Where have I been???

If you been over to RBCJ-Hub lately, you will have seen a post where I touched briefly about how everything about the site etc has suffered due to ill health.

I thought I would update in more detail as to the situation.

A couple of weeks ago, I woke up struggling to breath, and every time I tried to walk anywhere, I had severe pains in my chest and side causing me to quickly get out of breath.

Panicking, I asked my wife to ring 101. The paramedic arrived and did all the routine checks etc, after about 10 minutes the ambulance crew arrived and after a short conflab with the paramedic, they decided to give me gas and air to relieve the pain, alongside codeine & paracetamol.

The pain subsided enough for me to board the ambulance and be taken to Barnsley General Hospital.
On the way, I asked what the problem could be (as rather stupidly, I left it and left it thinking it was a chest infection, lesson learned!).
Of course, they could only speculate with the symptoms I had described.

Waiting in A&E for what seemed like an eternity with my brother (god bless him for coming and meeting me at hospital) I was told I needed several blood tests.
I can’t really say what I thought, but to put it politely, I thought “Oh dear”.
After 35 years, this was my first ever blood test, and I’m scared of needles…
Now I will just clarify something, I say I am scared of needles and certainly the first thing the doctor said,
“How can you be scared of needles when you have tattoos?”, and simply my reply was, “I was pissed!”

In short, throughout the course of the day, I had 8 needles! (not much to some, but enough for me).
Trying to get blood from my wrists to test blood gases (or something like that) and blood from my arms. The reason I had so many, was, well, in short they couldn’t find a suitable vein lol…

After spending 10 and a half hours in hospital (A&E (Accident and Emergency) and AMU (Acute medical unit)) I was sent home. Yey…or not.

The suspicion of blood clots was believed to be the cause of everything, but they could not confirm this at that moment.
As they suspected blood clots, they had to treat me as such and start treatment right away to get a “head start”. In addition, I had to go to DVT for a daily blood test to monitor my INR (international normalized ratio).
Click here for more information on INR.
My INR was very low, 1.1 in fact, my therapeutic range is between 2-3. My blood was too thick, so I was given a regular (daily) injection into my stomach of Clexane. Great, more needles…

After a week or so of this action being taken, I had to have a scan on my lungs which involved laying flat on a ‘table’ and have a very noisy ‘polo mint’ type machine scan my lungs after they had injected me with a special (radioactive) dye.
The medical staff’s suspicion was confirmed. I have indeed got blood clots on both my lungs and I had suffered a Pulmonary Embolism.

Anyway…Having overcome my fear of needles (and pretty bloody quickly! (no pun intended)), as mentioned, I now have to attend regular blood tests to continue monitoring my INR, and continue on a prescribed anti-coagulant ‘Warfarin’.
So far my INR has fluctuated from 1.1 to 4.0 over the last month, but at least I am only having to go to hospital about once or twice a week now.

So, there you have it. My month in a nutshell…
Despite the seriousness of the condition, I am quite well in myself. I have a few pains and twinges now and again, occasionally I have to walk with a stick to support myself if I get breathless when I’m out and about, but other than that I am fine.

Just as a side note, after 6 months I have to be screened for something called “Factor 5 Leiden“, which is a genetically inherited blood disorder. It basically means, my blood is trying constantly to clot.

Exciting perhaps…

Over the last couple of months a lot has changed.
Through my own choice, I am now a stay at home dad having quit work to support my wife. As my wife is her fathers full time carer, its made it an extra strain, and so with that followed my resignation.
Sad to leave, but family come first.
Of course this also means I will be attempting to update my sites quicker and more often, although, my luck in this area has been a little less than “nothing”.
However, we shall see over the coming months…

What a nob!

Well, having convinced my brother to setup a personal site, I have manage to registered wrong name, by one letter being incorrect.


Sorry mate.

In other news, I still aint anywhere near completing any of my projects, as I have been distracted my traffic to my site, or lack of.

Why? Because Bravenet, in their infinite wisdom have stopping signing people up on traffic exchange, but by stopping new registrations, what they actually mean, is that existing members a booted off the scheme. Only found out yesterday that this happened some months ago.

Charming! So a bit raspberry flavoured fart goes out to Bravenet. I have now found better traffic exchanges anyway, so ner ner.

