Here I am again…

I’ve slowly started getting back into my domain again.
I’ve started by blowing the dust of my Ubuntu system, giving it a good clean and update and then started to look at my domain.

Anybody who knows me will tend to realize I am quite a quiet person, who will very rarely share personal thoughts or go into detail about the things that affect me.
Needless to say, this is one of those times again, where I have had to pull myself out off a spell of depression.
I dare say I am not fully out of it, and it is probably one of the longest periods of depression I have faced to date.
I’m not going to go into mega amounts of detail, and I will stress that this and previous posts are not a cry out for help, it’s not a sympathy vote, it is merely the way I cope with things, a release if you will.
Never the less, hopefully, I will be engaging more with the domain and I may end up picking up old software projects and see if I can’t give it a new lease of life.

Right now, I am looking at my site and thinking “does that need to be there”.
I’ve said it before, countless times that the site lacks direction and purpose.

I have too many things on the go and I’m finding it impossible to do it all. From additions to updates I am failing.

So whilst the site itself may seem a little redundant and very little changes, behind the scenes I am tackling the tough decisions of what to keep and what to axe.
The main reason I have that many things on the go with the domain is purely because I like the software. It may sound strange, but I like to learn new things, so installing new software to try out and learn is mainly the reason I do it in the first place.

So, the plan is, is to cut down on the crap, shave down what I’ll keep and stick to some sort of order that is manageable and not critically time-consuming.

As always to the people who regularly visit or contact me, thank you.

Day 133 – Project – Fetch!

As the basic code is now in place a Pre-Alpha release is being compiled and tested.

Initials test include;

  • Code integrity – Does it do what its suppose to
  • Code execution time – Does it hang the system?, use too much system resources?
  • Error traps – Any endless loops, critical errors stopping the application running?
  • Design flaws – Graphic layout all wrong, spelling errors, settings in wrong category?
  • and lots more besides.

The initial planned pre-release date will be 10th of April 2010. This release is purely to get user interaction, and establish any potential flaws with the application package from a user perspective.

So keep tuned.

Also, if you would like to become a team member of the Fetch! Project, please email me for further information.

As always