I’m still here…

For the past couple of months, well, about six months to be precise, I have found it increasingly difficult to motivate myself to do anything across the whole of my domain.

Personal health has been one of the biggest factors causing this period of inactivity, but amongst that, I am suffering from a kind of depression I find difficult to talk about, as to some it would probably sound silly.
Nevertheless, it is this amongst a few other issues that are causing me to show very little interest at the moment.

So what will happen to RBCJ Hub?
To be honest, I have not yet thought deeply into it much, purely for the same reasons as above.
However, for the meantime, the pages of RBCJHub will remain open and active until such time I am able to give a clear and decisive action.

I hope that for the moment people will at least try and understand without prejudice and continue to visit for whatever reason you choose. As I have done today, I will try at some point(s) to keep you all updated, but for now, thanks for visiting…

~ The Creator

Mobile Update…

Well, time has been long, and communications have been non-existent.
This is due to the fact I really haven’t been arsed to do anything, purely because My wife, Caitlin and myself have been too knackered to do much!
Put politely!

Anywhoo, as Orange have very kindly upgraded my tariff at no extra cost, (I now have 500MB web access anytime, as opposed to before when I could only do it after 6pm and weekends) I am accessing my sites via my mobile.
But as always, load times on mobiles, PDAs etc take forever, and can become quite costly. So, because I’m such a nice guy, I have found some clever chaps over at http://mobilepress.co.za/ who can help me optimize my sites and make them operate quite smoothly, with minimum effort on mobile/cell phones using browsers such as; Opera Mini etc.

The downloads site will carry this, as it will soon be promoting some of the best software for mobile devices. As yet, however, the site is down for maintenance, as some weeks ago the database corrupted, and essentially I lost everything. On that note, what puzzles me, is why even the friggin’ backups failed to import correctly into MYSQL databases (shaking fist) curse you!

The time that I have had to do as I please, has been spent constructively testing new software.
The major of these, is Virtual DJ.

As accustomed to using turntables & CDDJs I thought I give it a whirl (turntables….whirl…geddit!?!?!)
I’ve done a few live mixes, ranging from 10mins to 1hr, some of which are online ready to be listened to.
I have to say, its quite difficult to get to grips with, as initially VDJ should be used with additional hardware, but once you have a couple of sessions with it, its ok. It is NO substitute for the real thing though.

Still as I don’t have the cash, or the space to set up the entire gaff, I’ll stick with CDDJ dex, Philips F3538 Sound processor, amps and 2x100watt speakers and my trusty computer.

As you’ve also probably guessed, as there has been no updates, my sessions at producing have very much took a back burner, alongside everything else.
Apologies to everyone expecting “miracles” of me getting it online. It aint happening yet…Perhaps a couple of samples, only maybe though.

Maybe I’ll watch Star Trek: First Contact, but first, I need to feed…