Hi All,

Long time no see…
Well, truth is, I’ve been a little self absorbed.
Ultimately trying to sort my head out.

Those who know me will know that from time to time I go through phases where I pretty much think “Screw it all!”.

Over these last few months, it has been one of those times and even now I’m having trouble focusing on things I really should be.

This blog is the only place where I feel I can speak openly and freely without ridicule or judgment.
At the moment, I’m just concentrating on being me, rather than trying to please people all the time.

I’m not very good and speaking in the fullest abouts my feelings etc, but a little part of my emotions comes out one in a while in posts etc.
Nobody likes to read the rantings of a moaner I guess, and thats probably why everyone tends to see me as “fun loving” Roy which sometimes is a strain in itself.

Anywhoo, this is the way I deal with things, so thats that off my chest ūüôā

I must really get my arse into gear an work on the site lol



It’s been a while…

Yeah, it has really
With everything going on in my life at the moment, I haven’t had time to scratch my arse let alone update anything

However, RBCJ Hub is being prepped for a major update. From the 1st of December 2012 phase 1 will begin, which means the site will be offline for a while.
Updates and messages will appear on the main page and certainly any pertinent news and updates will appear on here.
I have no idea as yet as to the timescale the hub will be offline, but hopefully as part of phase 1, I should have some clearer idea during this time.

That’s all the news I have for today folks.
Thanks for visiting and as usual, please keep coming back for more updates and offerings.


Playstation Network woes…

So, FINALLY, Sony admit they were hacked, and although there has been much speculation of what has actually happened, they now say that user details including User name, address, credit card details etc, in fact everything you entered for the PSN could potentially have been stolen.

The BBC reports that there has been a mixed responses from PSN Users stating that Sony have been keeping people in the dark about this, especially for so long no, then other saying they have.
My rant on it is simply “Whatever!”

I can’t be arsed with this, as I have a lot on my plate at the moment and despite I started the post with the PSN issue, I’m really not that interested.

Read more Playstation Network woes…

Its one of those posts again…

Yup, thats right!
Its one of those posts where all I do is piss and moan for about ten minutes just to air things and get them off my chest.

First, I cant believe how utterly self centred, egotistical, self-righteous and “up their own arse” some people can get.
This is aimed at no one in particular, but certainly to some people I know.
What gives these people the right to act the way they do?
Are they so morbidly stupid?
These people, who couldn’t find their arse with both hands and a diagram totally eludes me.
How the hell they have got through life is beyond me.

Its bad enough to endure these arseholes, but then to read the shite they write on social networking sites, or even on my blog wall, thats another thing!

So if you know of an arsehole, or you are one;
“Stop breathing, for chuff’s sake!”

Which brings me to my next bit of rant tackle.
I recently, well, a couple of months ago recieved an email, slagging me off, and my site etc.

So please excuse the language, but this is word for word this guys email.
Firstly, a bit of background. This guy with the username of “CandyFlosser” actual name of Lee (Surname omitted) emails me.
Again, word for word…

“Yours site is the worst I have ever cum acros. I surfed in from Google expecting something major about what I was searching for.
All you do is write bolox, complaining about everything. I dont understand how you can get away with riting this and then putting onto the net where you show yourself up.
This is a watse of space and your site should be brought down coz its wank!
I’ve seen your photos and you are a right ugly bastard and you need shooting and you art work is shit as well. I can draw better than that in fact my dog cud!
I’m not wasting anymore time on this matter but to finish;

Your site is nothing more than bullshit, by someone who talks shit and eats shit”

My reponse:
“Interestingly enough, the way that you conduct yourself within email is nothing short of comical. Lets put aside for one moment, the spelling mistakes, grammer issues and the non-sensical crap, lets look at the points here.

1) You write bolox. True, because I can! It is my domain, my blog therefore I write what I want. You see how this works?
2) You show yourself up?! Well, having broadcast your email on here, I think my reign as “person showing themselves up” is under threat from your good self.
3) I’ve seen your photos and you are a right ugly bastard and you need shooting. Before we delve into the realms of who looks like what/who, lets have a photo of yourself. Hell, I might even be able to compare myself to you!
4) you art work is shit as well Assuming you mean “your” art work is shit, it may well be, I’m just sharing what I can do. Did I also mention I can fart the national anthem?

In short, Mr CandyTosser, (oops sorry, even I slip on the keyboard every now and again!), in light of the fact that you are mentally flawed I shall try and explain this to the best of YOUR ability.
Having colated the facts, it is apparent that you are nothing more than a boy, sat in his bedroom, bored due to having no friends or a social life. As a caring person my first instinct would be to protect you from yourself. However, after much though I have decided to shoot you down!
I must commend the fact that even with someone with the same intellectual capacity as a clothes peg, such as yourself, it is worth knowing and recognizing that you have been able to write such simple words, and almost make them make sense.
You have clearly taken time to visit my site, navigate through what I have to offer and made your feelings known. But, the main thing you have failed to realize, thanks to people such as your good self I get paid. So a hearty handshake and a “Thank you” goes out to you.
I never confess to being something I am not. I am no model, or super star nor a great artist or composer, I am merely me.