Slightly childish, I will admit, but I don’t care, I’m tired, annoyed and frustrated and even worse, it aint the weekend yet!

I’ve got headache!

I’m plodding on like a little trooper, I’ve got headache, I’m tired and I need a vacation!

Anyway, I have now opened a Support forum (http://www.rbcsoftware.me.uk/support).

This is largly due to the overwhelming requests I get from people asking for help.
In there, there are topics for software, hardware, website and even mobile phone sections if your having problems.

I don’t claim to know everything, but rest assured, if I don’t know, I’ll know someone who will.
In order to use this free service, you will have to register on the forum itself.

Just thought I’d let everyone know…

P.S: If your interested in becoming a helper on this support forum, please email me: webmaster@rbcsoftware.me.uk

Gadgets I’d love to have…

Click on an image to make them bigger…

In short we have…

  1. USB Hamster wheel
  2. USB Pole Dancer
  3. USB Aquarium
  4. USB “Thumb” drive (portable storage device)

How nice, of course there are many different usb devices out there, some of which I already have.
For example;

  1. USB Disco Ball
  2. USB Vibrating Massager
  3. USB Vacuum Cleaner
  4. USB Fan
  5. USB Paper shredder
  6. USB Lava/glitter lamp

Oh the list could go on. Psst, by the way, I love USB gadgets, can you tell?

Work has started on the core of RBCSoftware and people should see changes appear pretty soon. Again, I’m hoping. The problem is still lack of man power. I am still is desperate need of a co pilot to the site, as people who were my co anchors, have now unfortunatly flown the coop working on their own projects.

Any takers?

Other news, my god am I annoyed with myself. After getting a brand spanking new version of Yellow Dog Linux for the PS3, I decided I would install it one particular evening, at precisly 3am I gave it up as a bad job. It’s tough if you aint got the graphical installer!

To make matter worse, like a total dumb ass, I forgot to backup everything…Bye bye games saves, bye bye images and bye bye movies.


Still, could be worse I suppose.

Like going back to work on Monday!!!

Last bit of drivle I feel I should mention, is the film “Hard Target”, starring Jean Claude-Van-Damme.

What utter shite! Back in the days when everyone wanted to be him, pulling off spectacular martial arts stunts etc, I find myself cringing at the bad acting, crappy plots and the shear amount of inaccurate scenarios.

For example, your short on ammo, got a bunch of guys running after you trying to make your breathing license expire, what do you do? If you said aim for the head and take a single shot, your in the same boat as me.
As however, for Jean Claude he insists of;

  • Aiming a point blank range for their legs, not the head, their legs.
  • Insists in emptying a full clip into this bad guy…several times.

Maybe its just me, but where do the writers get there ideas…tut tut.

Oh well, nite nite.

As we continue…

So its snowing…again. Its a good job I’ve booked another holiday day off for Monday again…Yey me!

(Geez, I sound like that slack cow off of that stoopid American kid program now!)

My new Sky broadband should be activated as of the 12th, so no more crappy dongle problems.

Well, I’ve been really busy on the computer front…So far I’ve;

  • Sorted out 90+ CD-ROMs
  • Rigged in a complete wireless home network
  • Connected both PSPs to PS3 (Wireless Remote Play)
  • Started games site
  • Added Legacy to site (All old news etc)
  • Transferred a load of Audio cassettes to CD via PC
  • Started a new club mix…

So there you have it, I’ve been a busy bee…Please I’ve done a major upgrade to XPRunnerNG: Evolution, which should be online soon, along with a new and improved website.

I’ve still got alot to do, but I’m getting there.

Other news, a massive thank you to my Brother, who has very kindly bought me Overlord for the PS3 with expansion, so no doubt I’ll be otherwise engaged for a while!

My little babee has got her picture in the paper again, as part of the “new school starters”. It genuinely brought a tear to my eye, coz my ickle babee is growing up.

To change the conversation on its ass, I’m really annoyed the fact that Comodo Internet Suite (The one with everything, firewall, anti-virus etc) has took 1hr and 13 mins to update it’s database which was only updated 3 days prior to this.

