I’m still here…

Yes, I am actually here…
Over the past couple of months or so I have been battling with depression again and so much so that I am now on anti-depressants.

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Hi there, long time no see

Well, I’m literally counting down the days until I get confirmation of my start date with my new employer.

For those of you not familiar with this turn of events, I am leaving the realms of British Gas and moving to pastures new.
Having worked in retail, customer services and various other job roles, I don’t seem have made a solid career choice. For sometime now I have had to take my life in a whole new direction and at 31, some people may say I’ve left it a little late 🙂

In any case, I have chosen to better myself and incorporate all my personal skills and other qualities into Support Work.
I will have the privilege of working with adults with learning difficulties and complex needs.
As with any new job, I am a little anxious and nervous and all the usual questions are cropping up, but I feel that this is where I’m wanting to take my life and progress within this field.

Anyways, for all you people that visit my blog and whom I work with, I will be writing something shortly as a, shall we say, final message.

All this aside for and moving onto something RBCSoftware related, as my hosting service has introduced new ‘bit and bobs’, there will be a few changes (hopefully for the better) in and around the site.
Some up and coming things include a new and improved photo album/gallery and also a calendar where not only I can keep a track of events etc, but also registered members can too.

As over the last couple of weeks I have been playing with my IPhone, as you can see, the blog has had several nonsensical posts. These are largely from when I “Tweet” on the Twitter app, and also scores from the games I’m playing. Apologies to the regulars who thought I was writing incoherent blurbs or just posting totally random crap.
In fact as I write, I have just switched tabs and now, all my “Tweets” will appear in it own category, aptly entitled “Tweets”, so there you have it.

You’ll probably see that RBCSoftware is all interconnected, and between my IPhone, Twitter, Facebook, blog and email everything communicates together.
This is all part of the master plan, of which I am able to concentrate on more, now that my regular hours of work have changed, so as always, please keep coming back.
Please always feel free to post a comment or suggestion or whatever as all posts are gratefully received (with the exception of that darn spam <shaking fist>!)

For now, I bid you a fond farewell, whilst I tinker more with RBCSoftware’s bits!