More updates

More added to website today.
I’ve started to upload my art work, my music and some random files such as the games I’ve found from around the web.

Eventually (and once I’ve figured out how) I will be added my games section with all the shockwave flash games I’ve come across.

But for now, this chicken is off to bed, nitey nite


As many of you will have already seen (the landingpage) is now up and running. It will be the source or gateway if you will, to all things RBCSoftware, whether it be The Blog! (this thing your reading now, (which as been renamed The Blog!)), my art work, my music or store (still under development at time of writing).

Along side this, I have also setup and additional site ( which, once integrate will be replacing my Error 404 pages etc.

A few minor adjustment to the Blog! has also taken place, namely navigation and a few tweaks here and there with the look.

As always, I hope you like what I have to offer, and keep coming back for new things. Again, please update your bookmarks etc to which is the new landing page/gateway.

Onto slightly more, morbid news, due to personal issues, certain things cannot be completed the way I intended, I know what your probably all thinking “Same old story”, but as with anything in life, nothing is certain, and even the best laid plans can go “tits” up.

So, over time, things will start to change/disappear from the site in a bid to make the whole of RBCSoftware Domain easier to cope with.
As previously mentioned, this was largely a “rota” system I was going to put in place so I had “dedicated” chucks of time to the whole operation. I have tried to get other people involved to help out, but unfortunately, the ones who said initially that they could help, no longer can.

That’s life I’m afraid, so the whole “caboodle” is down to me, the updates, the maintenance, the uploading, sorting you name it, I do it.

So please be patient, I do have a lot to offer, but it takes time.
Thanks in advance for all your support, the constant visitors and emails I receive are allows a big “pusher” on motivation.

Back soon…


PS. As you have may have seen, there are a number of posts that dont seem to make sense. These are becomes they are snippets from my responses to a good friend Deano aka DJ Flight regards to his recent activities. In sort, Deano is fed up and tired of the crappy English weather and decided at a “drop of a hat” to sod off to Canada to see his Auntie…must be nice huh?
Anyway, Deano, if your reading this, have a good trip dood.


I’ve just been flicking through my art work part of the site and notice some of the quality of the images are poor. The reason behind this, when I scanned them, being idle as I am, I didn’t take the paper out of the plastic sleeves they were in. Hence the pictures do look grainy.

I will over the next couple of weeks be updating these images and more than likely be adding a few more.

Sorry, its totally unprofessional I know.

Radical changes

After alot of considerations and doing the math on site visits etc, I’m currently pondering the idea of a “one stop” site.
Having everything in one place would make it easier on the databases, and would also free up a few too. Some things would remain separate, such as my art work, as it would be simpler to sort and view.
Of course, this is only an idea and may not go through. We shall see.
If any one has any ideas or suggestions please email me at the usual place,

Cheers in advance…