More updates

More added to website today.
I’ve started to upload my art work, my music and some random files such as the games I’ve found from around the web.

Eventually (and once I’ve figured out how) I will be added my games section with all the shockwave flash games I’ve come across.

But for now, this chicken is off to bed, nitey nite


I’m currently developing a “portal” to all things related to what I do or enjoy.
I’m using a totally new and very much alien CMS (Content Management System), so I’m still learning at the moment and getting a grip with all the new features and functions.

I’ve already added some sections like ‘image of the day’ and ‘quizzes’ but there’s more to come.
Eventually, a downloads section will be there with all my legacy software which I’ve wrote over the years.
I really do have some big plans which I really do hope, takes off.
Thanks for visiting as usual and thanks for your support.

Up an coming changes

Over the coming weeks I will be developing my music part of the domain. Changes will include all current media being removed from playlists & streaming. Every month I plan on doing a live mix, recording it and makig it available for download.
All the old stuff will still be made available (to download only) from a new section ‘Legacy’.
The legacy section will also include my software I developed under Destiny Creations all those years ago.
More on this as it happens…
Incidentally, the music section, as it becomes available in its new format, will still be available under iTunes podcast service too, but the old material will not, only as a direct download from RBCSoftware itself.