Hello there… 

As you can probably tell,  I aint been doing much in the way of keeping this blog up to date. 

Truth be known, I have been hard at working planning, prepping and generally editing RBCJ Hub v2. I have literally been “burning the candles” at both ends over these last few months. 

All this couples with the kids being off school due to summer break and visiting the hospital,  it’s been exhausting. 

On that note,  I’m off to bed as it’s  2.28am and I’ve got (yet another)  blood test at the hospital. 


Hi guys,
Just a post to say, as you may or may not have noticed, download central along with other parts of the site are closed.
This is the case and will be so until further notice.
I’m currently planning major overhaul of each and every part of RBCSoftware, both on and offline.
Over the coming weeks the galleries and photo albums will be gradually updated alongside download central.
Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. The blog will be open as usual, but may have some short outages due to essential maintenance work.
Thanks for your continued support.

Back to work tomorrow…

Back to work tomorrow 🙁
Late shift 🙁
My god, shoot me now, roll next weekend, three days off!
Hope weather lasts,planning a barby!

Unfortunatly, at the moment there is nothing really I can report. I have spent far too many many hours download apps to my new Iphone.
A with anything I do, I shall reporting back on some of the better apps out there, and will be providing screen shots, now I know how to do it on the Iphone itself.
One of the best apps I’ve come across is aging booth. It take a photo, and makes the person in it age.

For example;

Yeah, the first pic is pretty freaky on its own, without the aid of aging software…!