Well hello there…

Hello to everyone, and welcome to 2015.
I hope you all had a very happy Christmas and an even better new year.

For myself, it was busy but I enjoyed the festivities, and I must say I even managed not to get drunk at our new years eve party, which has got to be a first.

Over the last couple of months or so, I have been hard at work bringing the site upto speed with updates.
Over the Christmas period I had taken most “side” parts to the site offline. The blog being one, but also Chuckles n Such.
Having noticed a number of duplicated images, I shut the site down, removed all the images and have begun the time-consuming process of checking for duplicate images as well as preparing all the new images.
The site should hopefully be up and running again soon.

As for my personal health update, over the xmas season I had unfortunately managed to get the dreaded “lurg”.
A sickness bug is currently working its way around and sadly, it has affected my eldest child Caitlin and my youngest Jack and it would seem it was my turn shortly after. I felt so ill, headaches, hot and cold shivers, painful sinuses and bodily aches adding up to quite a miserable time.
Still, I’m on the mend and my only problem is now, is trying to stay awake!
I’m not sure if it’s the medication I’m on or just that the “staying at home” is becoming so tedious and “samey” it’s sending me into an endless spiral of tiredness.

Anyway, as I say I hope you all had a good Christmas time and I hope 2015 will bring you all you deserve and want.

All the best…

~ Roy


It’s been a while…

Yeah, it has really
With everything going on in my life at the moment, I haven’t had time to scratch my arse let alone update anything

However, RBCJ Hub is being prepped for a major update. From the 1st of December 2012 phase 1 will begin, which means the site will be offline for a while.
Updates and messages will appear on the main page and certainly any pertinent news and updates will appear on here.
I have no idea as yet as to the timescale the hub will be offline, but hopefully as part of phase 1, I should have some clearer idea during this time.

That’s all the news I have for today folks.
Thanks for visiting and as usual, please keep coming back for more updates and offerings.


Time for a Kitkat

I’m beginning to feel like my faulty hard drive, in limbo!
I can’t seem to make head way or certainly struggling to find motivation to crack on with the site. I think I’ve burnt myself out trying to get everything done all at once.
So, I think I’m going to take a break from developing the ‘front end, user facing’ part of the site and concentrate on the ‘back end’ of things.
I may even have a break altogether just so I can have a breather.
The main problem with me, is I want everything done, and I want it done yesterday. I need to pace myself and use my time wisely, considering that I appear to be trying to ‘burn the candle at both ends’ and then try to be a normal everyday dad/husband and resident nutter!!!
Besides, overall the site is doing pretty well on it’s own for the moment (although a site is only as good as it’s content).

I think a break ‘full stop’ is in order to recharge the motivational batteries and develop (on paper, offline) the site.
I plan to “officially” release the site by the end of this year, so I need to be clear of everything.

Anywhoo, enough of my rantings about the sites development…how is everyone??? LoL

Things to do, oh so busy!

After much thinking, I have decided to axe several parts to my site and indeed my life. Regards parts of my site, they will be archived and put into legacy, nevermore being updated or discussed. In addition, my life revolving around DJing, is something I am no longer proceeding with. Also, my software development days are at an end, and again my software will be eventually archived, but support will no longer be given.
This is not something that’s been decided on a whim, and certainly has nothing to do with thenone believers” out there who joy upon bringing others down.
In the coming months, possibly at the end of 2011, the RBCSoftware domain and all sub domains will be taken offline.

This, again, has been much thought over and is saddening to report that this is going to happen.

Until I post again, adieu my friends

Wow, what a month!

So far, September has been quite a busy month, which means yet again, I have got precisely frig all done for anything online!

Well, I do tell a lie :op
I have streamlined the site in relation to cutting down the useless and obsolete plugins.
I’m looking at advertising for volunteers to help run the various parts of RBCSoftware Online so I can get cracking on other things, such as my offline projects like Fetch!