Anyway Lee (surname omitted), I have done a little research and found you on MySpace (and you call me ugly, geez man!), and for your convenience I have passed on your details to your ISP as I have lodged a complaint with them, explaining that you are abusing their service.

Thank you for taking time out to email me and give me something to do and muse about. I hope santa brings everything you want the Christmas, providing you’ve been a good boy.
Kindest regards


PS. Didn’t like to mention it but have you ever considered counselling, or maybe getting out more?”

So there you have it my friends. Proof that arseholes exist…Case closed!

Delays, delays and more delays…

Everytime I want to do something, it cocks up.

Firstly, the phoneline goes off.
It comes back on, yey!
I’m on my arse, as I am so poorly and unable to edit website.
I get well  again.
Phone line goes off again.
Phone line  gets restore.
Illness comes back, and I’m back on my arse again…

So b*lls to it, if this is an exceptionally frustrated, angry and shocking post, I really couldn’t give a flying monkeys testicle.

Anyway, seeing as the main topic of conversation seems to be the recent phoneline outages, I aint going to mention any names, but we all know who they are that did it.
Next time, I hope they manage to cut a wire wrong and get electrocuted, pikey b**t**ds.

Thats one less thing on my chest, which is more than can be said for all the mucus I’m spitting up, gross I know, but hey…like I said, I’m in a “dont care” mood.

I’ve just been reading about how Ian Huntley, the Soham Murderer, has had his throat cut and been taken to an outside hospital today (21 March 2010).
Is it me, or should they have left b**t**d to die, then take him out to some woodland area and burn him, as he did those poor girls, Holly and Jessica.
I know you shouldn’t wish negativity on another human being, but for what that guy did, dont get me started.

Anyway, I’m off now…suddenly decided I can’t be bothered :o)

Just kidding, just really tired…

The wonderful world of Facebook apps

Being a regular user to Facebook, I cant help but notice the shear amount of activity revolving around applications.
Now, I must admit, back in the hay day when Facebook was still in nappies, I played an application called “Poo-Fight”.

It did exactly as it did on the tin!
You earn points to unlock further turds to hurl at your friends.
The amusement of which soon wore off.
Nowadays, I see a consent barrage of messages regarding ¬†request after request to become¬†someone’s¬†bitch, breed a 3 legged donkey, join my gang and so on and so fourth.

Strangely¬†enough, I do, from time to time delve into the world of Facebook apps when I manage my “Become a Tycoon” account. Again, small¬†amusement, short lived.

So, why do people spend most of their time playing these apps? I can’t work it out.

Now, I received an email from a very irate person, complaining about  my views about this subject.
After explaining to this moron that;
a) these are my own personal views, like it or lump it and
b) to get a grip and kiss my furry fat arse!
He still didn’t seem to grasp what I was getting at, thusly, I concluded that this person was void of any¬†reasonable¬†logical and in short, a complete dick!

My argument is, if Facebook, is a social networking site whereby you meet old friends, communicate, keep up to date with everyone etc, why the hell would you play games, and make friends with random people that have accepted your request to become a new proud owner of a pet donkey¬†that’s¬†been bred with an electric eel etc

(before anyone tries to be clever, please be warned this is sarcasm, any attempt at trying to correct the comment against scientific biological relevance will have the piss took out of them!)

I have no issues with people doing what they feel, and by all means use Facebook as you see fit. Personally, I will keep the “ignore request” buttons warm!

To close, I ask one thing;

“If Facebook is a place to meet old and new friends, catch up on gossip and generally communicate, would you sit in a pub and play Snakes and ladders, shout someone over and befriend them?”

If the answer is “yes”, clearly you have issues!

As ever, these are my views, don’t like em? email me, like_I_give_a_frig_wot_u_think@rbcsoftware.me.uk

PS. The email link does work (just proving a point)

From disciplinary to Chris & Amanda moving to Orange!

It’s been a funny old week.

First I have a disciplinary at work, to which the outcome was a verbal warning. Nuff said about that the better.
Next up, my site decides to go on it arse after updating to Word press 2.8.

Christ knows what caused it, whether it was a plug-in conflict, or whether the code just self-destructed. Either way, as you can see we are back up and running. Yey!

Then my computer decides it would die, then I had to spend 27 hours recovering all my files from a knackered partition.

So as you can appreciate, I’m relieved to see the back of this week!

Also, I just wish to mention about an old teacher of mine, who after a short illness,  sadly passed away last Sunday (14th June 2009),
Mrs (Karen) Ralph.
Good bless and my thoughts are with you and your family. x

Also, on a lighter, happier note, congratulations to Chris and Amanda from our team at British Gas who are moving to Orange next week.
Good luck, gonna miss you guys. I wish you all the best, keep in touch.

I suppose I better mention too, or elborate more about a situation my wife wrote on Facebook and kept most people guessing and worrying about a certain comment she wrote.
She made a comment about waiting in the hospital for ‘x’ amount of hours to be seen by the doctor, but never mentioned what it was for etc. So to put the record straight, Babs found a lump in her left breast, which thankfully turned out to be nothing at all. So apologies to the people who were worried and were wondering what it was all about.