What the hell?
You could blame a slow connection, however, I’m on a 7.2MB connection, so no that’s not it.
You could say their servers may have heavy traffic, yet again, no, as I have tried to update on several occasions through-out today and still the same.

Shame on you Comodo, and to think I recommended you…


Seems I forgot to pay my hosting fees…D’oh

As you can see, they have now been paid and the site is back.

Firstly, I hope and trust you all had a fantastic new year and didn’t get too drunk!

I’ve noticed a few things I need to tweak about the site, such as the right column seems to have far too many google ads at the moment, not quite sure why, but hey, who cares?

Also, a massive hurrah to me for finally sorting out my knackered hard drive from my old computer (god rest its soul).

In the end I had to buy an IDE hard disk caddy to connect the thing by USB. So now I have got all my files back, and the functionality of a portable mass storage device. Cool!

I will be posting some interesting topics soon, these are just life observations which I find confusing as well as quite amusing, so keep tuned for those wontcha?!?

For me, I hope 2009 brings my family and I all the things we never had before, and I hope you lot the same too.

Caitlin starts “big” school on Monday, bless her, she says shes really looking forward to going, especially with her boyfriend (!?!?) Ashton.

Well, I’m struggling for words and also struggling to keep my eyes open, so I will say “good night, and god bless…toodle pip!”

Not long before the fat bearded git starts giving prezzies out…

no not Santa Claus, me!!!

Well, prezzies for my daughter, Caitlin of course!…

I think we’re about done shopping now, just got last bits to do then food shopping, thats about it.

Got a slight glitch at the moment with the site, for some reason the theme keeps defaulting back to the original “boring” one. Frig knows whats wrong with it.

I’ve just finished putting the final touches to a new little program I’ve done called “Word Puzzle Generator”. You guessed it, its a word search puzzle generator.

Here is a link to a test page it threw out here
Basically, you enter the words you want, the program then fills any blanks and saves it as a HTML file. Very basic, but does the job. It will be available soon from the Download Central site shortly

Ahh, the rantings of a moron!

Firstly, I would like to state what pure shite Internet explorer really is. Why? Well as I’m writing this crap, a) Normally I don’t have to scroll half way down the page to be able to write my post, and b) Its about as fast as the Eastbourne zimmer frame relay team!

Out with the shite, and in with the new AKA Mozilla Firefox…rarrr..ahem…sorry.

Second part, I received an email today from someone I used to know quite a long time ago, I don’t wish to mention any names, but Jay! well the thing is, he emailed me asking me if I am selling my PS3, well my friend…

Get felt! You low-life, scum sucking, two faced, double crossing, scheming, rectal scrapping piece of monkey vomit.

How dare you even contact me. The next time you even contact me or even visit this site, I will see to it that your “wife” or “slut” which ever you prefer finds out what really happened those many years ago when you were supposidly meant to be in Birmingham, ooops did I say too much, sorry…<bleep>

Anyways, I’ve completed Grand Theft Auto 4 for the PS3 after only 4 days…man I’m good, but sadly, now bored. On a brighter note, for Christmas my dear old brother has purchased Tomb Raider: Under World, cheers bruv!

Christmas, geez, I havent even started shopping yet!

‘Mental note’ – starting Chrimbo shopping in January, ready for the sales!!!

Oh, by the way, eyup Lisa, did you read this through Facebook or direct from the site ;o)

Toodle pip

A black day…

Today, RBCSoftware observes a moment of silence for the late Time Personal Computer.

Yes, my Windows XP sp3, 40gig hard drive, 386MB RAM has gone to the little PC grave yard in the sky…
It’s components have be donated to the needy, and its shell now in its casket, the grey wheelie bin

In light of the sad day, I have wrote a little poem…

When I first bought you, my excitement grew,
To think I could run Diablo, on this new CPU.
Forever tweaking and setting up stuff,
And using the USB vacuum, to clean up the fluff.

But then the day came, when you had your fit,
and I ranted and raved “C’mon you piece o’ shit!”,
I banged and I cursed you, oh my, what a sin,
Now all your fit for, is a grey wheelie bin.

So now I have no computer, What am I to do?
I do have another one, but that’s totally poo!
My head is hurting, it’s totally a blur,
My missus has a laptop, “f**k it, I’ll have that off her!!!!”

Thank you