So what else is new?
Well not exactly new, but more of an event. On Sunday the 26th of September, my brother, Ian and I are off to Birmingham for the annual Games Workshop event ‘Games Day’.
Its going to be a retro nostalgia trip for me, I havent been to this event for ages and although I dont follow the Fantasy Role Play gaming scene, its nice to look back.
I will be taking a few snaps which will appear on here in good time.
For those not familiar with Games Workshop and Games Day, visit http://www.games-workshop.co.uk.

Anyway, I’m off to flash my PSP now…toodle pip!

Issues with updates

Unfortunately, the planned updates has not gone ahead as scheduled.
An issue has arose with my primary system and needless to say is currently offline.
At present I am transferring file updates from my main system (hub) to a laptop and will upload/update as soon as I can.
I’m on annual leave commencing 21st of August for 13 days, so the bulk should be uploaded then.
Many thanks for your patience.


Hi guys,
Just a post to say, as you may or may not have noticed, download central along with other parts of the site are closed.
This is the case and will be so until further notice.
I’m currently planning major overhaul of each and every part of RBCSoftware, both on and offline.
Over the coming weeks the galleries and photo albums will be gradually updated alongside download central.
Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. The blog will be open as usual, but may have some short outages due to essential maintenance work.
Thanks for your continued support.

I’m back…

No, I’ve not been on holiday or anything like that.
We have had no phone line for the last 10 days.

Apparently some “travellers” decided to steal some wiring, that knocked out 1600 homes of their phone line.
That was the initial rumour anyway, personally I really don’t give a toss how it happened, just the fact I’m glad we’re back on.

So that’s it, we’ve been offline and I haven’t had chance to update the site or anything.

Work I have been able to get on with is my software project, Fetch!
The bad news is, a pre-alpha version was being worked on, to be released early April.
However, due to a few problems here and there, this looks as though this is going to be delayed slightly.
To make matters worse, with not being online, I have now got to catch up and a number of tasks, to the point I can’t remember in which order to do them in.

You may have noticed now I have a support request page, in other words, if you are having any problems with software (not just our own), hardware or just a general issue with your system, you can request a support ticket.
This enables me to track requests in a logical order and still provide answers you need that I can resolve online rather than visiting your home (for those people was I go to their homes and resolve issues etc)

So, if you have a problem, just pop it on a support ticket (At the top of the site, marked “Support Request” (What could be simpler?)), and I’ll see to it as soon as I can.

More later…

RBCSoftware.me.uk to stay open!

From the sombre mode, to total elation!

Yes, RBCSoftware is able to remain open.

So I would just like to thank (again!) my Uncle Geoff for his kind help,  without which, RBCSoftware.me.uk would have just been another distant memory within a few weeks.


Other news, I will shortly be switching broadband providers, and although there should be no interruption to connection, I may be offline for a short time.
I’m switching from Sky to TalkTalk, and here is the reason why…
For £18.99 Sky offer me 40gb bandwidth limitation, 2mb connection and sod all else!
TalkTalk…£6.99 (Free for 1st six months) 40gb bandwidth limitation, 3mb connection…
Real no brainer!
Granted, I know there are other providers out there that more than likely do better deals, but I’ve made my choice!

Amidst the long weekend I have off (Sat, Sun, Mon, Tues & Wed (Yey!)) I plan on catching up with a few projects that are long over due.
To name but one, Fetch! (The new project taking over XPRunnerNG) is starting to take shape.

Loading times have been optimized by re-writing old, cumbersome scripts and generally freshened up by de-clogging the program from unwanted image files etc which adds bloat to the final compile application.

Generally speaking, the progress is slow, but steady with Fetch! and I’m really wanting to take my time with this one, now that XPRunnerNG (the Genuine Pig) has been tested, ripped apart and dissected in the world of VB programming.

2010 is the time I really want to focus on getting a partner to help run the site, you know, write posts, maintain, make the teas, general sort of stuff.
At the moment, there are no takes, so if you are interested, please email webmaster@rbcsoftware.me.uk.

For now, thank you visiting, please keep on visiting and tell your friends.