Here I am again…

I’ve slowly started getting back into my domain again.
I’ve started by blowing the dust of my Ubuntu system, giving it a good clean and update and then started to look at my domain.

Anybody who knows me will tend to realize I am quite a quiet person, who will very rarely share personal thoughts or go into detail about the things that affect me.
Needless to say, this is one of those times again, where I have had to pull myself out off a spell of depression.
I dare say I am not fully out of it, and it is probably one of the longest periods of depression I have faced to date.
I’m not going to go into mega amounts of detail, and I will stress that this and previous posts are not a cry out for help, it’s not a sympathy vote, it is merely the way I cope with things, a release if you will.
Never the less, hopefully, I will be engaging more with the domain and I may end up picking up old software projects and see if I can’t give it a new lease of life.

Right now, I am looking at my site and thinking “does that need to be there”.
I’ve said it before, countless times that the site lacks direction and purpose.

I have too many things on the go and I’m finding it impossible to do it all. From additions to updates I am failing.

So whilst the site itself may seem a little redundant and very little changes, behind the scenes I am tackling the tough decisions of what to keep and what to axe.
The main reason I have that many things on the go with the domain is purely because I like the software. It may sound strange, but I like to learn new things, so installing new software to try out and learn is mainly the reason I do it in the first place.

So, the plan is, is to cut down on the crap, shave down what I’ll keep and stick to some sort of order that is manageable and not critically time-consuming.

As always to the people who regularly visit or contact me, thank you.

Time for a Kitkat

I’m beginning to feel like my faulty hard drive, in limbo!
I can’t seem to make head way or certainly struggling to find motivation to crack on with the site. I think I’ve burnt myself out trying to get everything done all at once.
So, I think I’m going to take a break from developing the ‘front end, user facing’ part of the site and concentrate on the ‘back end’ of things.
I may even have a break altogether just so I can have a breather.
The main problem with me, is I want everything done, and I want it done yesterday. I need to pace myself and use my time wisely, considering that I appear to be trying to ‘burn the candle at both ends’ and then try to be a normal everyday dad/husband and resident nutter!!!
Besides, overall the site is doing pretty well on it’s own for the moment (although a site is only as good as it’s content).

I think a break ‘full stop’ is in order to recharge the motivational batteries and develop (on paper, offline) the site.
I plan to “officially” release the site by the end of this year, so I need to be clear of everything.

Anywhoo, enough of my rantings about the sites development…how is everyone??? LoL

I’m back…

No, I’ve not been on holiday or anything like that.
We have had no phone line for the last 10 days.

Apparently some “travellers” decided to steal some wiring, that knocked out 1600 homes of their phone line.
That was the initial rumour anyway, personally I really don’t give a toss how it happened, just the fact I’m glad we’re back on.

So that’s it, we’ve been offline and I haven’t had chance to update the site or anything.

Work I have been able to get on with is my software project, Fetch!
The bad news is, a pre-alpha version was being worked on, to be released early April.
However, due to a few problems here and there, this looks as though this is going to be delayed slightly.
To make matters worse, with not being online, I have now got to catch up and a number of tasks, to the point I can’t remember in which order to do them in.

You may have noticed now I have a support request page, in other words, if you are having any problems with software (not just our own), hardware or just a general issue with your system, you can request a support ticket.
This enables me to track requests in a logical order and still provide answers you need that I can resolve online rather than visiting your home (for those people was I go to their homes and resolve issues etc)

So, if you have a problem, just pop it on a support ticket (At the top of the site, marked “Support Request” (What could be simpler?)), and I’ll see to it as soon as I can.

More later…


What are my beliefs?

Please only read this if you have an open mind.

If you are closed minded, the rest will on seek to confuse… :o)

A simple question which I seem to have had in a number of emails asking me this over my life on the net.

Why?, I am not really sure, but I though I would delve into this and see what transpires.

From time to time, I do this, and sometimes sit and think about things, just pointless, meaningless things the blossom into bigger things.

There are a number of beliefs I have, so I’ll break them down;

  • Paranormal – Ghosts, the afterlife.I must admit, I’m part skeptic, part believer, and there are a number of reasons behind this. Whilst some strange, unexplainable things have happened to my family and I over the years, I am not convinced of the “be all and end all” explanation that this is paranormal. But I cannot believe that simply as we die, that this is absolute. Whilst we all love a good ghost story, it is sometimes hard to distinguish the “urban myth” to actual events.

    One of my beliefs is that, a traumatic or a sudden, unexpected death causes your spirit to be caught in the passing from one world to the next.

    The lingering form endlessly re-enacting the events that caused them to pass over, or simply a tormented soul trying to come to terms with the fact they have passed over. Another is that a strong bond over loved ones, keeps our presence earth bound, in order to watch over, protect them, if you will, a guardian angel if you will.

    What ever you believe or don’t believe, these are the thoughts and beliefs I have, and whilst I am more than happy to discuss this further, I will silence this part for now, as there are exponential avenues I could discuss and debate.

    As a closing statement, I have had some personal experiences which again, I cannot confirm if they are paranormal or not, but I will be posting them on this blog shortly under a new category called “Strange – But True?” (nothing to do with the hit 8os TV show with Michael Aspell!)

  • UFOs/AliensWhilst the humorous thought of little green men, spaceships and a handful of SCIFI films will ALWAYS draw me in, I ask;

    “Is the human race really that ignorant to think we are the only intelligent life in this universe?”

    Honest answer, I bet the masses would say “Yes”.

    Sure, it will always be argued, “if they do exist, why don’t they make themselves known”.

    Well, really, if I was an alien who had spent time watching, analysing, researching the human race, I would have to say “NO”.

    Why would I want to make myself known to a race of self-destructive, “shoot first, ask later” and “destroy anything new or that we fail to understand” beings?

    Personally, I may have seen something unexplained in the night sky, which admittedly, I do dismiss more easily compared to paranormal instances. Some things I can’t, so easily, but this only re-enforces my beliefs. I am not here to convince, only to share.

  • Witchcraft, Wizardry and VoodooIn my younger days, I studied these subjects. Strange, yes, interesting, yes, do I believe in any of these?, not to the extent that I would have some believe.

    Whilst the majority could and would be conceived as superstition, folklore and bedtime reading, I do believe that there are forces that should not be dealt in. That’s all I would say on that matter.

  • Demons & Creatures of the Dark From the Nosferatu to Djinn, from Murmur to Volac, yes I believe, and yes I have a keen interest in Demonology. Nuff sed!

For now, thanks for reading, and if I have stirred anything in your mind, feel free to email me

I’ve got headache!

I’m plodding on like a little trooper, I’ve got headache, I’m tired and I need a vacation!

Anyway, I have now opened a Support forum (

This is largly due to the overwhelming requests I get from people asking for help.
In there, there are topics for software, hardware, website and even mobile phone sections if your having problems.

I don’t claim to know everything, but rest assured, if I don’t know, I’ll know someone who will.
In order to use this free service, you will have to register on the forum itself.

Just thought I’d let everyone know…

P.S: If your interested in becoming a helper on this support forum, please email me: