ.

As accustomed to using turntables & CDDJs I thought I give it a whirl (turntables….whirl…geddit!?!?!)
I’ve done a few live mixes, ranging from 10mins to 1hr, some of which are online ready to be listened to.
I have to say, its quite difficult to get to grips with, as initially VDJ should be used with additional hardware, but once you have a couple of sessions with it, its ok. It is NO substitute for the real thing though.

Still as I don’t have the cash, or the space to set up the entire gaff, I’ll stick with CDDJ dex, Philips F3538 Sound processor, amps and 2x100watt speakers and my trusty computer.

As you’ve also probably guessed, as there has been no updates, my sessions at producing have very much took a back burner, alongside everything else.
Apologies to everyone expecting “miracles” of me getting it online. It aint happening yet…Perhaps a couple of samples, only maybe though.

Maybe I’ll watch Star Trek: First Contact, but first, I need to feed…

XPRunnerNG: Evolution Project – Retires.

Yep, that’s right.

XPRunnerNG has now retired after 4 years, standing at currently 7 versions.

The history of XPRunnerNG is an idea that stemmed from a concept that all things about your PC should be available without having to wade through countless menus, folders and lord knows whatever else you can thing of.

Essentially, XPRunnerNG works in the similar way to the internal Windows function of your Run windows (Pressing windows key + ‘r’).

Type an alias, and it loads the relevant application.
XPRunnerNG excelled in this because of it’s unique way to customize it’s database, and also allowed users to customize the database too.
The last 4 years has basically been one massive field test for the software to evolve. Nothing more.

Whilst XPRunnerNG works on raw coded scripts, by myself, XPRunnerNG also works alongside Windows and fully utilizes API calls.

XPRunnerNG: Evolution (Version 7) was the final build to include this, and many, many more features and functions.
Admittedly, some worked, some did not. However the main aim of the XPRunner series was to collate information and integrate into any version of the Windows platform.

So what now?

Well, Project: XPRunner has now officially retired to the archives, that, as they say, is that.

But the memory of XPRunner will live on in the next generation of utilities based upon the very elements of XPRunner.
The interfaces within XPRunner, as any user will confirm, was bulky and many features are not essential to its working. However, they were included as a whole, and tested none the less.

The next generation of XPRunner family will be more user friendly, smaller in size and will be fully compatible with all supported versions of Windows from 2000 upwards.

I would personally like to thank all the people who have contributed to the creation of XPRunner, testers, source coders, graphic artists and people who just generally wished me well.

Thank You…