Hello there… 

As you can probably tell,  I aint been doing much in the way of keeping this blog up to date. 

Truth be known, I have been hard at working planning, prepping and generally editing RBCJ Hub v2. I have literally been “burning the candles” at both ends over these last few months. 

All this couples with the kids being off school due to summer break and visiting the hospital,  it’s been exhausting. 

On that note,  I’m off to bed as it’s  2.28am and I’ve got (yet another)  blood test at the hospital. 

Fed up…as per…

I am so sick of being tired all day, resisting as much as I can not to “nap”, then when it gets to 9pm or so, feeling so tired I could sleep for a month, then “BOOM”, my brain fully engages in what ever it decides to, to prevent me from switching off and going to sleep.

We bought a new bed recently, and I haven’t even spent one night in it yet. I’m getting so effed of with it, its getting me down.

My brain wants to shutdown at the wrong times, and insist on keeping me awake when I should be sleeping.


I’ve tried sleep aids and they do feck all, I’ve tried drinking alcohol to make me pass out and that doesn’t seem to work (properly) either.
I’m fed up of it now, all I want to be able to do is switch off, go to a nice warm bed and go asleep without waking until morning (and not disturbing anybody else with (perhaps lol) snoring)….


More updates…

Finally, I have sorted through the majority of the “Funny” images I have on my hard disks. The next job is to go through the CD-ROMS!!!
They are now online over at chuckles.rbcj-hub.co.uk if you fancy having a “chuckles” :o)

A few updates behind the scenes have been inputted, making the site a little safer and stable.
At this moment in time, this is all I have to report lol

For now, I’m off to bed…nitey nite

PS Before I forget, a number of things within this blog will be transferred over to the main RBCJ Hub as I’m trying to minimize duplicate entries (such as rants, images and other writings) and regain a little space, not that I need it at the moment…

What an evening!

What an evening!
I got loads done, but not made a dent in what I need to do. Still, one highlight of the evening was finding some old pictures and videos I found of Caitlin.
I’ve converted them to a compatible iPhone format so Caitlin can watch them in the morning.
I’ve deviated from the original plan and started playing with RVSitebuilder to create a photo gallery. I’m still toying with the idea and it may not go ahead nut at least I’ve learnt something new.
Off to bed now…

More updates

More added to website today.
I’ve started to upload my art work, my music and some random files such as the games I’ve found from around the web.

Eventually (and once I’ve figured out how) I will be added my games section with all the shockwave flash games I’ve come across.

But for now, this chicken is off to bed, nitey nite

Minor frustrations…

I’ve got to say, ocportal is very good at what it does, but by god, the learning curve is ‘effing’ doubled over!

The main site is coming on a treat and certainly this has to be the best version to date. Of course, as ever things may change and plans can inevitably go ‘tits up’.

Well, I’ve certainly a lot to consider, but for now I’m off to bed as I ache all over a d very tired. We had a family outings to Skegness and we’ve walked for what seems like miles, ate too much and very certain I played too much. Nite nite…

RBCSoftware will be 4 soon!

Yup, thats right. 4 years in the making.

Regular visitors will have seen the site develop from the earlier versions of RBCSoftware before I implemented Wordpress.

How the site has grown!

I know I say it everytime, but (yet) again, I would like to thank everyone (past and present) who has ever been a part of RBCSoftware.

Right now, I’m preparing to go back to work tomorrow. Its seems the longer you stay away from the place, the more I WANT to be away from the place.

Still, I’ll keep trucking on, as they say.

There are a few new additions to RBCSoftware too, firstly Cadava (aka Chris) has joined and is currently building his very own blog, and to say I only installed it for him about 2 days ago, and had a brief session going through the basics of using WordPress blogs, its come on leaps and bounds.

Have a butchers cadava.rbcsoftware.me.uk.

Also, a big hello and welcome to my Uncle Geoff, who has also joined the members list.

Thats all for now folkes, as I’m having one last brew, then I’m off to bed. Need sleep.

Since my holidays started, I’ve been going to bed on average, around 3am…not good.

Once again,


– Roy

Updates and various other crap!

Amongst other things, I have finally started uploading all the photos, that were previously on here, but somehow got lost!?!?

To view the new photo album visit http://rbcsoftware.me.uk/viewpics/.

Minor updates overall have been made with Fetch!
The error module is up and running, although a few new ideas will be incorporated in there soon. The module itself, maybe released under a ‘ware’ licence, for which I haven’t decided a name for it.
Custom ‘ware’ licences seem to be cropping up everywhere these days, so I thought ‘sod it, I’m gonna invent one’.
And so I shall god dammit!

For those not familiar with ‘ware’ licences, first, where have you been? and secondly, never heard of FREEware, SHAREware, SMILEware etc?

Anyways, family news, Babs has got 2(!) new jobs, granted, she will only be excepting the one, but hey, 2 JOBS!
Other, quite shocking news, is that the Jones’s household has their Christmas tree up.

Ba Humbug!

As the news is quite low, and I’m tired, and I have work in the morning, I’m going to bed.

Night night!

PS. Get ready for a new rant/grudge about “I’m a celebrity, get me out of here!”