One step forward…

two steps back.
Thats how things are feeling at the moment…
Got a lot, and I mean A LOT, swimming around my head at the moment and can’t seem to shake off this low state of mind.

I’ll keep writing as much as I can, purely for my own benefit, it helps get things of my chest.

I just there will be some resolution to all this stress. Its hard to concentrate on even the basic of things, and when all the days feel the same, thats when it starts to get to the point where I thinkg “Why bother!”.
I can’t seem to enjoy things to their fullest at the moment. Still, gotta keep plodding on right?


What are my beliefs?

Please only read this if you have an open mind.

If you are closed minded, the rest will on seek to confuse… :o)

A simple question which I seem to have had in a number of emails asking me this over my life on the net.

Why?, I am not really sure, but I though I would delve into this and see what transpires.

From time to time, I do this, and sometimes sit and think about things, just pointless, meaningless things the blossom into bigger things.

There are a number of beliefs I have, so I’ll break them down;

  • Paranormal – Ghosts, the afterlife.I must admit, I’m part skeptic, part believer, and there are a number of reasons behind this. Whilst some strange, unexplainable things have happened to my family and I over the years, I am not convinced of the “be all and end all” explanation that this is paranormal. But I cannot believe that simply as we die, that this is absolute. Whilst we all love a good ghost story, it is sometimes hard to distinguish the “urban myth” to actual events.

    One of my beliefs is that, a traumatic or a sudden, unexpected death causes your spirit to be caught in the passing from one world to the next.

    The lingering form endlessly re-enacting the events that caused them to pass over, or simply a tormented soul trying to come to terms with the fact they have passed over. Another is that a strong bond over loved ones, keeps our presence earth bound, in order to watch over, protect them, if you will, a guardian angel if you will.

    What ever you believe or don’t believe, these are the thoughts and beliefs I have, and whilst I am more than happy to discuss this further, I will silence this part for now, as there are exponential avenues I could discuss and debate.

    As a closing statement, I have had some personal experiences which again, I cannot confirm if they are paranormal or not, but I will be posting them on this blog shortly under a new category called “Strange – But True?” (nothing to do with the hit 8os TV show with Michael Aspell!)

  • UFOs/AliensWhilst the humorous thought of little green men, spaceships and a handful of SCIFI films will ALWAYS draw me in, I ask;

    “Is the human race really that ignorant to think we are the only intelligent life in this universe?”

    Honest answer, I bet the masses would say “Yes”.

    Sure, it will always be argued, “if they do exist, why don’t they make themselves known”.

    Well, really, if I was an alien who had spent time watching, analysing, researching the human race, I would have to say “NO”.

    Why would I want to make myself known to a race of self-destructive, “shoot first, ask later” and “destroy anything new or that we fail to understand” beings?

    Personally, I may have seen something unexplained in the night sky, which admittedly, I do dismiss more easily compared to paranormal instances. Some things I can’t, so easily, but this only re-enforces my beliefs. I am not here to convince, only to share.

  • Witchcraft, Wizardry and VoodooIn my younger days, I studied these subjects. Strange, yes, interesting, yes, do I believe in any of these?, not to the extent that I would have some believe.

    Whilst the majority could and would be conceived as superstition, folklore and bedtime reading, I do believe that there are forces that should not be dealt in. That’s all I would say on that matter.

  • Demons & Creatures of the Dark From the Nosferatu to Djinn, from Murmur to Volac, yes I believe, and yes I have a keen interest in Demonology. Nuff sed!

For now, thanks for reading, and if I have stirred anything in your mind, feel free to email me