It’s all gooood!

‘Steady’ is the pace for the website now. New ideas and additions are ceasing for the moment. I’ve got lots of ‘current’ projects to keep me busy for a while on the site not to mention the sorting of disks to achieve that goal.

I’m very pleased overall with the speed the site has progressed and developed.
I must also mention and give a big thanks to ALL the visitors and more so to those who became members. One in particular has even become part of the ‘staff’ as a full time tester.

As most people have asked this, I am also in the process of writing a history about the whole ideas and motivations about the projects I’ve been involved in, regards Destiny Creations, RBCSoftware and RBCJ Hub. I have covered this several times over the years, usually via emails in reply to people’s questions, but never really covered in-depth about the entire concept, hopes and aspirations I wished to convey.
Here’s my chance as it were.

Other news this time round is a personal congratulations to Shelley and Ryan on the birth of their beautiful baby boy Leo, who was born 8lbs 4oz at 2:09pm on the 28th of August 2012. All the best to your tribe from ours xxx


I’m currently developing a “portal” to all things related to what I do or enjoy.
I’m using a totally new and very much alien CMS (Content Management System), so I’m still learning at the moment and getting a grip with all the new features and functions.

I’ve already added some sections like ‘image of the day’ and ‘quizzes’ but there’s more to come.
Eventually, a downloads section will be there with all my legacy software which I’ve wrote over the years.
I really do have some big plans which I really do hope, takes off.
Thanks for visiting as usual and thanks for your support.

Is it just me that thinks that this….

Royal wedding coverage is getting out of hand?

So, most TV stations are gearing up to cover Kate & William’s big day from 6am?
What are they going to show?
Kate getting dressed or taking a shower?

The other thing that amazes me, is the wedding is so time conscious, one newspaper even reported that, and I quote;
‘1.26pm – Kate and William share a kiss on the balcony in front of the crowds’

First, who gives a flying do-da?
Second, ‘at 1.26pm’ how precise is this thing being planned to?
Thirdly, Has no-one ever seen anyone kiss before?

Personally, the ONLY footage I’d want to see, is the wedding night! Put that on Pay-per-view and I’d tune in!


Yeah its a big day for them, but I think its really going to far all this coverage and all the hype…

Rant over!

Bah Humbug(ish)

I seem to be having this conversation every
fking year! Read this post if you don’t
believe me:
For (hopefully) the last time. In short, I do not regret Christmas,
for the traditional values, not for the hyped up commercial shit
that gets rammed down our throats!
Read more Bah Humbug(ish)

Legendary Blonde Jokes…Just for fun

Before I start getting complaints, THESE AINT MINE!

  1. How does a blonde turn the light on after sex?
    “Opens the car door”
  2. What is it called when a blonde blows into another blondes ear?
    “Data Transfer”
  3. How do you make a blondes eyes light up?
    “Shine a torch in her ear!”
  4. Why do blondes wear knickers?
    “To keep their ankles warm!”
  5. What’s the difference between big foot and a blonde?
    “Big foot has been spotted on a number of occasions”
  6. What’s a blondes favorite nursery rhyme?
    Hump me, dump me”
  7. Why do blondes wear big hooped earrings?
    “To rest their ankles in”

She was so blonde…

  1. Got stabbed in a shot out
  2. Died of starvation in a supermarket
  3. Stared at a carton of orange juice coz it said “Concentrate”
  4. She sent a fax with a stamp on it
  5. She thought Boyz II Men was a day care centre
  6. She tried to drown a fish
  7. She tripped over a cordless phone
  8. At the bottom of the application form where it says “Sign here”, she put “Cancer”
  9. Studied for a blood test, and failed
  10. When she heard 90% of accidents occur around the home, she moved
  11. She thinks Taco Bell is a phone company
  12. When she saw the sign saying “Airport left” she turned round and went home
  13. She uses tipex when she makes a typing mistake on her computer
  14. Tried to buy a ticket to get on the “Soul Train”
  15. She cheered when she completed a jigsaw puzzle, why? because it said 2-3 years on the box, and she did it in 8 days

Day 1: Project – Fetch!

Right, so here it is.
After much delay, Project: Fetch! has now begun.

Fetch! (Previously known as XPRunnerNG) development has started, with the first signs of life being down on paper rather than any PC.
After spending a number of years developing test releases of XPRunnerNG, seeing what works and what doesn’t, I have essentially stripped to the bone XPRunnerNG.

I have big plans for Fetch! and I already have a number of ideas for addins etc.
However, that is for the near future.

I will be keeping logs, and making updates as they happen, including the full application history with regards to XPRunnerNG.

Many thanks to all who support my ideas, and certainly to the ones who have helped financially and with the overall development of XPRunnerNG/Fetch!