I’m still here…

For the past couple of months, well, about six months to be precise, I have found it increasingly difficult to motivate myself to do anything across the whole of my domain.

Personal health has been one of the biggest factors causing this period of inactivity, but amongst that, I am suffering from a kind of depression I find difficult to talk about, as to some it would probably sound silly.
Nevertheless, it is this amongst a few other issues that are causing me to show very little interest at the moment.

So what will happen to RBCJ Hub?
To be honest, I have not yet thought deeply into it much, purely for the same reasons as above.
However, for the meantime, the pages of RBCJHub will remain open and active until such time I am able to give a clear and decisive action.

I hope that for the moment people will at least try and understand without prejudice and continue to visit for whatever reason you choose. As I have done today, I will try at some point(s) to keep you all updated, but for now, thanks for visiting…

~ The Creator

Its been a while…

Todays post is not about the site etc, more of something a little bit strange. Possibly even paranormal, who knows.
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Is it just me that thinks that this….

Royal wedding coverage is getting out of hand?

So, most TV stations are gearing up to cover Kate & William’s big day from 6am?
What are they going to show?
Kate getting dressed or taking a shower?

The other thing that amazes me, is the wedding is so time conscious, one newspaper even reported that, and I quote;
‘1.26pm – Kate and William share a kiss on the balcony in front of the crowds’

First, who gives a flying do-da?
Second, ‘at 1.26pm’ how precise is this thing being planned to?
Thirdly, Has no-one ever seen anyone kiss before?

Personally, the ONLY footage I’d want to see, is the wedding night! Put that on Pay-per-view and I’d tune in!


Yeah its a big day for them, but I think its really going to far all this coverage and all the hype…

Rant over!

Lots to do…

As I said before Christmas, I am re-planning the RBCSoftware domain and the contents within and how I utilize my time on here.
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