4 sleeps, then its Caitlin birthday. 5 already, where does the time go?
God bless cheeky monkey, I know you can’t wait to go bowling next week, but your’re gonna have to :o)

Today, is a grey day!

Thats right, not only was the weather slightly off, but my mood is too.

In short, lets just say DWP (Department of Work and Pensions) are retards!
Harsh I know, but basically, you ring up and give accurate figures of your income, they still manage to over pay you, resulting it being your fault you’ve been over paid and you getting bent over a screwed royally up the arse!

As for customer service, when you point out that this entire “balls up” is their fault, their response is “tough shit, you will pay it back!, coz we are never wrong. We only act on the information you give!”


I have been to the depths of depression and wallowed in the very belly of despair, I have seen the face of evil etched upon the faces I love, I have even been to the deepest , darkest places of my mind, but never have I come across such a government entity as over-complicated, over-powering, self-righteous and moronic than the one I am speaking of now!

So DWP, I salute you,you receive the first ever RBCSoftware “T.A.U.N.T” award;

Total And Utter Non-Intelligent Tits!

So for now, I shall be gritting my teeth when I speak to them, and should I get the arrogant and ignorant turd I got before, get ready!

There, I have said my peace.

I’m going now, my medication is wearing off…psychotic state is creeping in.

Oh how time flies!

Well, alot of time as passed here in the RBCSoftware household. To be fair there has been alot to rant and rave about too!

Firstly, Happy Birthday to me.

Yes I’m 30, and yes I had a bad paper round as a kid (as they say!)

The first thing I would like to address is Jade Goody.
Of course I never met her, and to me she was quite annoying, but I would never wish cancer and all the other tragic things that have happened, and I would never wish death on anyone.
But, the thing that really PISSES me of (pardon my language!) is all the media.
Not in the sense of “Oh I’m fed up of hearing about it!”, but how the media were all “Anti” Jade Goody when this thing with Shelpa Shetty happened, then as soon as they find out she has cancer, boom, they’re all up her arse so quick its pathetic.

You’ve got paper one minute saying she should be banned off TV, and yadda yadda about her racial slurs. Yes it was wrong etc, but then all of a sudden, “Get well Jade, we love you!”, “Brave Jade, our hearts and thoughts are with you”

Geez, the papers were like a dog missing its masters leg, the patronising B**tards!
Personally I reckon she was brave, and very intellegent. By this I mean, quite a few people we saying shes a money grabbing so and so, but for good reason. To provide for her sons with a least a stable financial future. Everyone complained about the number of times she appeared in magazines, exclusive interviews and whatever just to get more money.

Well guess what, good on her!
I would do the same, if I had that chance, and I would like to meet anyone in the same position, who wouldn’t.
So to this, I take my hat off to Jade Goody, good night and god bless.

Next on the agenda;


After an eternity of waiting, the crew of Red Dwarf are back, and they finally get back to earth. And where do they visit?
Coronation Street…PMSL

Its gonna be a corka, so this Easter weekend, channel “Dave”, from 9pm (I think), be there or be a total Smeeee…Smeeeeg Heeeead!

Up next, my abscence. Yep, as you can tell I have not really been up-dating things around here of late. I so tired!
As Babs (my wife) has recently started night shift work, for some reason I have been really lethargic and can’t seem to concentrate on much…resulting in no updates for the site, my software and anything else I can think of that requires my input.

Hopefully, this should change (fingers crossed) and everything should return to normal.

So as I sit here, yawning my head off, slurring “Happy Birthday to me” as coherently as possible, I bid you good night, farewell.

I’m going out for a while, I maybe some zzzZZZ

Our new addition…

Yup, we have a new addition to our family.
A little girly cat!
There is some dispute at the moment with regards to its name, Babs wants to call it ‘Lucy’ and Caitlin wants to call it ‘Penny’ after my brothers puppy.
As for me, I don’t really care less. I don’t mean that in a nasty way, it’s just that I’ve yet to meet a cat that responds to it’s name being called.
Well, if our old cat ‘Lucky’ was anything to go by, he just responded to anything that sounded like food being put in his dish.

It’s been several hours since we brought her home, and she hasn’t moved a muscle from under the sofa. I hope she adjusts ok. We’ve tried to bribe it with cat treats that we bought, along with all the other stuff, but still no joy.

Dave (aka Gandalf the Grey), the guy we got her off said she doesn’t like cat boxes (the travel ones) as she associates those with going to the vets. I just hope that shes not too distressed with the ordeal of moving homes.

Other news, XPRunnerNG’s site is coming on a treat, a few for days if not weeks, should see the site up and running.
I’ve been busy this evening trying to get all the downloads sorted out. That was a right headache too…bloody WordPress Widgets, “easy to include”, MY ARSE!

Well, March is already upon us, where does the time fly?
Forgot to mention, Babs has got a new job, which is great…
Good luck in it too!!!

Well, gonna drink me brew and get to bed…zzzZZZ