I’m still here…

Yes, I am actually here…
Over the past couple of months or so I have been battling with depression again and so much so that I am now on anti-depressants.

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Times are a changin’

And so I start work tomorrow. I must admit I’m a little apprehensive. Maybe it’s because I’ve gotten used to being at home and the fact I wanted to stay at home to bring up Jack.
I’m not saying that I won’t work, it’s just I had little time with Caitlin when she was born because I spent most of my time at work. I just didn’t want to miss out this time.
Maybe I am being selfish, but I can’t help the way I feel. I had such plans but as most of the things in my life, they’re dashed.
Don’t get me wrong, I’m not having a go at anyone, such as babs my wife. It’s the situation that screwed us over.
I suppose in one way it would be nice to start afresh but who knows?
We shall see…

Is it just me that thinks that this….

Royal wedding coverage is getting out of hand?

So, most TV stations are gearing up to cover Kate & William’s big day from 6am?
What are they going to show?
Kate getting dressed or taking a shower?

The other thing that amazes me, is the wedding is so time conscious, one newspaper even reported that, and I quote;
‘1.26pm – Kate and William share a kiss on the balcony in front of the crowds’

First, who gives a flying do-da?
Second, ‘at 1.26pm’ how precise is this thing being planned to?
Thirdly, Has no-one ever seen anyone kiss before?

Personally, the ONLY footage I’d want to see, is the wedding night! Put that on Pay-per-view and I’d tune in!


Yeah its a big day for them, but I think its really going to far all this coverage and all the hype…

Rant over!

Geez, the stress

After hurting my back in a snow related incident, I have finally decided to right another post!
Anyway, first complaint is Google adsense! Having configured correctly using two different methods, I still cannot get http://www.rbcsoftware.co.cc up and running. This site is my RBC’ Adsense domain.
The frustration continues.

Second, has anyone else been watching “The Walking Dead” on FX. I gotta say it’s awesome! Last part next week and I gotta say how they portrayed the ‘zombie apocalypse’ was great. One part in the first episode was where the main character (name escapes me at present) how he looks at one of the zombies, in a forgiving, pitying way. Sort of a ‘I know you were was human’ respect. Pretty deep and meaningful!

Anyways, more later, u need to feed


RBCSoftware is pleased to announce the launch of our support page.
The site is powered via OSTickets, which is an online support system.

Basically, if you have an issue with say, one of my applications, you can request a support ticket. You will be asked for a valid email so we can update accordingly, and you can also check the progress of any ticket by entering your ticket ID and email address.

Keep tuned for an update and step-by-step guide. Also, anyone wishing to lend a hand, and become part of RBCSoftware’s “Staff” and become a support team member, please email me @



Site Updates

Over the next couple of weeks, the site will be getting some major alterations.

Basically, the site load is putting a strain on resources and in short the site takes too
long to load on slow connections.

The main aim is to reduce load time and streamline the over all site, by reducing the
amount of plugins in use at anyone time.
Please be aware that during this time, some parts may become unavailable and errors
may occur. Also please be aware, that without notice, the site maybe put into
maintenance mode.
I have intially not done it this way, so that parts of the site that are unaffected by the
distruption will not suffer.

Thanks for your patience.

The wonderful world of Facebook apps

Being a regular user to Facebook, I cant help but notice the shear amount of activity revolving around applications.
Now, I must admit, back in the hay day when Facebook was still in nappies, I played an application called “Poo-Fight”.

It did exactly as it did on the tin!
You earn points to unlock further turds to hurl at your friends.
The amusement of which soon wore off.
Nowadays, I see a consent barrage of messages regarding  request after request to become someone’s bitch, breed a 3 legged donkey, join my gang and so on and so fourth.

Strangely enough, I do, from time to time delve into the world of Facebook apps when I manage my “Become a Tycoon” account. Again, small amusement, short lived.

So, why do people spend most of their time playing these apps? I can’t work it out.

Now, I received an email from a very irate person, complaining about  my views about this subject.
After explaining to this moron that;
a) these are my own personal views, like it or lump it and
b) to get a grip and kiss my furry fat arse!
He still didn’t seem to grasp what I was getting at, thusly, I concluded that this person was void of any reasonable logical and in short, a complete dick!

My argument is, if Facebook, is a social networking site whereby you meet old friends, communicate, keep up to date with everyone etc, why the hell would you play games, and make friends with random people that have accepted your request to become a new proud owner of a pet donkey that’s been bred with an electric eel etc

(before anyone tries to be clever, please be warned this is sarcasm, any attempt at trying to correct the comment against scientific biological relevance will have the piss took out of them!)

I have no issues with people doing what they feel, and by all means use Facebook as you see fit. Personally, I will keep the “ignore request” buttons warm!

To close, I ask one thing;

“If Facebook is a place to meet old and new friends, catch up on gossip and generally communicate, would you sit in a pub and play Snakes and ladders, shout someone over and befriend them?”

If the answer is “yes”, clearly you have issues!

As ever, these are my views, don’t like em? email me, like_I_give_a_frig_wot_u_think@rbcsoftware.me.uk

PS. The email link does work (just proving a point)

What a load of old shite!

Ok, so there I was, picking up some chocolate for Babs, when I passed the magazine rack in our local shop.
I saw something that made me chuckle
On the front of this one magazine was Jordan, AGAIN!
Basically, now she is saying shes been raped.

Now, of course rape is a very serious allegation, but theres something that doesn’t quite ring right, and although I haven’t read the article in full, this is what I ponder.
1st – Jordan’s popularity since splitting from Pete has dropped, is this an attempt to make people feel sorry for her, and bring people back on her side?
2nd – If the the alledged rape happened years ago, as a “teen” trauma, why hasn’t this come to light before? I mean, how many shows has Jordan been on where she has “bared” all? (as it were).

For example, she appeared on the Frank Skinner show some years ago, when she had all the issues with Dane Bowers, and as, with all the media hype got tagged  as “thick!”, she tried to prove that she wasn’t.

All in all, I really hope that this news is all fake, as I wouldn’t wish it on anyone one, and with that, this whole situation of Jordan Vs. Peter is all shite!.
Let personal lives be personal, its now starting to get a little bit pathetic!