It’s been a while. 

I’ve come to the conclusion that this is the darker side of RBCJHub.  Tbh,  this blog is a reflection of my life,  my troubles,  well basically the single entity that is “Me”.

I absorb myself with so much these days, that this “personal” blog rarely gets updated,  but this doesnt stop life encounters I have of course. 

Server issues

I’m not so sure how long I have before the server times out again.
There is an intermittent problem with the Amsterdam server I’m on, and basically any requests keep timing out.
This issue has been reported and I’m awaiting feedback from my hosting provider.
Unfortunatly there is no resolution time frame.
I only hope that (as I am typing) the server doesnt decide to bottom out.
Again, this is an intermittent fault so you may be able to navigate for a brief time before the site throws you out or times you out.

Apologies in advance and in continuation of the problem.

Kindest regards